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How is that done ?



Saw a music video where the guitarist is getting volume swells without playing with the volume knob. Also heard a song on the radio where the swells seem kinda fast to be done with your pinky finger.

Is that done with a volume pedal ?

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Here's another effective tool for fast volume swells. The original is insanely priced but clones and affordable options exist. I had one in a Boss ME series multi-effects unit that did the same tricks just fine.


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I think it could be a volume pedal as well.



what I do is very very gently pick a note or a chord and then gently lift the guitar up towards my face and then scream at the strings as loud as I can and for as long as I can to MAKE THEM MAKE THE SOUND GET LOUDER.


I sometimes keep screaming at them after the note is fading because it makes the decay last longer.


Then I face the person who has come to see what going on and I scream in their face as well.


seems to work.


not sure it if would on fenders though

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