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  1. And when the story changes, we know who called dibs first…. 😂😂
  2. Wait…. So Mitch had two unicorns…? 🦄🦄
  3. Ooh…. That sounds fantastic. Let me know what you think when you get it mounted and set up. I’ve got a Musikraft chunky D Tele neck for a project I still need to get up and running. Can’t wait to get that thing going cuz the neck felt great in my hands as is. Actually, I believe I got that neck from @DaveL a little while ago. 😂
  4. @DaveL Looking back, I don’t see anyone calling dibs. So…. DIBS! I do love the feel on those AllParts FAT necks. Got two of them myself on some partscasters/home builds.
  5. LOVE it! Considered doing a similar build myself.
  6. I’ve been really interested in those Krautsters. Nice job making yours stand out from stock. Congrats!
  7. Travis


    Mike’s pics definitely make my wood pop. Now, about that grip….
  8. Sometimes you play a solo and sometimes it’s a duet.
  9. You know the difference between pink and purple? the strength of her grip…. 8==✊🏼=D setiously, tho. Very cool amp. Congrats!
  10. Very nice ‘78 you’ve got there! I had 0111 many moons ago so this brings back memories. Enjoy it. They really are great guitars.
  11. When I built my homemade Esquire I opted for a Joe Barden Tele bridge. Sounds great, feels great.
  12. Haha. “Impotent”…. Just now caught that….
  13. I’ve got an old set of Kluson Deluxe tuners in chrome. I believe they’re missing one or two of the tiny mounting screws but are otherwise intact. I can check my parts bin tomorrow if you’re interested.
  14. It means someone butchered up a special by slapping a Kahler on it…
  15. Haha. We saw so many “salt life” shirts in the Caribbean last week. 😂😂
  16. The EVH Phase 90 has been on my board for years. It’s legit and that’s a great price. Shit, that’s a good enough price I might just get it as a backup. grab it, people. I don’t see it getting the respect around here that it deserves.
  17. If those eyes were brown I would be all up on that….
  18. I might be able to look past the Kahler if it had the correct headstock…. 😬
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