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  1. heh-heh... he said "members"...
  2. I only plan my 4-3-2-1 attendance during imminent blizzards. Seriously - Wish I could make it.
  3. Yeah, no. This isn't 1978, Bruce.
  4. Anyone who called this guy without the money in his pocket and his car's GPS awaiting the seller's address is a dyed in the wool BAMF.
  5. So someone called the seller to tell him he was asking too little instead of just buying it. Asshole.
  6. Well, wait a minute... I didn't realize it was an Exployer. I take it all back.
  7. How would you feel about laying out 46-hundred simoleons for a "Rodri-gweez" copy of a fucking Epiphone? Used!!
  8. A real winner would have lived closer to the seller! lol - I can do this all day. i work from home.
  9. $4,200... (used) One could have the pick of the litter of bound & crowned vintage Sunburst for that.
  10. I think this will continue to be the case as long as hack builders command insane prices for their high school shop class projects. Paying a grand more for that used Hamer than you would have dreamed a few years ago suddenly makes more sense.
  11. A real winner would have snagged it for $2500 before the seller knew what was up!
  12. Not to be confused with Quiet Riot, which is what people shout when they want them to stop playing.
  13. Nonsensical and grammatically flawed memes are the best, especially when they highlight assorted words for apparently no reason whatsoever.
  14. Why add a shim to get the action back to where you already have it right now?
  15. Somehow the lie is greater than the sum of its parts. FFS, pick one lie and go with it.
  16. I never thought I would say this about the Tally, but it looks like a supermodel compared to that high school shop class garbage.
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