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  1. No need to get offended. @JustKid 's post was meant to educate. That's how you find your way around the forum. If anything I should be offended than you called me friendly.
  2. I suspected that was the one you were asking about. There is an untold story there, and I'm guessing it doesn't have a happy ending. Either way, there should be a "USA" there, to answer your original question.
  3. Those have really nice necks, and that's a great price!
  4. Yeah, maybe that's what he's using then.
  5. Personally, if I were to do such a thing as "downsize" (it's one of the few things in my life at which I have failed) I would use it as an opportunity to keep a better quality of guitars and forego those which don't measure up. These import Hamers are for beginners and BAMFs. These are not "goal" guitars, unless you plan on using at as a hockey stick.
  6. Good catch. Sure looks that way. I wonder where he got it from...
  7. The "Brand New Guitar on the Rusty Cellar Clam Shell Door Handle" phase was his most prolific one, however.
  8. I open this thread, expecting an interesting read on post Civil War era America, and I find this. My disappointment could only be rivaled by that of the "freed workers" inhabiting the southern states at the time.
  9. @Feynman - I have one here that you can try.
  10. Perhaps some support in the middle? Just spit-balling.
  11. To what could you have possibly "upgraded" that guitar's bridge pickup?
  12. The only thing he knows how to buff is his prick.
  13. It looks like a bad rattle can paint job in the above photo, but it could just be the flash washing out. That could very well be the original color.
  14. I don't know (and I don't know why you think they're gay), but we welcome all kinds here. Well, ok, all kinds other than Peavey and Carvin owners.
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