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  1. THIS. That's what cases are for, at least that's what I use mine for!
  2. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/ozzy-osbourne-cancel-no-more-tours-2-953968/
  3. I dig the tortoise binding, and that ebony fretboard is really cool, too! Congrats on the acquisition, and for cheating the UPS Reaper out of another victim!
  4. About 20 years ago, I had a MIJ '80's Yamaha SA-800 in natural finish, dot inlays, and the straightest-grained one-piece mahogany neck I had ever seen. Like a dolt I sold it, I wish I had it back!
  5. Old, well used, broken-in flatwounds on a bass is where the vintage 'funk' is said to be, otherwise they supposedly sound like any other 'modern' bass. From a Bass Player article on flatwound bass strings: "The La Bella 760-series flats can be generally described as full and punchy, with a taut feel. They start out remarkably bright, which may turn off those not willing to go through the break-in period. Body chemistry, environment, and amount of use will affect how long this phase lasts, but it is said that famed Philadelphia International session man Ronnie Baker marinated his strings in mayonnaise to speed up the process (as well as using duct tape and paper towels to mute the strings at the bridge!)." https://www.guitarworld.com/features/the-best-flatwound-bass-guitar-strings-how-to-choose-the-right-flatwounds-for-you
  6. Probably something like this: Sometimes the item being moved has a mind of it's own:
  7. Reminds me of my asking a seller some questions about his listing on Reverb last week...he had his guitar listed originally for $1400 for a couple of months, then down to $700...after I asked my questions, the price shot up to $1150, then a few days later down to $800, until today where it's at $850. Guy's name oughta be Marjorie Daw, with all that See-Sawin' going on.
  8. No affiliation. I've ordered from Nacho Music before, they seem to be reliable and they ship quickly, they also have Switchcraft 151 'Barrel' jacks (I think they're the same model as the ones used by Hamer, but please correct me if I'm wrong), as well as all sorts of potentiometers: https://www.nachomusic.com/collections/american-made-products/products/top-hat-switch-tip-for-usa-fender-telecaster-tele-made-in-usa https://www.nachomusic.com/collections/musical-instruments-gear-guitar-parts-accessories-guitar-parts-potentiometers-jacks-switches/products/switchcraft-151-long-thread-cylinder-1-4-mono-end-pin-jack Notice that on the 'Top Hat' switch tips, that they use a graduated price scale for ordering in bulk, which they didn't have before when I ordered previously. From past research that I've found on the web, the switch tips were originally made (and are still made, apparently) by Davies Molding in the Chicago area.
  9. I'm always happy to enable! I was tempted myself, but I have a love/hate relationship with the 5E3 Deluxe circuit...I had a Kendrick version years ago, it sounded great, but every time I plugged it in, it seemed like I nearly always wound up with the controls maxed and sounding like Crazy Horse-era Neil Young. A great sound, but it put me in kind of a rut...but I also recognize that a lot of players here like them a lot. BTW, is Ted Weber his son T.A.? Ted the founder died in 2009: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/Ted_Weber_Founder_of_Weber_Speakers_Dies_at_58
  10. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/gang-of-four-andy-gill-dead-obituary-946560/
  11. Saw this today on my Premier Guitar feed: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/29813-Peter-Green-s-1964-Marshall-JTM45?utm_source=Premier+Guitar&utm_campaign=0d43291381-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_01_31_06_27&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_93db14e670-0d43291381-66048837&goal=0_93db14e670-0d43291381-66048837&mc_cid=0d43291381&mc_eid=e9838febc6 The thing that got me wondering about this amp is the 1964 date (that's not a Marshall model number BTW, the actual model number for this amp is Model 1961), since the amp has a script Marshall logo...by looking through my copy of the Doyle Marshall book, the earliest date I can find for the use of a script Marshall logo is late 1965 (on p. 20, it's under the JTM45 heads section, but I can't find a earlier reference for the intro date of that logo in the book). The indicator light on the control panel was also changed from a round amber one to a square red one at about the same time, again as mentioned on p. 20 of the Doyle Marshall book....the photo in the article, showing the control panel at an angle, shows a square red indicator light. And yeah, the speakers have a earlier-style Marshall logo on their stickers in the article photo, but Marshall could have simply been using up their supply of speaker stickers. At the bottom of the article is the statement: "The amplifier is pretty much entirely original and has not been restored or altered". I don't see any sign in the top article photo that the logo had been replaced on the front of this amp. Anybody know better details? Inquiring minds want to know!
  12. That's a given, that'd be the smart thing to do since it's a 'kit' amp. But putting the back panel back on upside down? Not so much.
  13. No affiliation. I have NO idea if the 'covering' is real or fake, kinda looks like flannel to me, or not, maybe it came from a Lil' Dogie that didn't git along fast enough. I also can't figure out why the back panel is upside down...does the amp get that hot, or was it put back on the amp by a doofus? https://davesguitar.com/products/weber/5e3-kit-amp-madison-608-405-8770/
  14. "Let There Be Talk"? Too bad they didn't "Let There Be Grammar" and/or "Let There Be Editing".
  15. Whatever happened to putting something you see on Ebay on your watch list, instead of bidding on it? IIRC, you can watch up to 300 items at a time on Ebay; if your watch list is full, then you probably need to delete some of those items anyway. BTW, when you cancel a bid on Ebay, a menu shows up that gives a list of reasons to check off that ask why you're cancelling the bid, when you start the cancellation process; one of which being that the item has 'changed significantly' since you placed your bid. If the photos the seller sent you don't match the item listing, then there you go.
  16. Sellers on Ebay have been doing that recently as well...not only guitars, but just about everything else, too.
  17. Welcome back! It kinda sounds like you need a Tele in the mix, too.
  18. Sounds like "The Law Of Diminishing Returns"...if one is good, then two is better. If two is better, then three is fantastic. If three is fantastic, then four must be.... I've found that eventually 'more' just winds up being 'more' and not necessarily better, and I've tended to let loose of gear that I don't play or use more and more as time goes by.
  19. IMO, the Internet has become the great leveller in 'collectibles' of any type, not just guitars and amps, and Google is my friend...and I don't think there are 'regional' markets or trends anymore, at least not like there used to be. The real work nowadays for me when looking for gear is in doing online research ('due diligence'), and making sure I don't get ripped off by sellers with inflated prices and items in questionable condition. Some sellers out there might still hope to find a buyer that'll throw money at them for an item with a vague two-line description, blurry photos and a steep price, like what was happening twenty-five years ago...but that buyer ain't likely to be me. When I do a search for something being sold (normally on Ebay or Reverb), I enter limits on the prices of things I'm looking for, and I never even see the items that are priced above that. So, if a seller is selling something at an inflated price, I'm very likely the wrong audience for their sales pitch anyway, and I don't sweat the possibility that I'm gonna miss the snag of a lifetime; because nowadays, 999 times out of a thousand, that ain't gonna happen. A man's gotta know his limitations.
  20. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/monty-python-terry-jones-monty-pythons-flying-circus-life-of-brian/ Like John Cleese said today on Twitter: "Two down, four to go." I'll bet nobody saw anything like this at NAMM: Of course, since NAMM was in California, anything's possible: I thought about posting a clip of Terry Jones in the 'Mr. Creosote' sketch from The Meaning Of Life, but it might be a little too close to mealtime for some, so I'll leave that to someone else.
  21. My latest purchase was a pre-assembled 'parts' bass...fully loaded body from a Fender 'Road Worn' 60's Jazz Bass, put together by someone else with a fully loaded neck from a Fender Standard Fretless Jazz Bass, all MIM. I bought it basically at parts value, but I bought it to play (I was looking for a fretless anyway), not really as an investment, and definitely not as a collectible; and it plays, sounds, and looks great! Besides, I didn't see anything else similar that 'fit the bill' as well as this one did. Plus, I don't usually like Alder bodies because they dent kinda easy...look Ma, factory relic'd finish on the body, so no worries there! I like it so much, I'm tempted to get the parts together to make another one!
  22. Arm Of Hamer had posted that same RN news video recently too, lower down on this thread:
  23. I think it's still too early in 2020 yet, maybe things will get interesting when all those tax refunds/tax bills hit.
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