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  1. More visually appealing than a real vintage Junior? No. I was just referring to the bump out with the attachment screw. That has to go.
  2. Of course he has. Specifically, when it comes to the weird pickguards Hamer put on these Juniors/Specials, Greg shaped the area near the neck/lower horn so that they are more visually appealing. So this (weird)... ...looks more like this (nice!)...
  3. My experience with Japanese guitars from the '70's is that they were not.
  4. It didn't need a pickguard. It needed to be a different color.
  5. Gonna cost you over $1100 now, chief. There is no end to the stupidity.
  6. "...not an original guy..."?? I don't know anyone else delivering this level of belly laughs for over four decades.
  7. "Hello? Mr. Lou Theer? Yes hello... Can you make my guitar look worse?"
  8. Yeah, for five grand there should at least be a bidet and maybe a towel warmer.
  9. Funny you should mention Cray and the "Strong Persuader" album. It recently made its way back into rotation. Adding to it the context you lay out with your live experience one wonders if, as you say, how much of these songs are autobiographical as they are not the usual "woman done me wrong" blues songs. As for the way he treated his bass player (not knowing who he was), he must have learned that when he was, ironically, playing bass for Otis Day and the Knights. You may recall when Dorfman, Schoenstein, their buddies and their dates arrived at the Dexter Lake Club roadhouse, Schoenstein called out to Otis, but he pretended he didn't know him. This was the example he was shown way back in 1962.
  10. A blind owl would have done a better job with the modifications.
  11. He also thanks Mike McCarthy. Did he play for the Dallas Cowboys?
  12. "I just wish this guitar could talk..." I think there are a lot of people out there who are happy this guitar can't talk. If it could, it would probably call the police.
  13. "Anthony Bourdain sticker is removable, but it is badass." Yes, it is. No, it isn't.
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