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  1. Same here. Chiropractic must really be a license to print money.
  2. Not only are you over-stating Jackson's stage moves (honestly it WAS mostly moon-walking and crotch-grabbing) you're down-playing Prince's. Prince did a lot more than "clone James Brown," but even if he did, he also did it in high heel shoes (which is how he ruined his hip). Jumping off PA risers... splits... and the occasional floor humping... Jackson couldn't walk from Point A to Point B without his hair igniting. Let's not rewrite history here. Jackson was immensely popular, but this is not the definition of a "musical genius." He was far from it. His abilities didn't even approach that of Prince's, be it vocally (Prince could range from baritone to falsetto - often in the same song), musically (could MJ even play a single instrument? vs. Prince's "One Man Virtuoso Band"?). Look at them objectively and they don't compare. Not even close. Prince was a one man producer, performer, song writer, visionary whose genius gave birth to a dozen other groups and an entire sub genre in music (the whole Minneapolis sound), while Jackson was still trying to perform 30 year old hits from the Jackson 5. Take away Quincy Jones, Michael Peters and John Landis and you have a 50 year old has-been trying to sing falsetto. And how many of those hits did MJ write? As a side debate, we can pit personal life vs. personal life. While Prince was banging Kim Bassinger, Vanity, Apollonia Kotero, Sheena Easton, etc, Jackson was having "sleepovers" with Emmanuel Lewis, Cory Feldman and Macaulay Culkin. Totally apropos of nothing, but I would be remiss if I didn't state the obvious. In the end they both ended up in the same place, though (although I'm quite sure Jackson is in Hell), so they definitely shared the soul-crushing existence that was born of the solitude they created - mostly because both of their fathers were genuine shits. But that's a discussion for another time.
  3. I don't know... Are we all talking about his stupid product?
  4. Mostly correct. The Monaco, SuperPro and MII are all 25.5" scale. The Monaco Elite is 24.75" scale.
  5. You lost me at "He wasn't the performer that MJ was...." He was one of the best, most versatile performers any of us will ever witness. I'll put Prince's virtuosity and James Brown-style dance moves against Jackson's stupid fucking crotch grab/Moon walk combo any day. And you can credit John Landis and Michael Peters with however great you think the Thriller video was. There simply is no comparing the two aa performers. if you want to talk #1 records, that's a different story.
  6. I met my closest "real-life friends" here
  7. Huh? What?? PM Glitch??
  8. ...and deaths which happened several weeks ago - lol.
  9. Technically not the Muse Tip™ yet...
  10. kizanski


    Wow. I never liked trans black as much as I do on this guitar.
  11. If you have a card input, your issue is solved. No cables, no Bluetooth, no connection issues of any kind.
  12. blah blah blah ... Get rid of it.
  13. I thought we already told you to ditch that pick guard?
  14. If by that you mean the price and the seller are both high, I would agree.
  15. Like most of the Rear Page, it's about 10% skulduggery, 40% numbnutsery, and 50% scumbaggery.
  16. Well, look at the bright side, Rechts. Now we have The Rear Page for that.
  17. I think outside of the guys in Cheap Trick, everyone first saw Hamers because of Cheap Trick.
  18. Well, I don't know how much "trade" is going on here. It's not like we make anything to sell or trade. As for the space program, 50 years ago today Commander Jack Swigert stirred the oxygen tanks, and you know how that worked out.
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