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  1. Not exactly earth-shattering, but has anybody else noticed Fender's 'Vintera II' series and the return of Rosewood? https://guitar.com/news/gear-news/fenders-vintera-ii-range-is-seemingly-real-and-rosewood-fretboards-are-back/#:~:text=One thing looks clear%3A rosewood,in Seafoam Green and yellow. https://guitarbomb.com/2023/07/22/leak-fender-vintera-ii-series-is-back-with-rosewood-fretboards/ DGS has knocked off 2 C-Notes and Change off of the price of their still (technically) new in-stock Vintera (not Vintera II) models recently, and I suspect other dealers might be doing the same thing to move old stock. I dunno what woulda changed on a vintage-style maple-necked Tele though, maybe the PUs?
  2. Whatever tubing you use, make sure it's safe around guitar finishes, especially nitrocelluose finishes.
  3. Rickenbacker basses with the old-style molded potmetal bridge housing did that too...back in the late '70's/early '80's, RIC put two extra screws at the end of the bridge housing to keep the housing from lifting at the butt end of the bass due to string tension, but for some reason they quit using those screws in the '90s. Their newest bass bridges are now a different design.
  4. No affiliation. That weird 'spotty'/'splotchy' (spalted?) grain on one 'wing' on the front (there's more on the back of the guitar) seems familiar to me, I think that guitar might have been at DGS before: https://www.davesguitar.com/collections/all-products-latest/products/korina-vector-98
  5. I'm just guessing, but I'd suspect it's the anchoring base for some kind of model or logo plate. I doubt very much if it would have any effect on the speaker output or tone or projection, unless the 'tab' isn't anchored well and it rattles during use. Or you're Eric Johnson.
  6. No affiliation. Size specs seem to be fairly close to Ringo's 1964 Ludwig 'Super Classic' drum kit. Price seems reasonable IMO, if the drums and hardware are in good shape. If you've ever priced a new kit like this one, they aren't cheap. Shipping probably won't be cheap either, though a shipping quote from DGS is free: https://www.davesguitar.com/collections/all-products-latest/products/vintage-black-oyster-pearl-4-piece-shell-pack https://www.ringosbeatlekits.com/1964-ludwig-super-classic Plus, only 100 days left until Christmas! https://www.xmasclock.com/
  7. I hope 'Swamp' is 'swamp ash', otherwise it'll sound too muddy.
  8. Have you ever seen Peter Buck and Buckethead together at the same time?
  9. You almost make the 'new generation' sound like the guitar version of modern bass players.
  10. I gotta agree, but I'm not blind to something that I would consider 'better' than the original...if somebody has a used guitar for sale that has different hardware or pickups on it that I would consider as a positive upgrade, then I'm open to it. Provided the guitar has the 'improvements' professionally installed, and isn't a hack job. There are certain 'fashionable' woods that I would NEVER want in a guitar, such as basswood, or paulownia, or okoume. Why? Because they're soft, and dent way too easily for my liking...and having to drill screw holes in those woods is something I'd dread contemplating. I've learned to respect poplar as a tone wood, plus it's nearly as hard/durable as alder...but only if the guitar makers select high-grade poplar in the same way as they do any of their other tonewoods. Guitar makers like to use whatever is 'trendy' at the moment, but they often don't make a convincing argument in explaining why...and the why is at least as important as the wood or hardware or 'innovation', as anything else is to me. That being said, it's still very hard to beat an ash-bodied Telecaster with the old three-saddle brass saddles in my mind. And a 'real' Tele should NEVER have a 'belly cut' contour!
  11. One thing you haven't mentioned yet (other than not being made by Peavey), is that your Budda is a handwired Jeff Bober-era, first version SuperDrive 18 with no PCBs, correct? If it is, this is the one to have! GLWTS!
  12. The latest version of Guild just announced a Kim Thayil model S-100...only at least 20 years too late, unless they're going for the Grunge niche market, or for the 'nostalgia' customers: Guild Polara Kim Thayil Signature Demo | First Look - Premier Guitar
  13. He has (and still uses on occasion) other 500/1 basses, including his '63 that still has a Beatles set list from '66 taped to it, like Willie mentioned above: The history of Paul McCartney and his iconic Hofner 500/1 bass guitar | Guitar World
  14. I'm still in the thinking stages about a double-decker knob, those came to mind when I was looking at Cabronitas before. I don't care for belly cuts on Teles, if I wanted one I'd buy a Strat. I saw that Cab at DGS though, I like the butterscotch color but the one I got in white blonde is nice (much cheaper, too), with a cool 'Jimmy Bryant' vibe, plus the ash grain shows up much better in person than it did in the original DGS photo.
  15. Not bad, they're crisp and clean when I want them to be, jangly and chimey for sure, it makes the guitar sound like a similar-but-distinctly-different flavor of Tele, if that makes any sense. The 3-saddle bridge seems to work great for this guitar, and I'm pretty sure it is a Rutters bridge, but I haven't looked under the bridge to see if there's any I.D. marks on it yet. This guitar's great for Tom Petty stuff and BritPop, and anything else that uses a lot of rhythm playing, IMO...and I'm definitely itching to try the guitar out through tremolo effects. I wish Cabronitas were around back when I had a Rick 330 and 360! The PUs kinda sound somewhere like between a PAF and a Tele PU, with more oomph than a single coil (they are humbuckers, after all). Good for blues and even jazz, too! I dunno how well they compare to a TV Jones PU yet (I don't have or have played any guitars that have those), so I'd have to listen up on YooToob samples. I did once have a Gretsch Electromatic G5420T with stock 'blacktop' pickups on those, those were similar and OK for that guitar, but they didn't make the same impression on me that the Fidelitrons did...maybe it had something to do with them being in a hollowbody guitar? The only drawback is that I have to control the tone from the amp (no tone knob on the guitar), but that's no big deal to me...at least not yet.
  16. Probably not being pictured on a milk carton near you soon, but still... 3 lifelong Beatles fans seek to solve "greatest mystery in rock and roll" (msn.com) Paul McCartney's Lost Höfner Bass (thelostbass.com)
  17. Has anybody else noticed that Gibson's necks (as shown on reissues too) got noticeably thinner from about c. 1960 onward, as well as on Fenders (and reissues, again...check out the neck thickness on a 1960 RI Strat as an example) at about the same time? I'm sure that's more than coincidence, but I can't pin down the reason why. Did it have something to do with more chord usage? Instrumental music? Surf music? More student players?
  18. Nope, computer issues. My computer won't upload my OWN photos anymore, even through the 'card reader' or a flash drive. I get the feeling that I need to dump a lot of things and free up memory, and see if that helps. Or get something better than my old cheap-ass computer. And YES, it is Windows 10 compatible.
  19. Yeah, I know, It's already sold (no affiliation, BTW), but y'all might wanna look at it anyway. I can't post photos (damn computer issues!), so somebody else might want to do a screen grab of it before it's gone: https://www.davesguitar.com/collections/all-products-latest/products/ic200-iceman-78
  20. Just checked, the DGS website says it is now SOLD OUT. Did anybody here on the HFC snag it?
  21. No affiliation: https://www.davesguitar.com/collections/all-products-latest/products/artist-98
  22. How did he manage to do that without drilling? Or is this a different tuner and system that Gibson uses, meant only for Gibsons? AFAIK, the 'contemporary dual-pin mounting system' that I'm referring to (and referencing to in the above Fender link), is only compatible on Fenders that use said system, unless he made them fit by drilling.
  23. I hope to find out tomorrow, as FedEx didn't pick up from the DGS store in Fitchburg until yesterday (Tuesday).
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