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  1. That doesn't differentiate "legalized scalping" vs. "ticket re-seller." Regardless of the state and if it is legal or not, it's all criminal.
  2. For those with more money than sense - lol.
  3. How is any ticket reseller's sales not legal scalping?
  4. You can thank @Tortious for the recommendations. He posted the links the last time this discussion came up and I went off on a rant.
  5. No. U-LINE requires you purchase a minimum of 5 boxes for about $40, then they charge you $35 shipping. Fuck U-Line.
  6. Yes, they're very good, but the "knock" on them is that they are shipped to you folded in half. Once you unfold one for use and pack the guitar within, it's not an issue. It's not like it's going to fold itself back up en route. I purchased 3 of the 52" x 20" x 8" ones - $35 shipped. They're good for larger cases and were perfect for the Gretsch 6120 and Gibson Explorer I recently sold. As an alternative, and more "fitting" for smaller Fender and Les Paul sized cases, I purchased 3 of these - also $35 shipped. They're 18" x 6" x 45" and high quality. They ship unfolded, but the knock on them is that shipping takes a long time, and seemingly for no reason. They shipped from Lyndhurst, NJ, which is about 20 miles from my house, but it took them 9 days to ship them and three days to travel the 20 miles. Saying "I could have walked faster" is not hyperbole in this case.
  7. OutRAYgeous top! Shame they ruined it with that F hole.
  8. The Explorer is sold. The Spruceburst waits for @bubs_42 to get his shit together.
  9. It's hard to even find Robin fans who like those.
  10. You buried the lead. The guitar was painted by @Stike at ROWYCO. It's been for sale literally for years.
  11. He's probably just ticklish. I can almost hear him when the tattoo artist gets near his belly button: "BOZLEE BOZLEE BOP! TEE HEE HEE HEE!!"
  12. Don't know how you could overlook a centenarian guitar player.
  13. If he's still playing in the next century, he would indeed be one bad ass.
  14. J.D. Simo will be 115 years old in 2100.
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