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  1. Allow me to be the voice of dissenting opinion (for a change). You miscounted the money. There it is. In order for your "the seller ripped me off" story to hold water, the seller would have had to have thought it was more advantageous for him to pocket a lousy $100 rather than sell the guitar. Considering what a pain in the cock it is to sell a guitar these days, this is short-sighted, to say the least. A mechanic who can palm a $100 bill while you're watching him knows better ways to make (steal) money. Ways which don't involve a) giving you his phone number, b) giving you his address, c) letting you in his home, d) letting you handle the goods. Right now, many of you reading this are thinking "Hey man, $100 is $100. If he keeps having other perspective buyers come over and he steals $100 from them..." This would be a retarded long con where the seller wastes hours and hours of his own time, amasses a group of enemies who have his home address and phone number and risks an ass-kicking with a comparatively small payoff. Wouldn't it just be easier to sell the fucking guitar?
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