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  1. Fear not. "All will be revealed," as Robert Plant (and Jesus) once said.
  2. I suppose at some point I am, yes. So far this is merely a public "heads up" that he's about to be very, very sad.
  3. "Ask your Doctor about Anxie-pee. You'll be glad you did!"
  4. It sounds F'n awesome, and that's with ME playing it.
  5. Exactly. If celebrity-owned guitars or whatever meant anything to me to the point that it's value would be increased by any noteworthy amount (this is an almost non-existent situation), I would want to see a photo of The Guy holding The Item and writing the cert himself.
  6. "Comes with a letter of provenance and a Gotta Have Rock & Roll™ Certificate of Authenticity." Two things which mean nothing unless that "letter" is from Nikki Sixx hizzelf. And even then I might not be convinced without photos. Watch the movie "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" and you'll agree.
  7. Dave's deals. Maybe not so much on gear that has only been on the site a few days, but even then they're very reasonable. The Serial looks like 057122, so it's a 2005 (if my eyes are working). Any Robin fan would be wise to grab that one.
  8. $1195 isn't a bad asking price, either. And it's definitely a USA Robin. If anyone cares to call about it, the first two numbers of the serial number represent the last two numbers in the year of manufacture. Ex: 02XXXX is a 2002.
  9. Great price and it has already been established that Dave has an honest face.
  10. That's pretty freaking hot, but I don't know how "recent" it could be.
  11. While people are clearly losing their minds over this increase (not to imply that they're wrong), they should be up in arms about the shipping costs that @BadgerDave listed above. Even the lowest number is ridiculous for Chicago to LA. Oh, they'll be quick to give you the COVID excuse, but they sucked before.
  12. Interestingly enough he could be both antagonist and protagonist in this clip.
  13. I'm picturing you using the acoustic at a local coffee house gig and it fills me with much humor.
  14. kizanski


  15. Nice of him to respond and all, but doesn't he know which one(s) went to NAMM and if 13414 was one (or the one)? Seems to me that would be something noted in the serial number log book. Maybe it's time to get @serial Steve on the case.
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