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  1. Damnit. I really didn’t need ANOTHER one...
  2. Feel better soon, Jamie! Definitely one of the coolest guys to meet up with.
  3. I think they’ll have them for most of our lifetimes. I’m in Lexington a good bit visiting my son, and Willcutt has only had 2-3 in the last 4 years in there. One was an unsold Studio Custom and one was a used (uh...”Used”, rather) Improv.
  4. As we've said, Ted is the only "tech" admin. He's also pretty busy with a lot of things, but if he says he's working on it, he's working on it. If your IP address was somehow blocked, you wouldn't be able to post here.
  5. cmatthes


    Very sad to hear this news. Glad I got to meet the man in person, and I always enjoyed the on and offline banter. Rock on, Ray...
  6. He’s allegedly sold out the last two times he’s played around here.
  7. Maybe not “in action”, but I was at a different rehearsal spot last night and our very generous host pulled out this gem...
  8. He was banned from the HFC maybe 10 years ago.
  9. The 3 coil rings are available from Fretsonthenet.com. the Sustainblock terms aren’t available unless somebody has one lying around.
  10. You're right! I forgot all about the Mandar.
  11. Too political, gents. Keep it clean.
  12. Those seem to go out in batches. Some are made to order and can take 4-6 weeks, some ship out soon after ordering.
  13. It's the only Indigo Duotone like that that I'm aware of. 10th (first fret crown).
  14. Yep. That's Darryl's Mandocello, taken at the Bayou here in DC.
  15. Travis - were they Ultimates, or "SLU"s? All of the Ultimates I've seen were gold. SLUs = "Slightly Less Ultimate" or something like that, and had nickel covers.
  16. Where in the Hartford area are you locating? There are a few HFC’ers up that way, along with ye olde Hamer crew.
  17. I was treated to one of those earlier tonight - what a cool amp! It was at a Ken Stringfellow (Posies, Big Star, REM) house concert hosted by power pop legend, P. Hux. That thing sounded fantastic. Congrats to the new owner!
  18. I've got a ludicrously huge collection of guitar picks from famous players and promos picked up over the last 40 years. I got my first pick handed to me by Nokie Edwards of the Ventures as a middle school kid going to my first show with my Dad. Steve and I were underage so had to sit on the stage next to the band's amps/guitars so the club manager "could keep his eye on us".
  19. I’ll have to monkey around with my AMP11 this week when I’m home again. Still noisy on the Boost...
  20. Surprise drummer for “Black Coffee In Bed”?
  21. RIC and Paulina were still legally married at the time of his death. I believe they were just separated.
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