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  1. No affiliation. Reverse headstock, no country of origin marking that I can see (?Japan?), no 'Texas' marking/logo on the back of the headstock: https://www.davesguitar.com/products/strat-neck-4
  2. And as we all know, 'askin' ain't sellin'', especially if it doesn't have the original case.
  3. At least with Jackson's 'Marshall Stack' guitar, they had the sense to make the bottom 'cab' detachable (guitar seen in the video in half-stack form without the bottom 'cab'):
  4. Man, that sucks. One of her early albums was one of the first records I ever got (a gift from my Grandmother). It's funny, If Not For You was one of the first songs I remember sticking with me because of it's slide usage (it's a Bob Dylan song with a George Harrison arrangement): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/If_Not_for_You
  5. Why does this sound to me like a guitarists'/gearhead's drinking game? Reminds me of what college students supposedly used to do when watching the old Bob Newhart show on TV..."Hi Bob.", take a shot. "Hi Bob." Take another shot. Repeat every time someone says "Hi Bob.". Edited to add: "Hi Bob." even has it's own Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hi,_Bob#:~:text=According to the Tampa Tribune,says "Hi%2C Bob".
  6. I'd be at least as concerned at how much clearance would be needed to keep from smacking it into the floor while using that harness.
  7. Hope he gets all his gear back. There was a Metalpocalypse mini-marathon (including The Doomstar Requiem episode) on Friday night, on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network.
  8. Definitely no affiliation. Talk about a 'wall-hanger' guitar! Or a 'case queen' guitar at the very least: https://reverb.com/item/57949018-jackson-usa-custom-shop-namm-rr-rhoads-doubleguitar-only-1-in-existence-1-of-1-root-beer-swirl?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=US-Display-Retarget&utm_adgroup=Retarget-Display-SiteVisitors&keyword=&devicemodel=&adposition=&matchtype=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8caa_9u1-QIVAvKzCh1gUgJdEAEYASAFEgISOfD_BwE I'd hate to be the first person to break a point, corner, or neck off of that guitar. If someone put it 'under the bed', they might want to check first to make sure if their bed's long enough.
  9. This online article probably explains it better than I ever could: https://www.electrikjam.com/22-frets-vs-24-frets-explained/ Funny thing is, is that Guild used a 24-fret fretboard on their S-series guitars back in the 70's, most notably on the S-300 and S-60. I had both the S-300 and S-60 at one time years ago, and the extra frets didn't help with the sound IMO, because there's no pickup to 'pick up' frequencies at the harmonic 'sweet spot' that you get with the pickup being at the spot where the 24th fret would be: https://www.vintageguitarandbass.com/guild/S300.php https://www.vintageguitarandbass.com/guild/catalogues/1978_8.php If I had my choice between a PRS Custom 22 and a PRS Custom 24, I would go for the Custom 22 every time. Also, don't forget the old saying that there's no money past the 9th fret. Or is it the 5th fret? My suspicion/two cents about the deeper neck joint on later DC Juniors (SGs too) Is like what WorstBandName said, that the neck joints had a bad habit of cracking or even failing, probably because there's not a whole lot of wood there. Legend has it that Lonnie Mack once threw his original Flying V in the trash because the very similar shallow neck joint failed on that guitar, and supposedly either a fellow band member or crew member fished it out and fixed it for him.
  10. Coincidentally and not knowing about Punkavenger's Strat first, I just got my used 'partscaster' Strat from DGS (the one I mentioned in another post last week), which also comes with a Callaham 'Vintage S' trem assembly and Callaham 'Vintage' repro bridge block, and it seems to me to make a HUGE difference to the sound (yes, even acoustically), it's a keeper! Way back when, I used to have a couple of MIJ '62 and '68 Strats that I never could bond with, and I never could get them to sound quite the way I wanted to. My 'new' one definitely does, and I think it has a lot to do with the Callaham bridge, as well as the upgraded pickups. Get this one from Punkavenger before I do! GLWTS!
  11. If all else fails, there's always 'performance art'. That way you know gear's well and truly broken:
  12. I play guitar because it's fun. And I like fun. There's tons of inspirational quotes online, and it's easy to get bored reading all of them. This list seems to be as good and appropriate as any, though: https://www.quoteambition.com/guitar-quotes/ My current fave is Ozzy's quote at 121, followed by Joe Brown's at 105.
  13. No affiliation. Four input model: https://www.davesguitar.com/collections/all-products-latest/products/xxx-head P.S. Forgot to mention the back panel info: "WITH BUILT IN GEEZ-A-TRON". You can read what you want into that.
  14. My apologies to Willie as well! Mazeppa started out on KOTV Channel 6 (CBS affiliate) in Tulsa in the early '70's, then switched to KTUL Channel 8 (ABC affiliate) after a couple of years. By the time SNL showed up Mazeppa was gone, and I think Gailard Sartain had gone on to Hee Haw, or showed up there soon afterward; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gailard_Sartain
  15. That's one of the reasons Zubaz were invented: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zubaz
  16. I lived between Tulsa and Joplin back in the early '70's (yes, U.S. Route 66 ran through my area), so I'm not sure if my old-fashioned antenna reception could have snagged 23 at the time, if it could have, then I missed it, probably due to school. I do remember the 'Sherman Oaks' character from Mazeppa's UFFACM (played by a guy named Jim Millaway, IIRC), but hadn't heard about him hosting a local 'Creature Feature' late-night show, though. It's funny, Willie's photo was what jogged my memory about the Mazeppa show, because of the similar 'look' between him and Sherman Oaks: P.S., there's an interview with Millaway online about the show, too: https://www.tulsapeople.com/the-voice/writers/beau-adams/sherman-oaks-in-the-flesh/article_3ed240d2-f446-5c18-a94e-9367c17a283d.html
  17. A few people have stuck stickers on their guitars, and they didn't seem to mind: Brian Setzer had decals on his original Gretsch too, they're not on the particular Gretsch in this video, but I'd thought I'd post this video anyway because of the unique lineup...and can't forget Eddie's unique paint job on his guitar!
  18. Reminds me of when I was a kid watching late Saturday night TV in the Tulsa area, back in the early '70's (dig that orange shag carpet!), well before SNL...there was a local TV show called 'Mazeppa Pompazoidi's Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting' that would show old horror/mystery movies, and would take occasional breaks during the movie showing pre-taped skits. Anybody recognize these two guys?
  19. This is why I buy used guitars and not new ones, especially if they're Partscasters that a previous owner loaded with expensive parts. The price I paid at DGS for my incoming parts Strat just covered the list prices for the 'new', (well, recently assembled and barely used ) authorized replacement Fender Strat body and neck it came with: https://www.fender.com/en-US/parts/bodies/classic-series-60s-stratocaster-sss-alder-body-vintage-bridge-mount---black/0998003706.html https://www.fender.com/en-US/parts/necks/classic-series-70s-stratocaster-u-neck-3-bolt-mount-21-vintage-style-frets/0997002921.html BTW, the neck's been 'modified' for a four-screw neck plate, which the description of this neck more or less mentions it's allowable to do.
  20. I just tried to upload a copy of one of the DGS photos to Imgur, but had no luck for some reason. Apparently, DGS no longer keeps the listings up for long once the guitar's been sold (or at least not until they get paid for it). Not that the guitar's much to look at, it's a recent assembly within the last year, it's got a Fender '60's Classic replacement alder Strat body in black, a Fender '70's Classic replacement Strat neck with maple fretboard, white pickguard with white-covered '69 CS Strat PUs, chrome hardware, and a Callaham 'Vintage S' trem bridge assembly. I will attempt to take new photos and post here once it arrives next week. Sorry for the delay! P.S. Weird thing about the body and neck, Fender sells these new on their website (they're MIM) and calls them 'Classic Series', even though 'Classic Series' guitars became 'Vintera' about five years ago. Go figure.
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