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  1. Strangely enough (IMO) the more powerful version deletes the trem in favor of a switchable boost. For myself, I would prefer a separate boost pedal and use the 50 watt version. I am not sure how much more useful a 100 watt power section (200 watts into a 4 ohm load) would be. IIRC, I was able to get a 15% discount AND an added 10% gift card against future purchases.
  2. It really is a nice little device, with enough power for many casual situations. And there appear to be enough in the supply lines that decent discounts are available, if a person looks around a bit. I am with you on the Flint and the added versatility (keeping in mind that is a $300 pedal, which is NOT discounted) but "The Amp" is worth consideration.
  3. I have limited experience with Milkman, but came away very impressed. FWIW, a lot of great music has been made on 5 watt amps. I have a bit more experience with the Swart "Champ equivalent" and found it great. (What, you want HEAD ROOM?) And even more so with the Swart Stereo that has TWO 5 watt amps in one chassis. IMO that will hold its own, quite well, with a much more powerful amp......I mean, what is a Deluxe Reverb, 18 watts? That Stereo would not be overpowered by a Deluxe.
  4. When I grabbed a Hamer 12 string bass (long ago) someone here said the best way to amplify it was with big speakers and distant neighbors. That was about right. Those days are pretty much passed for me.....Bass OR guitar....Anyone need a Mesa Road King with 120 watts in all its 4 x 6L6 and 2 x EL34 glory?
  5. Thanks for defining plethora. That means a lot!
  6. The Model One is a great and underappreciated instrument. Everybody should try one at least once.......The first time I had one, it did not "grab" me. I gave it a second chance a year or so ago and finally "get it". Maybe it is because I now play more fingerstyle. FWIW, look at how Buckingham plays......Not that I could carry his guitar case...... One quick question.....Is that the "regular" or featherweight version? GLWTS.
  7. That and the "Custom 22 Special Semi-Hollow" are great examples of the best from PRS. Unlike some other builders, they keep trying new(ish) things and moving the game forward by incorporating those ideas in their current builds. Congrats!
  8. I will admit to being a soft touch now and then. Manage to get a little bit of a deal on this last year. An added bonus was getting to meet Adam Miller and spend some time with him while he was in Portland.
  9. Yes to 594s......They come in various configurations, but PRS sure got the idea right with this series.......Had to grab one this past year to prove it for myself.
  10. Just to be contrary, maybe......A herd of Hamers have passed through here. The relative few that remain include my possible all time favorite Hamer, A CO Superpro with a few key differences......F holes, korina body and neck. But, my reason for a reply.......It came with Lollar Imperials. The reason it is still here is that I (personally) like them , in this guitar, better than the other Hamers I did have with the Custom/Custom Custom setup. YMMV, of course.
  11. Slight update.......Does not change my overall assessment, but some things DO get some action. I mentioned something about buying new and regretting it. Well, regret is a relative term. There were a relative few PRS Private stocks made to a specific formula. Well, I got so infatuated with certain necks that "go beyond Brazilian Rosewood" that I had to grab one with a chaltecoco neck. Not to mention various other no longer available parts (like ivory inlays and trim). I was never unhappy with it, the tone, the playability.....Just why did I spend so much? Anyway, I did finally cut it loose today. I may regret it, but both the buyer and I are satisfied it was a fair price.....Obviously, it was at a loss. Butt a "fair price to pay to rent" a pretty unique instrument. Pictures for fun...... Kinda lousy pictures.......Hard to capture the full impact of the quilt and the "Dragon's Breath" finish. Meanwhile, several OTHER things I have advertised are not moving. Though a few people plan to visit from "out of town" in the next month.Who knows? Maybe things loosen up with tax refunds.
  12. I am down to the two Hamer 12vers. DID have one Eclipse, but could not keep one of everything. i did like it a lot. I still do have the one Newport and the one Duo--Tone (the latter apparently one of two in that set of specs). I am sure they could be sold very easily, but I take a step back every time I play either one. Best to hold on to these once you get your hands on one.
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