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  1. Ask Belgian. He’s got an overdose of them.
  2. Bo Diddley lives on in Brian May and Charlie Christian.
  3. NGD 08 Talladega

    The numbers had been published once over here. If I remember correctly, it remained in the two digits.
  4. On the Newport I had tried various pickups and eventually went back to the Phat Cats. They are the perfect match. Would be nice to hear. I had a classic strat single coil built into a humbucker casing years ago and put it into a MIK Standard. Both neck and bridge. Gibson scale single coil tone with less snap. Love it!
  5. $260 for the pair is fair I think. Great pickups! Not for every style and everyone, but certainly has its application. Although, the DDs definitely are noticeably away from a real tele pickup, they create their own snap on the Fender scale Tally. Great when you know how to play it. Could be boring if not. Would be interesting to have them on a short scale though.
  6. Fingers crossed! I know about custom's delays as a normal. Sometimes they are about 'attention to detail'. That's what had Hamer builds delayed for years as far as I remember.
  7. Pulled out the bookmark again. Love it!
  8. Beautiful quilt! A really nice example of a fantastic late Hamer Standard for a really nice price.
  9. DBD (Double box day) w/ banner

    Congrats! I think that's a great place for the banner.
  10. My thought was, you’d better book a doc session for knee repair before a show. Great score btw.
  11. Anyone downloaded this version? My son would need it for his studies. PM me with a download link if possible. What would it need to register or would it run out of the box? Many thanks!
  12. What's Spinnin' ..

    Oh, I love the album. Looking back, it was quite ahead of it's times. This one jumped at me today. Thought it's worth posting.