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  1. You may remember this one from the recent discussion titled "Hamer Special on Reverb - Ed Roman reborn?" It's a solid, perfectly functional guitar with some apparent, and some hidden issues. There are several chips and dings in the finish, the bridge is tarnished with some worn-through plating and the nut was removed and reinstalled unprofessionally (I'm being kind). A previous owner felt the need to install a set of long legged pickups. In what I assume was a combination of impatience, alcohol and ineptitude, he thought modifying the pickup cavities with a 1" spade bit was the appropriate solution. Still, It's a good guitar and the horror show beneath the pickups doesn't show or affect the structural integrity of the guitar. The nut could use some attention, but the guitar intonates and sets up well. I replaced the pickups with a period and model correct DiMarzio PAF pulled from an 80 -82 Hamer Special and a new Duncan 59 neck pickup. I also added new knobs and dunlop strap buttons. The original case is included and I will also include the Super Distortion bridge and mystery neck pickup that came with the guitar. Weight: 7 lb. 15 oz. Neck Depth: 0.840 @ 1st fret, 0.916 @ 12th $1,200.00 includes shipping in the U.S. Happy to meet in the Chicago - Madison, WI area for an in-person exchange and deduct $50 from the price. Additional photos to follow.
  2. Adding a photo of the Les Paul Signature. I forgot to mention that @JGravelin also contributed to the restoration. Josh lightly wax-potted the T-top Gibson pickups in the embossed covers. So, with the Jay/Ben/Josh holy trinity comprising the restoration team, I'd love to keep this one in the HFC family. My price for HFC supporting members is $3,500 with free UPS ground shipping in the U.S. Plus I'll contribute 10% to support the board.
  3. I'm following @kizanski's lead and cashing out of most of the guitars I've accumulated over the years. I have a few on Reverb now, with a ridiculously clean USA Baker the most likely to be of interest here. There's also an LP Signature that was brought back to life by the masterful artistry of@Stike and @murkat, a bizarrely abused collectable RIC 660 and more to come. I'd love to avoid the fees and other headaches of the Reverb crowd, so assume a 10% discount for HFCers and feel free to PM me with offers if you think my prices are optimistic. Link to my Reverb shop here: https://reverb.com/shop/davids-gear-emporium-327
  4. I'll admit that I rarely pay close attention to lyrics, but Sammy with Ronnie Montrose was pure magic. The soundtrack of my misspent youth. Get on your bad motor scooter and ride!
  5. You can use the search function for rudimentary filtering on the Stratosphere site. Select "bodies" on the main menu and search for "Stratocaster" for example. I don't think you can search by color, but I've never tried. Your Fender neck and hardware will fit Warmoth Strat bodies. At most, you'd need to do some very light sanding of the neck pocket, but probably not. I'm a big fan of the Warmth vintage Strat bodies. Nice, deep contours.
  6. Link These had a significant fan base here on the HFC when first introduced by Line 6. IMO one of the best solid state amps available prior to the Boss Katana. A steal at $150. @MCChris will not agree.
  7. Aftermarket bridge with extended adjustment range plus saddles set at the the rearward limit suggests intonation issues. I suspect the bridge pickup ring was mounted poorly after it left the factory, possibly because the original mounting holes were stripped.
  8. This is what i'm looking for. Unfortunately, it's in Serbia and one of a set listed at $500. I'd like to shake one loose in the $100 - $150 range.
  9. I'm definitely a fan of Josh's work. For this project, I have the period correct DiMarzio double cream bridge pickup and would really like to find a matching zebra neck version with similar aging.
  10. I'm looking for a period correct neck pickup for a 1980 Hamer Special restoration project. Anyone have one they are willing to part with?
  11. A few surprises, but not bad for the price. The seller shipped immediately and packed the guitar well.
  12. Happy birthday Ken. You knew somebody was going to say it. 😄
  13. I picked up a Fret King John Jorgenson model recently. I admit that I was drawn in by the quirky visuals, but I'm impressed by the quality of construction and design. It punches way above its weight. This one is listed at under $1K on Reverb. https://reverb.com/item/46128114-fret-king-arcadia-green-jj-john-jorgenson
  14. There were only 30 made. I've owned four of them and can testify that they are exceptional guitars.
  15. It's one piece of information that may or may not confirm that it's a refin. The log may say "custom order, black, with Kahler". As Stonge pointed out,the serial number is nearly irrefutable evidence that the back of the headstock is the original black paint. My only reason for suspicion that the rest of the finish is not original is that the face of the headstock shows some wear and scratches. The rest of the guitar looks nearly new. No Shenanigans here. It's not for sale. Straight up trade for a Triple Threat or the zebra 80 (81?) Special with the unusually thick neck that I stupidly sold - I'll consider.
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