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  1. This. It's immoral and probably illegal, but I have no sympathy for these tone chasing, trussrod changing, wannabe bluesman annoying diners at the Buffalo Wild Wings just trying to watch the game assholes.
  2. Dream Police was a loooonnnnnng time ago.
  3. Well you're one of the fortunate ones. Everything I have learned about NFTs, Crypto and Rick Nielsen for that matter, has been without my consent.
  4. Perhaps it was a deep fake and he's really not an over-the-hill musician still holding on for dear life to what little fame remains from a 40 year old song library and stage persona. Perhaps, but I doubt it.
  5. His version of it differs slightly from the actual audio - lol.
  6. My issue with Rick is that by now he must know that it's a pile of dogshit, yet here he is. Pitiful money grab from his fanbase. A shrinking, aging fanbase.
  7. Weak. 94 pound Keith did more damage. And then get back to the song.
  8. Search Reverb for "Guitars owned by D List musicians peddled by lunatic sellers asking 10 times theur value" and it'll be the top one.
  9. Well if the price is too high for that Vector, you probably don't have $27,000 to spend on this one.
  10. Well, there i$ a way to ea$e your pain.
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