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  1. Depends upon the size of the crypt! 🙄
  2. I like Tanqueray Ten and their "Perfect Ten" Martini. (Vermouth? Well, if the bottle sits on the same shelf, that is close enough). Hendrick's is also a good choice. If I am going to mix gin, it will more likely be Bombay Sapphire.
  3. GT? Gold Tops. Great Tele-types. Gin & Tonic. Groovy Tuesday. Good Time. Maybe all of the above.... Truth is, with an injured shoulder, there have been days lately when I did not even want to strap on a guitar. So I had to break myself out of that this afternoon. I have a soft spot in my heart (or is it my head?) for Gold Tops, so that was a good place to start. I guess both of these have a slightly different twist or two from the standard Tele, but that is okay. One seems to relate to the Tele in (sorta) the same way as the Hamer Talladega model. And that is a good thing. Rosewood neck? Another twist, but it really plays well..... Does Shoreline Gold count as a goldtop? Well, it works for me. Anyway, it was fun. A picture or two.... The Twangmeister has a really nice and lightweight swamp ash body. And a powerful bridge pickup that is great. Weighing about a pound and a half less, it wins more favor from the injured shoulder. But Ron Thorn does such good work. The rosewood neck plays so smoothly, adds a bit more "hifi" tone and sustain and the "staple" bridge pickup adds some grunt. So my shoulder did not complain too much. The winner this afternoon? I would say the second G.T......Gin and Tonic that is......What shoulder? 😉
  4. Tom Petty fans? Okay, I'm free fallin' outta here.......
  5. Wow! That was way back in 1985. Now it can be told......It took longer than intended to complete the recording and video. They had to stop a couple times to treat for concussions. FINALLY, they decided it was not a great idea to have Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder side by side.
  6. Traynor Quarterhorse, 2 channels, 25 watts. For THAT price??! $69.95 Might make a good backup or just a very portable practice amp. The demo does not sound half bad. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid
  7. "Tonewood is all in the fingers!"
  8. My prescription for an attitude adjustment remedy......A nice Goldtop......At least it always makes ME feel better.....
  9. And a buddy had a guitar held up by customs (fish and wildlife) for weeks as they were demanding the sourcing for the MOTHER OF PEAR:L inlays. All things considered, I would prefer to not deal with cross border shipments at all.
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