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  1. Isn't ZZ Top the same 3 guys since the beginning of time? It's always been Billy, Dusty and Frank as long as I can remember. I saw Head East with the bass player being the only original - many years ago. Does that count?
  2. Ugly gray '81 Special bought in '87. Still have it. Still #1. I'll be playin' that one with Jimi and Elvis.
  3. You are so spoiled. Nice job, ya little weenie. :angry:
  4. I just watched all of it and that is some of the best live VH I've ever seen. Eddie is/was the master of controlled disaster. 'Falling down the stairs and landing on your feet'...indeed.
  5. Didn't some dumbass cut like the last 10 frets off one or something. I seem to recall seeing a picture of one drastically FUBAR. That guy should be killed.
  6. I got a Slave Raider CD from WyldBil . Very cool. ...oh.... and I got a coupla pretty decent guitars thru BCRGreg. Plus about a ton of other stuff...
  7. I'm in a country band. I hate country music (nails on a chalkboard). One day at work I had some crappy country song playing in the backround (one the band wanted to do), and when I got home I played it straight off. That was cool.
  8. THANK YOU, MRGUITARGUY!!! I heard the hype WAY before I heard the 'band'. After hearing them, it was 'WTF?!?' Nails on the chalkboard. Definitely.
  9. We're thinking of you too, Bill. Cancer sucks....
  10. Anything - no, make that EVERYTHING - by Coldplay. Even the stuff I've never heard.
  11. That's so cool. I couldn't even imagine. What a relief.
  12. There are two rules to remember: 1. Buy a Hamer. 2. Never forget rule #1!! 3. There is no rule #3.
  13. Cruster - you got it right. I need a stompbox-type enclosure big enough for about half a dozen footswitches. Those 2 sites are right in the ballpark. I made the mistake of dumping my old dead stomps some time ago figuring I'd never use them for anything. D'OH!
  14. I need a housing/box for 4-6 on/off-type stomp switches. Any ideas where to look? Thanks.
  15. Those are really nice, too. nyuk nyuk nyuk.......
  16. Seeing my parts on so many killer guitars is now kind of a double edge sword for me. On one hand, it's a complete rush to see something I made with my own two little hands (and an $80,000 CNC!!) on the best built guits in the country. Kicks my ass every time! On the OTHER hand though, is seeing Greg push like hell to get Hamer to even build Sustain Block guitars, only to have Jol take the credit. Granted - it's Jol's design and his company and his website and yada yada yada...but the fact remains that if Greg hadn't persisted, Jol would NEVER have looked back. With the number of Sustain Block orders creeping up, Hamer is now making their own 'blocks in-house. That's very cool. It's great that they've responded to the demand. But at the same time, Greg will no longer need the ones I made, and the few I have left will be the last from me. For me, that kinda sucks. No more struttin' around like a proud papa every time you guys order up another knockout guitar. No more showing off pictures to anyone who cares (or doesn't!!) and beaming "HEY! That's one of mine!". No more calling the wife over to the computer yelling "Look, honey, LOOK!!, only to have her smack me one for interupting "American Idol". It's been a cool ride. I'm glad Greg let me take it with him. And I'd like to thank Jol for allowing my parts to be used. It's been an honor. You guys keep ordering Sustain Block guitars. Because SUSTAIN BLOCKS RULE!!
  17. Hey! That's mine on Ebay! That's why I wanted to know when they were made. I always ask here first ('cuz you guys know EVERYTHING! LOL!) Anyway - the 'Slammer Series' ran from '90 to '95. The 'Slammer by Hamer' came after. I have a Cali as well. For cheap guitars, they kill.
  18. And is there any way of telling what year a certain instrument was built? Thanks
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