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  1. gorch


    Absolutely fantastic! Wonderful inlays indeed!
  2. gorch

    NGD 08 Talladega Pro

    Me too!
  3. gorch

    Photobucket's Revision

    No advertising since I had closed/deleted my account. I‘m not missing anything though.
  4. Congratulations all around! Now it needs to plan a trip deep into Bavaria.
  5. gorch

    Gene Simmons studio event

    Sure seats are going fast.
  6. May I already congratulate? Would be a long thought after wonderful summer score for sure.
  7. Tallies are chambered, very light weight and resonate. The neck usually is a V shape. Fantastic to play!
  8. Well, Honduras mahogany is on the list as well as far as I know.
  9. This had been a great series. I remember when it came out. One more beautiful than another. Damn Cites!
  10. gorch

    Uli Rockpalast 2018

    He’s a gifted man for sure. Thanks for posting! Good old Rockpalast! Ever been great.
  11. Ok, 1:1. comparison of Mustapha. Very good song for the comparison. The original LP appears to be louder and guitar having more bite. Looks like that either the original masters lost over time or they equalized and compressed differently. Also the bass appears to be more growly in some parts in the original. So, for Jazz, at least, I’d recommend searching for a good quality original rather than the new pressing. You’d certainly don’t miss anything on the original. How could ya? Adding, 1:1 of White Queen of Queen II. Here again, the original appears louder, edgier and clearer. The new pressing is not a win. I might keep them though. No need to buy another one.