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  1. What brought this on? I bought that first record when it was released. I've got all their stuff... the 70's that is. I think they may have done a record 10 years back, etc. Here's a cool story for you.... circa '99 I came across a Starz web page with CD-Rs of the first 2 CD's. I called the number, and Richie answered. Spoke for a good hour, and he autographed the CD's for me. Cool, eh?
  2. I like tight sounding amps, smooth overdrive, etc. In my opinion, this was not a tight sounding amp. I bought it, as it was cheap. I think I owned it less than a week. But if you are a Fender guy, you'll probably love it. I am not a Fender guy.
  3. "Frampton Comes Alive" is still a "fresh" sounding record today, IMHO. Lots of great stuff on there. Wolf Trap is about 15 mins from me, yet I was out in Md that night... we probably crossed paths en route.
  4. Dredging this one up again. Interesting how I overlooked these guys in the 80's... too much the Metal head I was. So it started with downloading "Black Sea". Initially I was like...hmm... ok. The more I listened, the more I started to relate to the quirkiness. Then I spent a month previewing cuts on Emusic. Since then, I've downloaded: Oranges & Lemons English Settlement The Big Express This could be my new favorite band. I'm really starting to get it, I think. Perhaps next month I'll download "Skylarking", but it sounds a little mellow to me.
  5. I would not be able to do it. I look at other's lists, and think.. "oh yeah, I had one of those" And there's no one amp I've gotten rid of that I really regret..... maybe that Plexi Major... yep, I really owned one.
  6. Kyle really did play these live. Witnessed it with my own eyes....
  7. Beady Eye XTC - Black Sea Army Of Anyone Pursuit Of Happiness - Love Junk The Cult - Born Into This
  8. Take your 10 year old to the show, and then tell me what you think.
  9. Right on Steve... same in DC. And probably each of those kids had a parent who was duped into taking them. The kids don't know what she's about... they think she is Selena Gomez, or some other current Disney star. And since I don't relate to pop music, I was not really too familiar with her. So does she have an obligation to the younger fans? That could be a lengthy debate in itself.
  10. The Saxon connection is quite cool. For those into metal, they've been putting out some really good records for the last 10 years. Nearly as good as their late 70's, early 80's stuff. But, sorry... Gaga does nothing for me, and I'm probably one of the few here that has seen her live. Whatever... the whole time I was at her show, I was wishing that it was Aerosmith, or somebody cool up there.
  11. ie... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPPUY7PkJl0 Here's a much cooler vid of a band playing in the rain....
  12. Steve - did the Scissor Sisters open? Per our PM, last month, I thought they were much more entertaining than Gaga.... They are another band that translates better live, than in the studio.
  13. Spotted "Turdus M" on a license plate.. laughed my ass off as I pulled up beside the car, expecting to find Spicoli driving. I was surprised to find it was a little old lady. Came home, looked up Turdus, and found it is a bird of some kind. Guess we know where "turd" comes from now.
  14. This is the best version of "Action" right here... and you have to spend the full 5:50 watching it, as around 2:30 it becomes pretty darned funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=982DrNtCGek
  15. I believe that is the keyboard player from Jellyfish. The Romantics cover of Midnight to Six Man gave the song the power pop edge it deserved. Couple of wacky drummers also: Pretty Things: Romantics:
  16. Probably could have said the same thing in '87, lol. I'd already lost interest by that point. "Slide It In" was a great rock record. That was a good incarnation of the band.
  17. I'm a TopHat guy also. Club Royale, 1-12", 20 watts. It works in any situation... home, club, outdoor concerts. VHT Pitbull 45 is another fine, small amp, that can be had for under $1k.
  18. Maybe they are twins, with Chris being a year older, or sumpthin' Happy B-day guys!
  19. It's great that you were able to adapt. We played a show a year back (first time there) where the owner reminded us to do our "dinner" set first. After we stopped laughing, we hit them with the normal full on assault we did at any show. We were not invited back, but did not really care.
  20. How 'bout some stories on what you went through to get a particular Hamer... or maybe the one that got away? I've got 2: Blue Studio Custom. Won an auction on Ebay. Paid for the guitar, and it never arrived. Took 30 days for me to get my money back. 6 months later, the guitar reappears on Ebay. Same serial # from the auction I'd won. I contact the seller and tell him he has a hot guitar, and proceeded to tell him why. Since the guitar had been sent to me, via USPS, I contacted the local Postmaster, and explained the situation. When the USPS paid the claim, the original seller never included a S/N. Therefore, I was told that the PO could not do anything, and I could proceed in purchasing the guitar free and clear. I did buy it. However, I asked the seller where he got it. He said a pawn shop that was in the same town as the PO where the guitar was orignally "supposed" to have been shipped from, lol. Red Studio Custom: Won this one on Ebay as well. Never paid for it. Never heard from the seller. Contacted him multiple times, and no response. Then, I ended up on a large email thread from people who'd won items from this guy, and never received them. Since I'd never paid, I was not out anything, but I really wanted the guitar. It's a red studio custom, 90's, with an opaque finish... not transparent. Never seen another like it.
  21. That's excellent CM. Next time we hook up, we'll have a story to share. My mom met Paul when he was in town for the Library Of Congress ordeal a few months back. She did not even tell me she shook his hand, lol... heard it from one of my brothers.
  22. Well said Cary. I've not seen a dime increase in my paycheck since 2000. But what is left for me is far less than 10 years ago. Even the trash man got a raise, as evidenced in my quarterly bill, lol. I'm not complaining. I live within my means, and have been fortunate to not have my job outsourced.... yet.
  23. Ebay's not going anywhere. The machine will only get bigger. I always attempt to sell locally first via Craigslist. When that does not work, or I get fed up with offers of about 25% of the already below market value Turdus price, it's off to Ebay. Case in point... 2 vintage Pearl cymbal stands: I offered them locally @ $15 for the pair. No bites Listed on Ebay with starting price of $15. Final sale price was somewhere around $130 + shipping.
  24. Sorry to hear that dood. Get well soon.
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