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  1. That's such a cool idea! I'm in Albany NY area and would be happy to take it for a spin!!
  2. Hey nice job, especially for being new to it! Gave a quick listen on laptop... What's the deal with the major chord organ part in Cold Shot?? Kinda gives it a circus vibe Is there a bass on there? Like I said just gave it a 'quickie' on my laptop but it probably should be more apparent?? maybe check that out. Guitar playing sounds good! (and lets be clear.... that's all that really matters here! haha) Drums sound 'simulated' but hey... thats what they are! Overall, it's a big thumbs up from me!!
  3. It certainly doesn't make any sense that the bars would be a different diameter but it seems some don't fit others... FYI... I have 7 Mirages and 3 Daytonas and they all seem to play nicey-nice with each other as far as bar swapping goes.
  4. Only familiar with Sperzels and Schaller ...have a 1/2 dozen or so guitars with each... they both work fine but to me the Schallers are a LOT smoother.
  5. Hey... if you're gonna dredge up an old thread it might as well be a good one like this! haha! I still have 7 0041 from post #35 btw but don't have any current pics handy.
  6. Exactly! Like I said I like the holes!!
  7. Yeah...weight relief holes. I kinda like em' ! I tried a couple of standards that I really liked and went and got me a "holy" Boneyard.
  8. Looks nice DavidE! I thinks the holes may even out the tone somewhat and add a bit of 'ring' too.
  9. G12H is nice... haven't used one by itself though... only in a 4x12. I like the Tonker too, especially in a 1x12 combo.
  10. I put one in the bridge of a Koa Mirage (that was on the bright side)... I figured it was gonna be too bright but it wasn't at all and sounded cool. Currently have it in the bridge of a Phanton. Works well in there too.
  11. I'm using a Phat Cat in my Phantom and that sounds pretty cool.
  12. Bill…Truly sorry to hear that news. Losing a parent can be REALLY tough to deal with. Took me a good year to come to terms with it. I’m not much of a yapper but I found myself talking to friends and family a LOT about it and that really seemed to help quite a bit. I’m sure she was a very nice person and you’ll have lots of great memories to help you through. My best to you and you family. Edited to add... Cancer absolutely SUCKS in the deepest of possible ways!
  13. Mr Salem what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. That actually made it worth reading through this thread!!
  14. Yeah baby..Mirage!!! Just got an ol' Sunburst from MCChris and it came with that pup combo. The split thing sounds like something I might try. I had been thinking about popin' into a Mirage to check out too.
  15. Chris... digging the whole package... except my little problem, of coarse. Greg... will do
  16. Hey Guys... Picked up a '77 Sunburst. I REALLY like the guitar (not looking to sell) but I'm having a string breakage problem with it. I can barely get through a set without popping a high E string. It was cute the first few times but it's getting old FAST!!! One gig I broke 2 E's and a B... highly unusual on a fresh set of strings for me. The break is occurring at the saddle. It doesn't feel sharp but I'll probably try to smooth it/polish it up a bit to see if this helps. Anybody have a recommended method for this type of procedure?? Or... any other recommendations?? Thanks
  17. Find the studio/engineer that you like first. Listen to previous stuff he has done. If you like what you hear then use whatever HE normally uses and is comfortable working with.
  18. Nice! I love the lone victory inlay!!!
  19. Man, what a mess down there. I sure hope you hear from them soon.
  20. Something like this ought to get you by In |F F/A |Bb B0 |F/C D-7 |Db7 C7 | verse |FM7 D-7 |G-7 C7 |FM7 D-7 |G-7 C7 | |FM7 D-7 |G-7 C7 |FM7 D-7 |Db7 C7 | verse |FM7 D-7 |G-7 C7 |FM7 D-7 |G-7 C7 | |FM7 D-7 |G-7 C7 |F Bb |F Gb0 | bridge |G-7 C7 |FM7 D-7 |B-7 E7 |A-7 D7 | |D-7 G7 |CM7 A-7 |D-7 G7 |G-7 C7 | verse |FM7 D-7 |G-7 C7 |FM7 D-7 |G-7 C7 | |FM7 D-7 |G-7 C7 |FM7 D-7 |Db7 C7 |
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