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  1. The value is highly dependent on originality, condition and features. Californians are very desirable. The range is roughly $1,500 - $3,500. Possibly more if you have several potential buyers engaged in competitive bidding.
  2. I'm trying to determine if the Special I recently bought has the factory original paint. I'd be very grateful if anyone here could check the serial number in the factory logs to see what info is there. I don't believe I've seen Serial Steve on the board recently.
  3. I've been experimenting with this Headrush Pedalboard and Line 6 multiFX unit. Surprisingly intuitive and easy to get good sounds.
  4. My one contribution is that the zebra paint is not factory. Hamer used ripped sheets of paper as masking to do zebra (and I believe zulu) finishes. The edges are never smooth or round.
  5. The end of the fretboard appears to be modified post-factory. Badly.
  6. I remember buying a used USA Scarab at the Minneapolis Mars store for $200. Metallic blue with OHSC.
  7. And already gone. Congrats to the buyer. That looks like it's in excellent condition.
  8. Warmoth Alder Stat body Warmoth has this 4 lb. alder Strat body for under $200.00. They do great finishes or you could send it to Stike. Since you have the pre-wired pickguard, you just need to add a neck and hardware.
  9. I'm late to the party on this, but for the benefit of others who may have the same question: The Master kit Plus version, which requires extracting the bridge post inserts and replacing with hammer-in posts is very easy to install. Faber provides everything you need, and the process takes minutes to accomplish. The result is superior to the EZ version, IMO, as it eliminates the bridge post "wobble" inherent in the OEM and Faber EZ screw-in post assemblies. The Faber EZ version is tighter than the OEM, but there is still movement.
  10. I appreciate the messages and inquiries about the guitar and my intentions. I'm happy to answer any questions but I'm not planning on selling it. Some of you may know that I sold a lot of guitars last year, including all of my Hamers. Just before the Holidays I found out that my job was being eliminated (along with virtually every other person in my department over 55, 🤔). I wasn't destitute, but I had concerns about the immediate future and wanted to pay off all of my debt. I've been very fortunate to find a better job and all is well, but for the first time in over 3 decades I didn't own a single Hamer guitar. I bought my first in 1979 and I've always been most fond of the early 80's Specials and Sunbursts. This one checks that box. Probably too much detail, but I wanted to put this out there.
  11. @kizanski width @ nut: 1.652" depth @ 1st fret: 0.825" depth @ 12th fret: 0.892" weight: 8.2 lbs
  12. So far, it looks like original paint and electronics. Pot codes date to 20th month of 1980. Photos of the pickups to follow.
  13. Several years ago there was an extended discussion on this forum around a similar topic. Some members wanted to coordinate eBay bidding on desirable Hamer guitars. Reverb didn't exist then. the premise was to determine who among us had the greatest desire for a particular instrument and other members would refrain from bidding. My opinion then was that this would not only result in non-forum members winning the auctions, it was also a pretty reprehensible way to deprive sellers of a fair value on their sales. Ham Rex, I did not interpret "I'm bidding on this guitar" as a directive to avoid bidding. It just didn't occur to me that anyone would assume that posting a link to an eBay auction was the online equivalent of licking the guitar. Sorry if you felt that was a lack of respect.
  14. I'll be picking this one up in Madison today. I'm passing through on the way to Green Bay. Full details when I'm back home on Monday. Hoping for a medium or bigger neck. If it's a pencil, I'll list it on Reverb for $2,500. 🤑😉🤥
  15. I could see that one with a @Stike big sparkle refin. I'd go with this color:
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