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  1. I've owned this for 10 years. In good shape. The usual nice Rick build quality and the usual Rick peculiarities. Some deep buckle rash on the back that does not go all the way through the finish A few pinpoint pits in the top finish and a 6mm x 3mm chip near on the side near the jack plate. Vitals: High Gain Pickups About 6lb 9oz on my digital (not legal for trade) scale. Nut width is about 41.8 mm Neck thickness (approximate measurements) at 1st fret 0.88 in. and stays about the same up to the 12th fret. Seems thinner though for some reason. I keep remeasuring
  2. I special ordered this in 2006. Was my main guitar for 6+ years. Best sounding, nicest looking and and best built guitar I've ever played. Sold it a couple of years ago; the ergonomics were starting to work against me as I got older and comfort became king.
  3. Hi 3of5,

    What's your price for a cash sale? I could use a road trip.
    Sunday preferred but Monday could work too.


    Larry Posavad
    Chula Vista, Califorina

    1. killerteddybear


      619-246-0970 for texts or voice.

  4. I had this burst for a few years. Sold it here about 2-3 years ago.
  5. That Mira is calling to me. I. must. resist.
  6. My college faves, The Plimsouls and their singer and songwriter as a solo act, Peter Case.
  7. I guess I have real fortitude. I got 17 seconds into it before I had to shut it off.
  8. Can't believe this one wasn't suggested yet. So here it is.
  9. George's solo in the Beatles' "Carry That Weight". Short, slow, simple and cool. A guitar haiku.
  10. ZZtop. Late 70's. Don't remember the name of the album. Doesn't matter, don't care. What a buildup that record had. Actually, my brother bought the album and saved me the indignity. We listened to the first two songs and then sampled a bit of all the others. We thought "this must be the soundtrack in hell", then lifted the record off the turntable, used it to scoop our puke off the floor (metaphorically speaking) and threw it into the trash. We both despise ZZtop in every way shape or form.
  11. Thank you all. Me and the missus are heading out for some fancy eats.
  12. I got a microwave with a carousel for $29 at Target a couple of years back. It is all I need in a microwave oven. My wife and I are both serious home cooks so the mw is mostly for defrosting or rewarming any leftovers that are leftover to warm over. Mw is good for streaming vegetables. Very fast. An average size artichoke is steamed in about 8 minutes. If covered, you only need a tiny amount of water so you lose few of the vitamins. Most of the vitamins are lost in the cooking water and steam. That being said I prefer vegetables grilled outside or stir fried in a wok.
  13. This may be pushing the envelope. Perhaps a bit too attractive?
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