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    '74 Ovation Breadwinner,'81 Hamer Special, '91 Musicman EVH, '04 Les Paul Standard
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    Soldano Hot Rod 50+ Half Stack, Peavey Butcher 1/2 Stack, Peavey Classic 100 1/2 Stack, Peavey Classic 50 1/2 Half Stack, Marshall JMP 1/2 Stack, Marshall JTM 1/2 Stack, Kustom Prototype Blue Sparkle 3-15s, Acoustic 370/371 (2ea)
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    Car racing in this order #1 Formula 1 / #2 Indy car / #3 Grandam races. GT, Sportman. Any race where you have to turn more than "left" Love road course.<br />Golf, love it, love it, love it... Music, Guitars and Amps of course.<br />Pretty ladies, pretty (fast) cars, pretty guitars, pretty (loud) amps.

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  1. Too many things to list. And very depressing to try and go over all of them.
  2. I think I should say GOODBYE because I don't believe I will be alive much longer. Very long story but many health problems.
  3. That looks a lot like the 1982 Special I bought from someone here, but as bad as my memory is anymore I can't remember who I bought it from....
  4. Yes, I thought that was a bit too high in price also..
  5. None of these are mine but if someone is close to them they look good. https://columbus.craigslist.org/msg/d/cincinnati-1980-hamer-usa-sunburst/7075649748.html https://columbus.craigslist.org/msg/d/columbus-hamer-guitar/7091101064.html https://columbus.craigslist.org/msg/d/lancaster-90s-hamer-with-seymour-duncans/7090263618.html https://columbus.craigslist.org/msg/d/newark-hamer-slammer-electric/7068390901.html
  6. Another one I would really consider buying if I was still playing.. It is Very Nice...!
  7. I wish I was still playing I would really consider buying it..!
  8. Nice...! The one in the middle reminds me of my 1981 Hamer Special that I bought new in 1981 and still have... And the Custom Checkerboard Case and strap to match the headstock..
  9. I really like my Floyd Rose Guitars..
  10. I have to agree with you.. You can Never have too many Les Paul's..! And I regret selling 2 other Les Pauls. And these three are the only ones I have left. But I wouldn't mind getting another one. I actually traded a 70's Les Paul Custom for my first Hamer. A 1981 Hamer Special that I still have.
  11. The Custom Case I have for my 1981 Hamer Special is supposed to be made from Left Over parts for Rick Nielsen's Amps..
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