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  1. What is on my mind?

  2. Oh! I thought you just were a fan of George Lynch, but I see there's more to it. Cool! George Lynch is okay i guess. but LadyScary suits me just fine
  3. Mr.S and i used to play Delta Force Land Warrior. He was Mr.Scary and I was Mrs.Scary when we found the Hamer Message boards i couldn't use the . and didn't want you all to think i was "MRSSCARY" or a dude so i thought LADY was the best way to go. There you have it - LadyScary
  4. you don't ship to Canada and i have no friends or it might have been sold LOL end of rant....
  5. happy birthday CM and Serial Enjoy your day boys!!
  6. tears rollin' down my cheeks from laughing so hard. ( a bit harsh ) but man too funny!
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