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  1. Yeah, definitely an 84. My 4 digit short scale bass is in the low 700s, and logged into the books in May 1984.
  2. That’s awesome! As an aside, the only reason I know how your wife’s name is pronounced is because my wife has a friend with the same name.... But I bet it gets mangled all the time!
  3. That’s a deal! It’s pathetic these basses aren’t going for twice that!
  4. Actually, he sang “I Don’t Wanna Fight” on Echo.
  5. He just responded to a comment on an old Facebook post the other day, so I’m guessing everything is fine.
  6. My guess is he moved out in 2016. But I found his house, with interior pics, and he definitely lived there at one time. All I keep thinking is how freaking cool would it have been to have Robin Zander living next door!
  7. If what I’m seeing is correct, Robin lives in Safety Harbor, and the $500K estimate is not too far out of line. This house is in his neighborhood - maybe on the same street!
  8. Did the seller say anything about it’s acoustic voice? 🙂 Seriously, that top is nice. Reminds me of Mike C’s Special FM, which caused me to audibly gasp when he opened the case. Someone please buy it before I do something stupid.
  9. I’m devastated. Saw them in 1980, twice in 1981, in 1982, 1984... saw them with Sammy in 1986, then in 2008. The second time on the Fair Warning tour was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on the last regular show of their North American tour... We were in the first row of the balcony, right above Eddie’s side of the stage... During his solo, I’m hanging over the rail, cheering and pointing at him... He stops and points back at me. It was like being blessed by the Pope. He was The Greatest of All Time. Thanks, Eddie, for a HUGE part of the soundtrack of my life.
  10. I think I found The One... Oh, wait! I can stop anytime I want...
  11. The late 70s and the 80s were a blast... Live music every night of the week and the best concerts. This pic was from 1985, I think...
  12. In all the excitement, I kinda lost track myself. Couple of dozen, but generally one less than I “need” at any given time.
  13. Same seller is also selling an Ovation for $59,999... Buy the pair!
  14. My youngest and I were at our local place on Feb 26th, and it was business as usual - no crowds, no shortages. Weird. Stay safe!
  15. We have a small local chain (3 stores) that actually have a bigger selection than either of the Cabella’s I’ve been to. When this started heating up, they were having to Close down early every day because they were experiencing 5 HOUR waits for their customers to purchase anything that required a background check. They ended up shutting down for the safety of their staff, but they are allowing pick ups of ammo bought on line, by appointment. Not that it matters - they are sold out of most stuff...
  16. One of the first conversations I ever had with him, I jokingly told him there was a recall on the black paint on those FBIVs, and if he sent it to me, I would safely dispose of it... It became a running joke between him and I...
  17. I’m in tears as I write this. Lorna just posted that Dion has passed. RIP, buddy.
  18. Yep. like that but with passive pickups. Very cool bass!
  19. I was actually thinking about this the other day... 4 string, Classic double cut LP Jr/Hamer Special shape, medium scale, hot passive pick-ups, thin neck - 1.5” or maybe 1 5/8” at the nut, Blue or Blueburst flame maple top. Okay, yeah, I basically want a 4 string, passive “Not Steve/Not Chris” bass. There, I said it. ?
  20. Take a lude corncob! Nobody forced you to click on this thread. Wow-that was an ill-advised post... Don't know you, but why don't you come on in and piss all over the furniture, ok? Maybe it's not so surprising the HOC fell apart, after all... My thoughts exactly.
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