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  1. Can I like this one more than once? 😁 Beautiful.
  2. Can't disagree with any of these! Great lists. I'm just gonna add one Van Morrison - It's Too Late To Stop Now, Vol. I To me, about the tightest live band recording out there. Van's good, but this KIX!
  3. They have some other nice guitars for sale: https://seattle.craigslist.org/search/sss?userpostingid=7258499412
  4. Thanks for the link! I had to bookmark it until I found the time to read it. Recommended!
  5. I finally had to upgrade my steam-powered television. I feel ya.
  6. 2021. We had such high hopes for you.
  7. 50% of rights to his music are sold: https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory/neil-young-latest-artist-sell-stake-songs-75075115?cid=clicksource_4380645_20_comic_strip_sq_hed
  8. And if you ever do make it to Liverpool, and you take the Ferry Cross The Mersey, you will want to stab your eardrums with a sharp instrument as this song plays continuously on the damn boat… or so I'm told
  9. Great start to the New Year! Thanks everyone for the work/fun involved.
  10. Yoko. Anything, pick your poison. Zero links to it from me.
  11. GREAT goddam news, Tom! Count each victory, and when it's all over you will thank your PT person. Yeah, the same person you silently curse now. 🙂
  12. Yeah, they've never been there for me. I'm on Safari 14.0.2
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