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    1995 Hamer Studio, 2008 Epiphone Elitist Casino, 24" scale hollow-body partscaster, partscaster Mustang
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    1982 Fender Superchamp, Yamaha THR 10.
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  1. I took the guitar quiz too. They guessed I played a Les Paul through a Fractal or Kemper. I play a partscaster Mustang through a Yamaha THR 10. Pretty good guess,,,,a guitar and an amp.
  2. I believe this thread defines the Hamer experience. This is no different than the people continually ask me what kind of camera i used to take my photographs and then can't comprehend that I used a "just a pocket camera". My photographs look better than theirs do and they know it must be because I used a better camera. Or the smug looks and condescending comments I get from other photographers out in the field who are lugging a bag of giant Nikon or Canon cameras and lenses that likely cost more than my car. I simply do not need their affirmation to feel good about myself. If pressed I will occasionally say that is like reading a wonderful novel and then asking the author what brand of typewriter he used to write it. I was drawn to Hamer because they made beautiful sounding and beautifully constructed guitars for a fair price. I never really considered the possibility of it being considered less than another brand. I can see now, twelve years into the Hamer thing, that most Hamer owners have to be maybe more open minded and comfortable with themselves on average. That is likely why this is the nicest group of people in a forum that I have ever come upon. I don't remember who said a truly strong man doesn't need to show he is strong, or, a smart man doesn't need to tell people he is smart. I do remember, and very much appreciated, when George Burns playing God tells his wavering messenger, John Denver, that "you will have the strength that comes from knowing". Cool on Mrs Toadroller. 15 years ago I had an S4 3.6 twin turbo wagon with a 6 speed manual.
  3. 3of5

    Stratocaster Pron Needed.

    Partscaster, 7/8 size.
  4. MIK Sunburst. Highly modded.
  5. Great find. My son has one exactly like yours that he bought brand new 11 years ago. Still completely stock. Was his gigging guitar. Great quality construction, Great sounding Les Paul. I was so impressed that I bought an Elitist Casino a year later. Still stock save for the black pickguard to replace the white one. I still cannot find a flaw in that Casino after 10 years.
  6. Another vote for the Yamaha THR 10. Great stuff. I mostly use it with headphones because my wife is noise sensitive (actually, I am even more noise sensitive than she is). Only have one old tube amp left now. Never use it. Way too loud. If your neighbor is anything like me there is no amp without headphones that will not bother her; even an acoustic guitar will likely be a problem for her. In my case lots of people think I am plain crazy. They simply cannot hear what I can easily hear. Also, unfortunately, I don't seem to have the ability to block out those sounds. I can't for sure say that having very sensitive hearing is a gift.
  7. 3of5


  8. Hi 3of5,

    What's your price for a cash sale? I could use a road trip.
    Sunday preferred but Monday could work too.


    Larry Posavad
    Chula Vista, Califorina

    1. killerteddybear


      619-246-0970 for texts or voice.

  9. I had this burst for a few years. Sold it here about 2-3 years ago.
  10. 3of5

    Favorite "majestic" guitar solos

    A majestic solo has to slow down and "reach for the sky" (Toy Story humor?). For me a good example is: Jeff Beck's solo in "People Get Ready". I may have missed it but I haven't seen it mentioned, "Stairway to Heaven". I know it is painfully obvious and we've all probably heard it too many times but it really is majestic and it made me want to play electric guitar. David Gilmore's solo in "Time". George Harrison's tiny solo in "Carry that Weight". It soars for just a moment and then it's gone. Guitar Haiku.
  11. That Mira is calling to me. I. must. resist.
  12. 3of5

    Lesser know band that you love

    My college faves, The Plimsouls and their singer and songwriter as a solo act, Peter Case.
  13. 3of5

    Guitar Neck Facts for dumb MFers

    I guess I have real fortitude. I got 17 seconds into it before I had to shut it off.
  14. Can't believe this one wasn't suggested yet. So here it is.