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  1. I do believe you're right. Now it's twice as bad.
  2. Maybe get you LOOthier to add a lower horn!
  3. The Eclipse would have been such a nice guitar had they skipped the lowerhornectomy.
  4. Yeah - what the Hell is that? Also wrong with that ad: No "Hamer" logo or company information in the ad. The headstock of the guitar - the only place you will find the word "HAMER" - has moronic text obscuring your view of it. The guitar itself is shaded in darkness. As the "simplicity" angle would imply, you were supposed to just know that it's a Hamer, because "less is sometimes more." In this case, however, less is less. This ad had to have been done by one of the Hamer or Kaman exec's kids because there's no way that a professional put that together. Likewise there's no way crap like that gets past the board unless there's nepotism involved.
  5. THAT one I had pinned up on my wall back in the day! A home run!
  6. At all starts with the feet, and nothing strong or tall was ever built on a weak foundation. That's what I tell all of my Yoga students and teacher trainees. Pretty girl, but I'm guessing she walked around barefoot her whole life.
  7. Yes! Thank you, Brother Theodore!
  8. It's mostly the copy. The fonts they used. Pick one and go with it! The sizes of the font they used. Couldn't make up their mind what size, so they used all of them. The Capitalization Of Every Word. The efficacy of emphasis is lost when everything is emphasized. The placement of the copy. On the guitar? On the model's face? The nonsense which comprises the copy. * Personally, I don't mind bangs. I have a bigger problem with the inclusion of her toes in the ad. Not that I have a problem with feet either, but her feet look more like mine than a lady's. And that is at the very least, distracting. And that's just off the top of my head.
  9. One of the worst print ads ever. Many examples of what not to do illustrated here.
  10. Wow!! That would look awesome on my Wall of Unplayed Stringed Instruments!
  11. Never learned how to play, so I have to do something with them.
  12. I don't know how many members here have used all three techs listed above, but I have (many, many times), and HEL Shane is the man. As an alternative to throwing good money after bad, you could sell it as-is and recoup some of your money. You're losing either way, so the question is do you want to lose money with no guitar or lose money and have a guitar for which you paid twice what it's worth?
  13. I've had that exact thought. But I didn't say it ... *ducking*...
  14. Guitar Center, Reverb, eBay, Fulltone... Sure they all suck. But only one of them posted a bunch of inflammatory nonsense. That's my point. The rest is just subterfuge meant to distract you.
  15. In that case, wouldn't you expect it to be Clapton then, he being "God" and all?
  16. Now that the guitar is sold - THREAD HIJACK! @jisham has some pretty good stories about her. Not what you'd call a very nice lady.
  17. If you mean "...to the bone," then you're right. (And that's not how you do that).
  18. Judging by the username, I would say most-likely - yes.
  19. lol - It's "scamboogery" and I can't take credit for it. It certainly is an effective word.
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