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  1. Cool looking guitar, but it is odd and has had refinish work based on difference in finish around serial number and rest of guitar. The portion of serial number starting with a 1 looks legit to me, but I thought Phantoms were made starting in ‘82.
  2. Extra leading “4” digit in serial #, appears serial # was taped off during refinish.
  3. @trashedman has the NightFire Talladega per the last FS thread
  4. The last 2 Hamer’s on the list (Vector KK w rosewood board JHS Standard) are both sold.
  5. Bonham's KK Mini V auction link Bonham's KK Hamers - - Virtuoso and Vectors
  6. I like the Two Coils. The bound and crowned versions are stunning.
  7. I saw them live. They put on a good show, and it was great to see new a band with guitars front and center.
  8. No Affiliation https://reverb.com/item/29067354-1981-hamer-2-coil-sunburst?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share
  9. Interesting article on NPR The Time Ric Ocasek Helped My Band Make Its First Record
  10. Very sorry to hear this. Rest In Peace, Ray.
  11. RIP Ric Ocasek. I was surprised to see his townhouse was 2 blocks from my office. Yes, those are toy cars in the second pic.
  12. stratacus

    Eric Otten

    Eric will be greatly missed. May he Rest In Peace.
  13. Very sorry to hear this. RIP Caddie. Condolences to his family and loved ones.
  14. Reverb.com was founded by David Kalt, who was a co-founder of OptionsXpress, an online futures brokerage that he sold for $1 billion in 2011.
  15. Listening to the broadcast now online... Word On the Street!!
  16. I received this Dallas era Schecter PT from the original owner yesterday. A03xx serial number, 21 frets, skunk stripe, squeaky clean and unmolested. Fantastic neck and low action. This replaces the Dallas era Schecter PT (A04xx) I sold 2 years ago.
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