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    2006 Hamer Newport, 2016 Gibson R8, 1993 Fender American Standard Stratocaster , 1994 American Standard Telecaster w. Bardens, 2011 Guild F 30 CE (New Hartford made), 2017 Fender Paramount PM-1 Ltd. Adirondack RW
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    Mesa Express 5:50+, Mesa Maverick 1x12, Marshall 2525H,
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    the Kingdom of God, my family, remembering my dog, Music, Cycling, Italian cooking, good beer and wine

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  1. I'm partial with the Isle of Wight festival because of Taste's performance - What's Going On live has been one of hymns of my youth... But I did listen a lot to my sister's three LP album of Woodstock. My favorite was the Allman Brother's rendition of Wipping Post.
  2. 1979, when I was 22: Brand new ('79) black Sunburst b/c and Marshall 2204 halfstack - that setup did rock!
  3. I recently replaced the vintage Fender trem on my Fender CS Strat for an ABM 5050S trem due to the narrower string spacing of the latter. Didn't expect it, but it also improved the tone quite a bit. Highly recommanded!! https://abm-guitarpartsshop.com/ABM-GUITAR-PARTS/Tremolos/Vintage-Replacement/ABM-5050-S::249.html
  4. When your grandkids start introducing you to their boyfriends!
  5. Due to financial difficulties I need to let go of my Newport. It’s a 2006 model that I bought new in July of 2011. Colour is Black Cherryburst. I changed the original Schaller “step”-tuners for Grover Rotogrip locking tuners which fit the original screw holes, so no extra holes in the peg head. I prefer the look of the classic kidney tuners and - which is more important - they greatly help tuning stability with the Bigsby termolo. The original Schallers are long gone. The Bigsby was changed for a Callaham front roller which I think is an improvement over the original part (which will be included).The bridge Phat Cat pickup has been replaced by a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover bridge pup which gives a little more beef to that position. I also added a Vibramate String Spoiler which of course can be removed any time. Overall condition is very good. A few pick swirls that can probably be polished away. Frets are very good, some minor indention in the cowboy chord vicinity, but no problem at all. Long life for the frets ahead... Comes with CoA and OHSC, which is in mint condition and proof of CITES registration. The only gripe are a few small scratches on the back that I owe to a f**king guitar stand gone bad (the rubber moved out of place and gave way to a bare welding spot). I think about 1.400 EUR with free insured shipping within Germany. For EU-buyers outside of Germany we will negotiate splitting shipping costs. Thanks for looking! Gino Forgot: Orinigal chrome pickup frames are of course included!
  6. You will for sure! I don't know what you're up to in Germany, but this one is the biggest store - I think in all of Europe! https://www.thomann.de/de/compinfo_contact.html?sid=c589ccd01eacc36c65839e9411d13461
  7. So sorry about them having no Warwicks - was sure they would carry them....
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