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  1. Ok I'll say it: The SuperPro is the perfect guitar. If you're considering a SuperPro, this is your chance.
  2. One of his drummers?? Clyde was THE drummer! I only wish he could have gotten paid for every time one of his drum beats was sampled in the '80s and '90s.
  3. Wait wait wait... So what you're saying is this guitar can not be in Germany and Saint Louis, MO at the same time???
  4. You think he was prancing around in full Ace regalia just because it was Halloween?
  5. "Turn on my V.C.R., same one I've had for years James Brown on the T.A.M.I. show, same tape I've had for years..." This is how it's done. (No. Hamer. Content.) GREAT clip, tight as a drum and energy overload. The real fire starts at about 13:00. As an alternative clip, I present the 1971 version of James Brown's band, live in Rome. This band was not (yet) as tight as the the 1964 incarnation, but what they did have was a young Bootsy Collins and about 15 minutes of the most hypnotic Mashed Potato you've ever seen a background dancer pull off.
  6. Red with black binding is badass. That's obviously a 3 piece neck, though, not a 1 piece as the description states.
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