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  1. To fuel the confusion. My black transparent Tally, according to the COA, has been finished on February 7th, 2008. I bought it used from a guy from Texas about 6 month later. SN: 8 55796
  2. Hamer Family Photo

    Your collection is just right. I'm with you on the Tally, Newport, and a couple more Standards for the Zandard.
  3. They are for these years or two already.
  4. That British Thing...

    ...or that Victorian attitude to it.
  5. Original Song (Hamer Content)

    Thanks to the bookmark feature I came back and listened. It was worth it, although, the amplification definitely sucked. Keep going posting!
  6. Apart from the Newport and what my friend says, I have this guitar. It plays and sounds fantastically well.
  7. A SR&D Rockman XPR just had been switched on and signals routed through yesterday. Still a very nice device with great sounds and a stereo FX return. I have a 2nd as a spare. But may sell this one day as I'm not travelling much these days. There are also some of the midi pedals lying around. Just forgot about the Silvertone amp. That's even older, 60s or so. Fantastic amp! Gets used frequently.
  8. They have done it. The 2nd album of Adrian Vandenberg's Moonkings is out and spinning in my home for a few days. It's almost the same what they had done before, but it sounds more polished. Reviews are good at the major sites. So it were a no-brainer for me to buy. This time Coverdale had not been lending a song for them, although, there are great thanks in the credits. Enjoy! And the 1st song official video.
  9. Plexi Pedals: After the storm

    Never had a real plexi. However, Ed’s Pico Plexi Pedal delivers a sond that seems to come quite close to the original. I have it for some years and like to play it here and there. It’s connected to the mixer, which works pretty well. http://edscustomshop.com/edsproducts.htm
  10. Happy birthday .

    Happy birthday!
  11. Vintage PERSONAL band publicity photos

    The guitar looks familiar...
  12. Nazareth yesterday

    He's having a great and matching voice. Not the same dirt in it for sure. Lifted the singing back to where it belongs. Dan really got old on it last time I had heard him and that's about 5 years ago or so. Sure, now they are their own cover band. However, they own the brand and still have one original in the line up with Pete Agnew on bass. So what's up? It's fun. I have just read, they have sold over 60 million records and share the title of greatest Scottish band of all times with the Simple Minds. That's quite a lot.
  13. Check out my bands xmas song.

    Wonderful song! Don’t mess around with the Gluhwein and travel the Schwarzwald. German Christmas markets seem to be a successful export.