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  1. Yeah, and all because of Chinese demand for rosewood furniture. Which is ironic, as China doesn't give a rat's ass about CITES or any other international regulations. When Mexican Cocobolo hit the list, they just bypassed the legit cocobolo suppliers and go straight to the cartels. Same thing happened with formerly common hardwoods from Africa and Madigascar in the past. Not to mention a lot of other stuff like ivory and rhino horn.
  2. It most definitely COULD have been better. They could have written the rules properly 3 years ago when this shit all came up in the first place. People have been howling about this for the last couple of years, and the committee knew full well they forces a massive regulatory apparatus into place for something that didn't affect the forests they ostensibly want to protect, affecting literally millions of people. Even the regulatory agencies complained, as it was a shit ton of work for them for no positive gain. ANY time in the last couple of years the could have resolved this. It definitely could be better timing.
  3. Peanut butter, actually. The hippie girls always had the BEST bread and that natural organic peanut butter. it was seriously hard times. I was paying for college and on too tight a budget and too proud to ask for help. I was stupid as a 19 year old. I literally couldn't afford to eat the last day or two of the month some times. When you can't afford a box of off-brand mac'n'cheese or ramen, your priorities get skewed a bit. But this wasn't a common occurrence. I only did it one other time to that hippie girl.
  4. I was thinking of Clapton's biography. He'd pretty much retired at that point. But in the book he was thinking about one or two last hurrahs because he had discovered how much he loved vacationing on yachts. One more tour and that's it sort of statements, and he did one tour after that. But then Cream reuinited, and he keeps popping up every year or two -- all I can think is "man, maintaining a yacht is expensive" when I seem him out there again. Honestly, who thinks of Clapton and a firebird? I think of his 335 from Beano and Cream more, when thinking Gibson, though he's been all Fender since Layla and it seems strange to start mining his heritage from back in the day when he had good tone now. Gibson must have offered a pretty penny.
  5. I bought a 98 artist by accident earlier this year, else I would have been seriously tempted. Artists are total sleeper guitars, probably second to the Eclipse. Meant to flip mine, but it's too good a guitar and I keep playing it. First world problems.
  6. Fair warning -- nothing in this post is relevant to anything, so you might just skip it. Nah, I'm good. Finding friends is way too much work. I tried. Hard. For years. Seriously. I currently have almost none. And none who can play music with me, for various reasons. Having to do with me in some cases, in others just the sad loss if their vitality from their self destructive behavior or the ravages of time -- my roommate had a couple strokes a few years back and can't really do the guitar stuff anymore. I'd give an awful lot to hear my roommate bang out a Neil Young tune again, no matter how much I despise OFM bands. I have switched to playing solo stuff. Recently I have been mining '90s and '00s songwriters for songs I have no business covering and take the challenge to cram my voice and a solo electric guitar into the singer songwriter silliness. I occasionally "appear" at an open mic night, which was more fun two years ago as I am a dead ringer for Chris Stapleton and since I seldom play I had a lot of people wondering for a while there. But I cultivate the aloofness and everyone thinks I'm an ex almost rock star. If I decide to play my songs with a band I'll just hire a bassist I know from there or the local college music program and tell him what to do rather than bother with the social aspects of an old fashioned democratic band working up arrangements. And I play whatever I want. It's SO much easier. Interestingly, about 20 years ago I instituted a "no Stones, ever" policy due to my aging boomer jam mates refusal to learn anything new. And I live by it. A decade back I was playing bass in a jam up in LA with a heavy hitter on guitar (Real heavy, like "has performed in front of 100,000 strong crowds" heavy) and he kept trying to pull out Stones licks. The drummer (also a heavy hitter, I had NO business jamming with these people) was also a No Stones man and every time guitarist would whip out some of Keef's finest drummer and I would look at each other and stop dead. It got to be pretty hilarious. Pissed guitarist off to no end, which made it even funnier, but I'm sorry. A rule is a rule. I have a similar rule for Grateful Dead, but not because I'm sick of them. Just because I didn't like the girls it tended to draw to the stage when I was in college. You know the type. Earth Biscuits. Jerry's Kids. Flower Children. The Unshaven. My College band was doing our shtick of playing any request, even if we didn't know it (And, yes, we were horrible) and a couple of dredheaded Patchouli Julies had crowded their way to the front of the stage. I called them "Rainbow" and "Flower." Flower was making googly eyes at my guitarist but not getting any response so when we called for the next song Rainbow said to me "I'll do ANYTHING if you'll play some Dead" "Anything?" I asked. "Yes." "Give me your bra." Figuring that'd shut her up. So, the arms get sucked into that baggy hippie dress that the Vegan Children of the Haight wore in 1989, there was a commotion inside the dress like a couple of bulldogs fighting under a tie dyed beadsheet, and one arm comes out with a bra, which I dutifully hung on my mic stand. I asked the guitarist if he knew any Dead songs, he said "I fucking hate the Dead. Let's never play Dead again." And so we played Led Zeppelin and Ramones for the rest of the night. I have never performed a Dead song since. Rules are rules. So, you can see, I most definitely do not fit in with the Gear Page crowd. Probably why I've had an account for longer than I've done the HFC thing and haven't attempted to post since I sold some stuff ten or fifteen years back. And, to bring the story full circle, Flower went home with my guitarist that night. Rainbow got shitfaced, passed-out drunk and came for me after the show as Flower was trying to flirt with my guitarist. I'm sad to say I took advantage of her. I was young, and had needs. I took her home, put her to bed, then raided her refrigerator and made myself a sammich. Definitely not my finest hour.
  7. Hey, it isn't my style, but it's still a damned good song: And I'm not joking. It is great in its genre, well written, well produced, catchy melody, and was a massive hit in adult contempo. I appreciate everything about it. Even more now that I see him light the damned cigar first! That said, my statement stands. And it's entirely based on my truly scientific research of having older friends who would never learn a single goddamned song written after 1980 to play with me while expecting me to play the same goddamned rolling stones riffs they'd been playing since they were in college in the 70s. So take it with a grain of salt just like all of the other shite that comes out of me. However, I must say that the problem with breaking through stereotypes is there's always some asshole out there willing to reinforce them. And the OFM band (Old Fat Man -- you know the dudes, usually a panama hat, aloha shirt, sandals, or some combination in the mix, playing the same sad blues shuffle in E they've played for 45 years) worshipping Young, Stones, Beatles, and the like while somehow missing out on three or four decades of musical evolution is about as reinforced a stereotype as there ever was. Or maybe I'm wrong and it isn't just boomers. I do have more catholic taste in music than almost anyone I know. But I don't know many people my age who have worshipped guns and roses or nirvana non-stop to the exclusion of all music that has come since.
  8. This was my buddy's: I capped it and put in some decent tubes and it sounded fantastic. Good enough I cloned it a couple of times -- this was 19 years ago -- and I still play one of my clones more than almost any amp I have.
  9. That gold on gold is kind of overkill. It looks like the bentley a stereotypical Arab oil tycoon might drive in a movie from the 80s. Mostly, my only gripe about gold hardware is the plating always seems to tarnish quicker than chrome and looks fugly when it does.
  10. My buddy had an original 55 tweed deluxe. I revived it for him and he carried it with him everywhere he'd go to jam. His main amp was a Rivera era Concert, which was a great amp. But the thing outweighed the Deluxe by 50-60 pounds so it stayed at home.
  11. The problem with this logic is that the Neil Young worshipping set is getting older as fast as we are. It's not an age thing, it's a generational thing. And there has never been a more generationally narcissistic bunch than Boomers are with the music they loved in 1972. I could rant for pages on this point, but you get it. You're one of is Gen-X cynical bastards. The same 50 year old fucker who kept playing needle and the damage done every time he picked up a guitar 20 years ago is 70 now, and guaranteed he's doing the same thing and has never heard of or learned the songs from any band that came out after the invention of the compact disc. You needn't join them.
  12. Wait -- so who still posts on the gear page? And why? Are you the same sorts who constantly fight about politics on the facebooks? Or do you miss your days of cliquish high school social woes? That place made reddit look reasonable, and I don't think I've seen it outside of a search engine return in a decade. Umm... it's the Gear page we're talking about. I'm not sure if this statement is accurate.
  13. Yeah, and that was a whole lotta thinline, as well. Regardless if the name on the headstock. You could spend $1500 putting together a warmoth guitar with similar specs.
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