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  1. No affiliation. I've heard of these, seen photos of 'em in books, but I've never seen an original up for sale before: https://www.davesguitar.com/collections/misc-electrics/products/2x4-six-67 P.S. The DGS listing says that it has now been SOLD---(Edit: nope, never mind, it's back, see below!) I've heard of lumber being expensive nowadays, but this is ridiculous!
  2. I would go if I could! Not just for Tedeschi/Trucks, but for the Smithereens/Crenshaw set, too!
  3. With a little work, you ought to have that up and running in no time: https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/754558 This might be the same guitar before Joan got ahold of it:
  4. I've posted photos before (back when I could still post photos from my computer) of my '06 stripped Ash-bodied Fender Mike Dirnt P-Bass here on this forum, I'm trying to find the ancient thread where I might have posted before, photos might still be out there! I still have that bass, and it's still a favorite of mine. Another favorite of mine I bought used on Reverb from about three years ago, was this mutt...MIM Fender '60's 'Road Worn' Jazz Bass nitro-finish body with a satin urethane finish MIM '03 Fender Standard Fretless Jazz Bass neck. Technically it's not a 'beater' as the 'Road Worn' treatment on the body was done on purpose by Fender, but the neck and body were never originally intended to go together. Still, it plays and sounds great! https://reverb.com/item/30784795-fender-road-worn-60s-fretless-jazz-bass My other guitars, on the other hand, aren't what I would call 'beaters', but they do all get used very regularly. I couldn't resist buying this modified half-of-a double-8, made In San Antonio, Alamo 'Futuramic' steel guitar from the '50's a few years back: https://reverb.com/item/18280623-alamo-8-string-lap-steel-natural It looks like somebody table-sawed it in half, but they actually did a very good job as far as to where to make the cut (plus it's a straight, sharp cut with a slight outward slant to that side), plus it works fine...though the switch is now just there for show as it was originally meant to switch the necks on and off. This steel guitar as it is doesn't look horrible IMO though, and plays and sounds really good! The original 'gold' panels and trim bits aren't plated, they're solid brass. The tuners are interesting, as they look like early 'no-line' Klusons; but the 'tinsel' (glitter) tuner buttons are original, not shrunken, and work fine! The body is solid Ash, and it's lots easier to handle and play as a lap steel than I'm sure the double-neck version ever was.
  5. Seems like I remember hearing/reading a story years ago where Gibson (plus I think Les Paul was involved, too) presented EVH with a LP equipped with a Floyd, and Eddie said afterward that he wished that they had just given him one with the regular TOM/stoptail. Anybody know if that's true?
  6. Fred/Ethel or: Homer/Marge or: Homer/Ned or: Homer/Bart or: Bart/Lisa The list keeps growing...
  7. Piss/Shit, or Pee/Poop, or #1/#2...pick yer version.
  8. They don't re-run Gilligan's Island in Germany? Lucky you! Here's the girls in question:
  9. I didn't care much for 'trim-ring' Teles either, until I got this one on impulse about two months ago...IMO, the hardware looks good on this particular color. The fact that it's a two-piece ash body didn't hurt, either: https://reverb.com/item/60399407-partscaster-t-style-2013-blueburst
  10. I couldn't tell you if a Hamer Scarab would fit in this case; and yes, it is meant for a import Hamer and isn't exactly the same as a USA Hamer case; but it's still a Canadian-made TKL case...TKL made cases for Hamer USA in the '90's, maybe later on too. The point being is that it's a better-made guitar case IMO than a lot of Chinese-made cases out there, especially if it's a larger than average size. I've used the 'universal' rounded-corner Fender guitar-sized TKL cases (the TKL 7830) for my Fenders and Partscasters for years, and they've never let me down. I can't say the same for Chinese-made cases! Just my two cents.
  11. No affiliation. These appear to be the fully loaded (or close to it) drum kits, not just the drums themselves but cymbals, stands, etc.: https://www.davesguitar.com/collections/all-products-latest/products/classic-maple-fab-ringo-complete-kit-pack Looks like the total price is roughly about as much as a good used R9...but these drum kits are probably more capable and likely to annoy the neighbors than an R9 ever would. A not-quite complete/less expensive set is also available: https://www.davesguitar.com/collections/all-products-latest/products/classic-maple-fab-ringo-drums-and-hardware-pack Musicians Fiend and Sweatwater also carry these drums, but hardware to make them more 'complete' will likely cost considerably more than just the drum prices themselves. There apparently is a demand for these, plus there's a following of people who obsessively try to make them 'vintage accurate', just like they do for guitars: https://www.ringosbeatlekits.com/ You can even get repro Beatles logo drum heads if you want, though they ain't cheap (no affiliation): https://www.ringosbeatlekits.com/shop These guys can afford any drum kits they want, but they don't seem to mind playing this set too much:
  12. Lotsa phishers out there, especially nowadays. I occasionally get requests via text about my Netflix account...too bad for whoever's doing that, I don't have Netflix, so I ignore it regardless.
  13. Thanks very much for posting the DGS photo, I'm still having problems with posting photos on my computer!
  14. No affiliation, already sold today, '94 Hamer Special P-90 in TV Yellow/Blonde with case: https://www.davesguitar.com/collections/all-products-latest/products/special-94 Check it out quick before they take the listing down!
  15. Most all gear I own nowadays is 'player-grade'...nuthin' special IMO, but it's easily 'good enough' stuff where somebody's gonna be happy to have 'em, use 'em and play 'em down the line. I just wanna live long enough to the point when all my guitars and basses need a refret, then a few more years after that.
  16. The only album I can think of that really needs to be redone IMO, is Marshall Crenshaw's second album, Field Day. The Steve Lillywhite production sound for practically that entire album was murky and muddy to my ears; remastering with the reissue did add some clarity, but it still sounds one-dimensional to me, kinda like an old cassette tape recording of an AM station on a good day...from hearing and comparing it to his first album, it could have sounded a lot better. It seems that I must've not been the only one who thought so, as Crenshaw has defended it more than once: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field_Day_(Marshall_Crenshaw_album)
  17. I once had a Danelectro doubleneck 6/Baritone RI, I didn't keep it for long...it was heavy even though the body was just a hollow plywood frame with Masonite sides (even so, probably still lighter than the solidbody doublenecks), plus it was like strapping on a damn coffee table. You could possibly source a stand for one, for it to sit on and play it while standing, provided you really trusted it's stability when it's unattended. The big question is; do you really need it for playing, or are you just trying to impress your audience?
  18. Speaking of deodorant and fragrances, can't forget this album cover: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Who_Sell_Out
  19. Maybe Old Spice got the idea from this song/video: ...which the original song, it turns out, that Kurt Cobain 'unwittingly' named after a girls deodorant (according to Wikipedia): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teen_Spirit_(deodorant)
  20. I've heard many a guitar solo that stank bad (most of which were mine ), so calling a deodorant scent 'Guitar Solo' ain't a great idea. Old Spice also have deodorants in 'Krakengard', 'Volcano', and 'Dragonblast' scents...whatever the copywriters are smoking on Madison Avenue, maybe they should be selling that instead. Speaking of men's toiletries, are they gonna 'reissue' Hai Karate aftershave, too? I hope they use the UK versions of the old commercials:
  21. Reverb, or non-reverb model? Either way, I think I've seen and heard those amps somewhere before... GLWTS!
  22. Schmaltzy yet classy, with a knack for catchy tunes:
  23. Heard about this on the TV news within the last day...the first thing that came to my mind (even before I read the article below) was that it's kinda gonna be like a cross between Archer and Johnny Bravo, though I dunno if it'll be that good. I don't get Netflix anyway, so if I ever see it, it'll have to be on a non-'subscription' channel: https://www.theverge.com/2023/2/6/23587621/agent-elvis-trailer-netflix-matthew-mcconaughey
  24. BTW, apparently Music Man/Ernie Ball has also used Poplar bodies for some of their guitars and basses...also, 80's Guild Pilot guitars and basses had Poplar bodies (the solid color ones, not the figured Maple bodied ones, natch). Again, any experience with, and opinions on those too?
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