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  1. We've got a few experienced repairmen who are well versed in guitar repair here on the HFC, Jeff R and Murkat come to mind, have you consulted with them? A repair like that may not need major surgery like removing the fretboard, but it will require a repair person with experience and the proper tools.
  2. The most useful class I had in High School back in the '70's and which still serves me well, was a typing course...AKA how to write using a keyboard, pre-computer, learning on heavy clunky IBM Selectric typewriters. Who knew I'd end up using that skill daily at a minimum? When I was in the military, first doing medical technician duties and later on as a military Nurse, I used to have to carry some means of being 'reached', per duty requirements...at the beginning, I carried a 'brick' (portable radio) when working on ambulance call, then later I carried a beeper when working as overnight Nursing coverage in a larger hospital. I hated toting those things around, because if I got called, it sure wasn't for social purposes...I wasn't the only one who felt that way, I'd frequently heard through the grapevine that occasionally some beepers would meet their fate by getting 'accidentally' dropped in the toilet. If you wanna kill somebody's urge to use a cellphone, make it mandatory that they answer their phone 24-7 when called and carry it around constantly but never be able to use it except for work-related business purposes. Needless to say nowadays post-military career, unless I recognize the number on my phone if/when I get called, it don't get answered. And I never use my phone for inane social chit-chat, my time is better served by doing absolutely nothing than to do that. Edited to add: If I need 'spell check' for any reason, I use a search engine to find the word and it's spelling in relation to the word's meaning. If I can't find the correct spelling of a word that way, then it doesn't exist. And it takes longer to explain that than it does to do it.
  3. The neck and middle pickups are great sounding pickups, so they're staying for sure. As far as the bridge pickup goes, I'm still researching...I might be able to do with using a clean boost pedal instead.
  4. I've had both heel styles on all-mahogany Standards from '96, the one I had with the rounded heel was exactly the same as the one pictured in this thread, with a factory pickguard and a two-piece body. The other '96 all-mahogany Standard I had, had a squared heel (like a typical Standard), ONE piece body (like a typical Standard) and NO pickguard (like a typical Standard); but also had dot inlays, no body or neck binding, and no figured maple veneer top. It coulda easily qualified for having a figured maple veneer top at Hamer (like a typical Standard), but why it didn't get it I have no idea, it was all stock original. I've never seen one like the latter before or since. Edited to add: This excludes the third '96 Standard I once had, which was the made-for-Japan Rick Nielsen 'Signature' Standard Custom; and other than the RN Signature transfer logo on the headstock, was otherwise a stock Standard Custom. BTW, what exactly does 'Stone Classic' refer to, or is that some kinda fancy GenZ yoot slang? In my personal experience, obviously there's variations, even with Hamers.
  5. I've got a parts Strat with Fender '69 CS PUs, I like the '69s a lot but sometimes I wish the bridge PU had a bit more oomph to it. I'm looking at the DiMarzio FS-1 PU (as used by '70's Gilmour, continuous use by The Edge (U2), past use by Yngwie) vs. the Seymour Duncan SSL-5 (Gilmour's preference since the late-70's, equivalent to his original SD SSL-1C, which is an overwound SSL-1). Anybody have any preferences? Pros and cons? Any alternative choices? Keep in mind I'm NOT looking at stacked, humbucking, or 'noiseless' PUs, but more at a more powerful traditional Strat bridge PU. What say ye? TIA!
  6. IIRC, doesn't Brent know a guy named Luther?
  7. I can't speak for Gretsches, but I once bought an '80's USA Guild X-500 that I found relatively cheap years ago...BIG laminated archtop guitar, a real armful, heavy too. It also had the scrawniest neck I've ever encountered on a guitar (though I've never tried a 'shredder' Ibanez ), which makes me think that some trad jazz guitar players like thin necks for pretty much the same reason that shredder players do...speed and precision. The '90's USA Guild Starfire 3 hollowbody I once had, had none of those characteristics (they were both Waverly RI-made), and had what I would consider a 'normal' medium-thickness neck. I don't miss that X-500, except for the amount of money it's probably worth nowadays. And of course, YMMV.
  8. Are you referring to this model Gretsch? https://www.gretschguitars.com/features/players-edition-jet-bt IIRC, most higher-end Gretsches are made by Terada in Japan.
  9. As has been said before (and often) on the HFC, 'Askin' ain't sellin''. 'The Gunter Collection', huh? At that price, the only thing that guitar will be collecting is dust. Edited to add: I contacted the seller about this guitar, told him it looked nice but sure looked familiar too, then sent him the link to the original (first) Reverb listing from this thread. His response (with emoji!): "Yep. " The term 'Chicken Hawk' doesn't come to my mind regarding this character, but 'scumbag' sure does.
  10. Nice looking guitar, play it loud! Dunno if the OD Green color is something for the Millenial/Gen Z crowd nowadays (see news release below, no affiliation, it's been advertised all over TV already), but hopefully not a throwback to Henry J's 'Government Series' guitars for Gibson: https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2022/03/apple-introduces-gorgeous-new-green-finishes-for-the-iphone-13-lineup/
  11. I never buy 'new' guitars ever, if I can help it. They're like new cars, buy them, use them, and the 'value' drops. I let someone else pay for that privilege, and I occasionally try to snag one on the 'used' market. I just bought a Fender 'partscaster' Strat from DGS last week that has a practically new MIM '60's replacement body and '70's MIM replacement neck, Callaham vintage Strat bridge assembly, a Fender CS '69 PU set, 'F' tuners, and all the correct parts to make a complete Strat, for roughly the cost of what buying the replacement neck and body from Fender alone would have cost. And I didn't have to put it together, somebody else did that, and it's a keeper! You mean, like how Fender guitars were being made by Hispanic employees like Tadeo Gomez back in the '50's? Or pickups wound by Abigail Ybarra? Or currently made by Josefina Campos? https://guitar.com/guides/essential-guide/tadeo-gomez/ https://www.fender.com/articles/gear/made-with-love-inside-josefina-campos-hand-wound-fat-50s-strat-pickups
  12. Shippers like this should never be allowed to get near packing materials or a shipping location, much less a kindergarteners' set of blunt safety scissors:
  13. No affiliation. Nice top, if you're into that kind of thing: https://www.davesguitar.com/collections/all-products-latest/products/copy-of-59-reissue-les-paul-left-hand-03
  14. Never heard of a 'hive mind' here on the HFC. Just a semi-educated guess, but IIRC the heavier font lettering for the 'USA' at the end of the headstock logo (vs. the old-style 'U.S.A.' lettering) started to show up in 1996. I believe both styles can be seen on USA Hamers dated in 1996, from those I've owned in the past. For more detail, you're gonna have to ask the seller.
  15. Don't forget to play to and for your audience. Plus, depending on the venue, a spare roll of chicken wire can't hurt:
  16. No affiliation: https://www.davesguitar.com/products/slammer-pickup-set-80s
  17. I can't, so I won't buy. And I don't. How TurdBurst is made:
  18. No affiliation. Reverse headstock, no country of origin marking that I can see (?Japan?), no 'Texas' marking/logo on the back of the headstock: https://www.davesguitar.com/products/strat-neck-4
  19. And as we all know, 'askin' ain't sellin'', especially if it doesn't have the original case.
  20. At least with Jackson's 'Marshall Stack' guitar, they had the sense to make the bottom 'cab' detachable (guitar seen in the video in half-stack form without the bottom 'cab'):
  21. Man, that sucks. One of her early albums was one of the first records I ever got (a gift from my Grandmother). It's funny, If Not For You was one of the first songs I remember sticking with me because of it's slide usage (it's a Bob Dylan song with a George Harrison arrangement): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/If_Not_for_You
  22. Why does this sound to me like a guitarists'/gearhead's drinking game? Reminds me of what college students supposedly used to do when watching the old Bob Newhart show on TV..."Hi Bob.", take a shot. "Hi Bob." Take another shot. Repeat every time someone says "Hi Bob.". Edited to add: "Hi Bob." even has it's own Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hi,_Bob#:~:text=According to the Tampa Tribune,says "Hi%2C Bob".
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