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1996 Artist Specs



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I have 2, a P90 Korina and a Humbucker Maple top. 24 3/4 scale. Neither of mine have skinny necks, but I have never measured them. Just great feeling great playing guitars.

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On 12/22/2021 at 6:49 AM, rugby1970 said:

24-3/4" scale? Neck profile; thin, chunky, dimensions? Thanks in advance.

I have a 1996 Artist Custom.  Yes, the scale is 24-3/4".  The nut is 1.66" wide.  The neck is comfortable:  not too thin, and not too chunky.  It has Seth Lovers.


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I was going to say, my '96' Studios both have the same neck thickness of .86 @ the first fret and .90 @ the 12th. So was wondering, since the Artist was also a '96, maybe, it had the same neck profile.  But, I ran across an old 'for sale' post by @BadgerDave  where  he was also selling a 1996 Artist. He listed the neck thickness as .84@ the first fret and .93 @ the 12th. I'm not computer savy, so I can't download the original post, but can tell you it was dated July 7, 2020 if you want to check it out. 

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15 hours ago, rugby1970 said:

Okay, so I bought it. But I don't like the Wilkinson wraparound bridge. Any suggestions for a replacement?


14 hours ago, gtrdaddy said:

Faber makes excellent replacements. You can get vintage or adjustable saddle. 

Hint: Faber has 20% off sales fairly often. Get on their mailing list.

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