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    '74 Ovation Breadwinner,'81 Hamer Special, '91 Musicman EVH, '04 Les Paul Standard
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    Soldano Hot Rod 50+ Half Stack, Peavey Butcher 1/2 Stack, Peavey Classic 100 1/2 Stack, Peavey Classic 50 1/2 Half Stack, Marshall JMP 1/2 Stack, Marshall JTM 1/2 Stack, Kustom Prototype Blue Sparkle 3-15s, Acoustic 370/371 (2ea)
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    Have many manly only use, Ibanez PUE5, Script logo Phase 90

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    Car racing in this order #1 Formula 1 / #2 Indy car / #3 Grandam races. GT, Sportman. Any race where you have to turn more than "left" Love road course.<br />Golf, love it, love it, love it... Music, Guitars and Amps of course.<br />Pretty ladies, pretty (fast) cars, pretty guitars, pretty (loud) amps.

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  1. I don't remember Milk but I remember paying 19 cents for gas with "Gas Wars" going on in the late1960s and early 1970s between a few gas stations.. Then for a few years before the Gas "stoppage" it was always a quarter a gallon for quite a while and then Jumped up to 50 cents..
  2. I paid $3 to see Alice Cooper back in 1970.. $2 to see Kiss in 1974.. $4.50 to see Queen in 1975.. $9 to see Paul McCartney back in the 1970's.. And many, many, many other bands very cheap compared to today.. Bonamassa has never been low priced..
  3. If they want $2,200 for theirs then I would sell them my 1981 Hamer Special for Twice that amount...
  4. Does this seem a little high priced...? https://www.themusiczoo.com/?goal=0_63363c100e-a86f8b59b7-263818557&mc_cid=a86f8b59b7&mc_eid=ca8010ee8c
  5. I love them too...! I still have a 1981 Hamer Special that I bought new in 1981.. And I have a strap and a case to match the checkerboard head stock..
  6. I sold my Hamer B12S Bass but missed it so much I bought a MIK 4 string Hamer Bass..
  7. I sold my Red Brain May Special but I still have a Black one..
  8. A Really Great Price...! I bought a 2015 PRS Custom 24 from a friend of mine but for twice the cash.. If I had seen this one before I bought mine I would have bought it..! Good Luck with the sale. And who ever buys it will not be disappointed at all..!
  9. Many Years ago playing a Vox.. My first Guitar and Amp in1967 for Christmas when I was 13 years old. A Hofner 6 string when I was in the Military stationed at Fort Bragg back in 1972 but I sold it, because being in the Army and being broke went hand in hand. My second guitar back around 1968..
  10. And a couple more single cut guitars that I still have.. 1991 EBMM=EVH and a 2001 EBMM Axis..
  11. I had a couple that I really liked.. A MIJ Fender 50th Anniversary Telecaster and a MIJ Burny Les Paul Custom..
  12. My Three Amigos. Axcess, R9, Standard... And my Reissue Tele..
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