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  1. These are crazy beautiful in hand. The redwood bouncing off the binding/pick up surrounds is awesome. Only let mine go (dumnass), cause my E.M. Edged it out by a hair for playing time. In the most complimentary way, this kept saying, tuxedo appropriate.
  2. thanks, just got a MacBook and have a lot of groundwork to do, resizing photos, figuring how to cancel this experimental post, etc. I shall return once I get some grip on this newfangled contraption. I had been using imgur in the past and need to get it happnin as well. s
  3. trying to get pic up<a href="https-::imgur.com:I.textClippingimgur.com:WyTrvBf.webloc <a href=%22https-::imgur.com:I.textClipping
  4. A trade and a sale allowed me to be a bit naughty. SOooo A pair of Briggs to launch the new year.
  5. The Firebird looks to be "Frost Blue" -- color gibson snatched from Buick/Cadillac in the 60's --- Here's my 91 c.s. --- this color fades substantially in sunlight, and most of the ones i've seen at shows (actually only 2) take on a more greenish appearance.
  6. Nice, and a bit nasty too .
  7. I think i sold it for about a hundred less, but, not many out there, especially in black, and prices surely seem to be rising .
  8. I use to own that one, real nice . (near mint when i sold it- he is using my photo's ) The trans black is a good looking finish.
  9. Very nice. Owning a Blueburst brings on the responsibility to post --- MORE PICS ---
  10. IMO, after owning several different guitars of both scalings, the 25 1/2 scale is a positive when it comes to triple P-90's. Opens up the 2-4 positions a little, or in some cases a lot.
  11. My main supplier of machine made rugs, in the USA, just QUIT. No notifications, no culling of underperforming segments. No letters , No nothing. See ya-------- Best wishes that the talented crew finds an appropriate , supportive , work place.
  12. The Yamaha THR 10c (the blue, classic rock one) is the choice for "almost no amp" practice. For acoustic guitars,I tend to focus on the practice better with no amplification, or just a little bit of THR added.
  13. One size fits all -???--- Solid swamp ash bod -- bolt on maple neck/rw fret board -- mild bucker+s+s--- 5way -- and a SIMPLE, mild, on board pre/boost to take the strat world up to tickle the tubes.
  14. My wife got me some pajamas and a couple of tee shirts. I got me a Turner. So it worked out pretty good.
  15. If he's plea dealing/admitting all that, NO telling what he's really done.
  16. Wow, was that a Spruce Newport , with flipper for Proto land ???? -------I remain------ a confirmed moron.
  17. Prototype -- need to build taller, with room for the warts to slip underneath, away from patch lines.
  18. That jazz burst is/was juiccc---eee. Grab of the year.
  19. The Tally series has several nice sets of bee's knees. The standard tally has the features you describe, sus block/double dee pups (a cool enhanced/variation on the fat cats) while the pro has a wraptail and buckers. also a earthen model lies in its own territory with a hog neck and neck shape similar to the pro. Cool knees all a round. Good luck and enjoy your illness.
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