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  1. Well, I didn't intend to get suspended, but I wasn't going to let the threat of it stop me from telling someone (in this case a moderator - wanna guess which one?) that he's full of shit. Of course, my wording was not as blunt as that, but the message was there. Other "members" chimed in to his defense, which is fine. That's why they're "members." Since then the thread (the subject of which was about a guy getting ripped off by Cowtown Guitars' Jesse's ex-wife) has been deleted, so, even though evidence of my horrendous crime has been eliminated (effectively eliminating the crime), the punishment remains. Here's what happened: As is the case with most threads, this one grew several tangents, but it didn't get ugly as I was expecting. The moderator who shall remain nameless (but he shops for his clothes in plus sizes) chimed in to say that everyone needs to be civil because "us mods can't be expected to read every thread." Poor portly fellow can't discern debate from argument... Great choice for a moderator. My alleged crime? (I say "alleged" because, aside from my admission above, there is no evidence that I committed it) I suggested (in an admittedly snarky way) that instead of members ratting on each other, they be allowed to carry on as if they were grown men with skin thicker than the paper wrapped around an onion. The absurdity of that rubbed some of the dicks - I mean members - the wrong way, and a non-moderator threw his hat in the ring, saying that as an alternative, I could conduct myself better, to which I responded "Conduct this." The lights went out shortly after that. So, again... Did I deserve it? I honestly don't think so. But I knew it was coming.
  2. That's a matter of opinion, but I did what I did knowing full well it was coming.
  3. I will! You know... once I can get back on.
  4. Buncha amateurs. This is how it's done. I'd provide a link, but... you know... You have received a warning from the Staff Kizanski, 48 minutes ago, you were given the following warning: Inappropriate Behavior This warning has been given to you for violating the rules of The Gear Page. The consequences of this warning are: You have received 3 infraction points. Your account has not otherwise been restricted. Oh, and my "account has not otherwise been restricted," except for... The Gear Page - Error You have been banned for the following reason: Rules violations Your ban will be lifted on Sep 23, 2019. LOL!
  5. I often play to the competition. When you deserve my best, you'll get it.
  6. No, your prices are very reasonable. But you get what you pay for, as they say.
  7. Yeah, I bought bulk at the BJ's. It was in the isle marked "Joe's Picks." Don't worry, though. You're nowhere near running out. I don't think they got to decide what year they were living in. If we're allowed to do that, I want a do-over!
  8. Next time wear it TO the Halloween party, not to ComiCon.
  9. A guy who as a grown man has worn spiderman pajamas, chiming in about pedophilia. That's one way to divert attention to that tragic Steve Stevens death pool/list above. CHESTER BENNINGTON! Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here.
  10. When you look up "projecting" in the dictionary, there is a picture of your face. And it's covered so that no one vomits.
  11. That's what his high school yearbook says - lol. Thanks for the math help, but I'm not going to put much stock in a single article about the findings of one guy running a web site in France. 750,000,000 records has long been the accepted number, and it sounds a lot more realistic, given the global, stratospheric, pre-internet popularity of MJ. Not to mention the 45 year long career. 110,000,000 records sold? MJ read that and said, "AAW-www.... That's adorable!" And then he raped some 13 year old boys.
  12. In fairness, though, WiKi seems to be the ones who got it right. He graduated high school in '63, so 1944 seems like a more likely birth year than 1949. Dude was old af. lol
  13. Linkin Park I heard of. STP I've heard of. Even Christine Baranski I have heard of. Nobody ever fucking heard of Chester What's-His-Face. And don't think 110,000,000 records sold defends putting him on a list with Michael Jackson. That's an afternoon for MJ.
  14. So he wouldn't make it under the Michael Jackson's death deadline? Because I wanted to include Elvis.
  15. When I went to find out WTF Chester Bennington was, even Google said, "WHO??" Then it gave me results for Christine Baranski.
  16. Chester Bennington... I thought the inclusion of his name with the likes of a giant like Michael Jackson was ludicrous, until I Googled him and now I'm sure of it.
  17. Except for his age. Born: March 23, 1949 (age 70 years), Baltimore, MD Edit: His birth year is listed as 1944 and 1949, depending on the source. Some who have seen The Cars in concert might be surprised to hear that he didn't actually pass away decades ago, however.
  18. The paperwork and the photos seem legit enough. I'm not questioning if it is an import. I'm saying it has the look of an import. And that's not a good thing.
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