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  1. "You won't find either one of these anywhere in the U.S." Location: Neenah, WI
  2. I really appreciate the No Doubt career synopsis, though. The fact that the seller thought this was necessary tells you he knows the guitar (and the signatures) are worthless.
  3. Imagine living in the world this seller believes exists. He needs to be medicated. Then tea-bagged.
  4. It's ok I guess, if you're into that sort of thing.
  5. Or just listen to "Cheap Trick at Budokan" twice.
  6. Not exactly something you want on your resume.
  7. Yes. But the good news is, if it was in fact a legit offer, he likely declined it.
  8. Well that explains the over-the-top ad copy and Fantasy Island asking price. Fuck him, fuck Brent, and fuck anyone who puts "L@@K!" in their ad.
  9. No, I meant that I was happy I did not leave my house to not see Not Steve. Really I'm just happy to have not left my house.
  10. Aww... man! You were at the Philly show today? Why didn't you tell me? I would have.. probably still stayed home, to be totally honest.
  11. Yes. But there's a reason you don't see the word "original" anywhere in the ad. Because none of it is.
  12. Your one good experience with a guy who many of us know to be a career asshole doesn't preclude our right to point it out. What happened is you got lucky. Take your win and be on your way. But make no mistake. If we make fun of his appearance, it's because he begs for it. A man with that little self-awareness needs to be ridiculed. It's for his own good.
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