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  1. Agreed. Great track. Does the guitar still smell like fish?
  2. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I kind of wish I had a Monaco III now.
  3. That's what I said! Edited to add: Took a 4+ year break and still have two thousand more posts than you...man, I had a problem.
  4. Thanks, all. It's nice to see some old friends still around, and I always appreciated the advice I got here more than all other forums combined (except TGP of course - that place is the best).
  5. Ha! Has it been so long that you've all forgotten me?
  6. Hey - new guy here...looking for some quality advice. My daughter seems to have some emerging interest in picking up a bass and amp. I don't think she's very serious about it, but I generally try to be supportive... I don't want to spend real money on this, but I also don't want to buy junk that would discourage playing. I don't know anything about bass really, so I'd love to hear some advice on what I might be looking for. She seems to like the look of anything retro (a P-Bass is a good look to her). I hope everyone is doing well. I assume it's pretty quiet now t
  7. Ha - the wall switch labels are from my daughters - the left one says "Don't Touch!" They kept forgetting and shutting off important things I had plugged in to a switched outlet. I have long since moved all of those things to their own dedicated circuit, but I left the labels there since they went to the trouble of making them.
  8. It doesn't get more rock and roll than my lifestyle. Merry Christmas, WyldBil.
  9. Okay, I laughed. You beat me to a funny idea I had, but I deserve it. It's here, safely with me. I'm trying to arrange a photo release from the Army, but it's not looking good. Fingers are crossed though. I should know soon.
  10. I believe you're being too modest. You clearly have the skills and ear to make any of it happen. Marty always throws a few curveballs compared to textbook pattern players, but Symphony is easy compared to most everything else I've tried. Peace Sells is a fine choice to tackle, but can the rest of your band do it too? They had no slouches on their stage. Edited to add: I can't believe I used the word 'easy.' Maybe I should have said 'straightforward' or 'conventional' or something. Edited again to remind myself that I have nothing useful to offer here. --
  11. Unbelievable examples. The man is a master.
  12. This is all so amazingly cool. I'm so pleased for Mike, and for you schlubs too.
  13. Wow - that is a superb example.
  14. We are two and a half weeks from the six year anniversary of this thread. I still prefer the Soloist.
  15. You guys are welcome here so long as you stay in this thread and don't wander out.
  16. Wow, Velorush - is your son already 13, or is he just ahead of the curve on reaching Diablo's maturity level? Time sure flies.
  17. Don't encourage them. Sheez. Also, if any HOC people sign up, please don't judge us by Thorn - he isn't one of our finer members.
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