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91 hamer californian custom

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First hamer I’ve had and only for a few months if that. As nice as it is something else came up. 100% feedback on ebay. 1950 paypal + 3% shipped us 48. PM if interested.

All original 91 usa hamer sculpted/setneck cali custom in pearl white. Guitar is in Really nice shape and plays out great. Low action and straight neck. No electrical or mechanical issues. Everything works like it should. The Duncan pickups are a patent pending trembucker and an h1n single coil that sound great! Pot dates to 91. The floyd is stamped hamer/made in germany by schaller. R2 nut and comfortable neck profile. Original trem arm and form fit type case. Missing trem cover and tool. Has some buckle rash on the back. A few small dings and a scratch through the paint below the control cover on back. The clear has lifted (hameritis?) on the edge of the ebony fretboard near where the neck meets the body as shown. The fretboard needed cleaning when I got it. After cleaning it I noticed some of the grime went underneath the clear in this same area. Pics make it look worse than in person. Not sure what if anything should be done with that. Very clean headstock front and back, clean neck and ebony board etc.. I had the frets dressed and floyd intonated at portland fretworks. They also replaced one of the string locking block inserts on the floyd. :) Thanks!














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What's the neck carve like? Can you measure how thick it is?

This could be trouble in the Veatch household...

like a c d v :P

kinda hard to explain.. :)

Tell me where to measure it...


Measure the thickness of the neck at the first fret and the twelfth fret. Measure from the fretboard to the middle of the back of the neck. (don't include the fret or the strings :D )


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somewhere close to 1.5 and 1.75 inch.. 1st / 12th.. I would think much like other cali's bolt on etc.. Maybe not?

You need a caliper, bro... think through the neck, front to back... :P


Yes, thickness, not width.


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You need a caliper, bro... think through the neck, front to back... :D

Oh OK :)

No caliper here. Maybe I can borrow one..

Yeah, most folks don't just have one layin' around, but it's the best way to be sure... :P

If you know a machinist, mechanic, or someone with a shop, those would be good people to ask.

You might take the guitar and measure it on site so nobody gets freaked out about loaning tools... I'm just sayin'... :D

Awesome guitar... Good Luck!

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These are awesome guitars. This one is just like my old one - might even have to check the serial # but I know it's close. Best Cali I ever had, but I was getting rid of Floyd stuff. Still can't do Floyds or I'd be all over this one. The Cali set necks are rare and really nice guitars.

I've done two deals with Livewire and he's great to deal with - one of the good guys for sure.

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Just checked the serial number of the one I had-not the same one, but the necks and the heel/cutaways on that guitar was sublime.

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Smoovest playing Cali ever.

These things rock!

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If I was a Floyd guy, it'd be at my house already.

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