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  1. The first thing I notice is the aftermarket bridge with extended adjustment range for the saddles. If the intonation is adjusted correctly, the bridge posts are not accurately positioned, and a proper ABR-1 or Nashville bridge couldn't be intonated. Plugging and re-drilling isn't a difficult repair, but it's going to leave a mark. If it was mine, I'd do the repair and send it off to @Stike for a sparkly new finish. Edit: Looking at it again, I think a Nashville could work with the low E,A and G saddles flipped. I'd still do the re-fin though.
  2. Hamer Artist Studio Sunburst 1995 – Chicago Music Exchange
  3. The only one of these that I'm familiar with is the Line6 M13. It's a great multi-effects unit with a bit of a cult following. Until recently, it was the only way to get a non-vintage version of the Roland Jet Phasor sound. They have a reputation of switch failure. So much so that there is at least one individual who offers full switch replacements as a service. I've never had an issue with mine, but buyers familiar with theM13 are wary of units that show heavy use. Recent Reverb sales indicate that $260 would be top of market for a very clean one.
  4. Nick Lowe has become a doppelganger of my Mancunian ex-Mother in Law! Huge talent and I absolutely loved Rockpile back in the day.
  5. I think we hit a peak last year and prices are trending down. Looking at recent sales on Reverb, there are a couple of exceptions, including one very clean 1980 in Germany that went for $2,700, but 80's Specials are selling at $1,300 - $1,800. Sunbursts are harder to predict because there are so few sales. Crowned and bound Sunbursts always bring a premium, but a dot neck Sunburst is nothing more than a Special with body binding and a different headstock logo. Disclaimer: I've been wrong before and I admit to being biased by low historical prices.
  6. If all original, in very good to excellent condition with no repairs and OHSC included, I'd say $2,500 each for the dot necks and $3,000 for the black one with crowns.
  7. If you're going to replace the knobs, ya gotta go with something from an oven, or a 30's table radio. Not some cast-off MII Fender crap.
  8. Am I missing something or is the guitar precariously perched vertically with the top of the case resting on the floor? Looks like a disaster ready to happen. Also, why is the market suddenly flooded with green Hamer doublenecks?
  9. Unless the neck is wonky or it needs a refret, I'd say $550 is an excellent price. The neck repair looks very well done in the photo.
  10. I was going to respond that that's a very common Newport color. But then I realized that they have it listed as transparent orange, not orange sparkle. The sparkle in Newport finishes is very subtle, so I'd call them to verify that it actually is trans orange - if you're interested and care about the color. I doubt they will need to drop the price much, if at all. I've seen Newports sell at or slightly above $2K recently.
  11. Doh! Of course that's right. I was thinking 90's Special for some reason.
  12. 1980 Hamer USA Special. Refin, so It's hard to know whether the pickups were originally P-90s and have been routed for humbuckers. Looks like it had breaks at both the heel and headstock. Interesting guitar!
  13. And here is the Gretsch Sparkle Jet that Bruce mentioned. I was planning on adding treble bleed circuits to (all 3) volume pots, but when I opened up the cavities, I saw that I'd already done it (10?) years ago. 🤣
  14. Adding some photos from Saturday night. Bruce was a gracious host as always and it was way too much fun. Special thanks to Sir Dan who expertly manned the wiener pit. It's been a while since my last visit to the 4321 Club and I was happily reminded of the camaraderie and remarkable talent of the Minnesota contingent of the HFC.
  15. That was, IIRC, the catalog model. I sold it in late 2020 when I liquidated most of my guitars as part of an employment related move to Florida. It sold for a few hundred more than $3,500. That was just before the Covid spike. My guess is that today, it would sell for somewhere between $4,500 - $6,000 provided it's still in near mint condition. It was the best looking of the 4 Triple Threats I've owned.
  16. Loser was written by a friend who moved next door when I was a freshman in high school. I'd been trying to learn guitar on a horrible piano store acoustic and he lent me a Silvertone amp-in case guitar. We immediately formed a band and have been playing together off and on ever since. The song was first played in public, at a school dance, in the mid 70's. Two years ago we decided to record some of the songs we wrote and played in bars through our teens and 20's. Loser was the first. Sadly, (for me anyway) it was the only one we completed tracking and got to the rough mix stage. We recorded at Sosonic Sound in Madison, WI. The drums are a Ludwig acoustic set. I did the guitar tracks primarily with a 1981 Hamer Special, but added some "Christmas" with the drummer's RIC 660 12 string, my Gretsch 6120W and a Warmoth Strat. The solo is all Hamer. All guitar parts were played through my Victoria 5112 at maximum volume. After listening to it a few times, I decided that the raw mix suited the song and its history. I would like to clean up the ending and add a gong, though.
  17. Hi Dave

    BadgerDave here.

    I'll take the Telecaster if its still available.  The singer in my band wants to look like Bruce Springsteen!

    Shoot me your PayPal info and I'll send the $ right away.



    1. DaveL


      cool. Thanks Dave,  

      It's a nice guitar, It sounded great,  I just didn't play it much.  


      my paypal is [email protected]      I'm at work so I'll box

      it up tonight and have tracking in the morning.    Thanks again.  Dave  


  18. I keep going back to this one. My Chandler 555 purchased from an esteemed member of this board. The finish is original. The bridge, pickups and wiring are not.
  19. I really liked Alabama Shakes the first time I saw them. Then the novelty wore off and they became annoying very quickly. Anyone else have the same reaction?
  20. Black pearl U Adds a smokey note to the mids And a few hundy to the market value
  21. I'd send Mike the photo and ask him to match it. 1 photo equals 1,000 arbitrary burst names. That's a beautiful choice BTW.
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