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  1. I just knew that Stike had a Kahlered Blitz prior to the Sustainblock being added.
  2. It was a standard Hamer finish, so wouldn’t have been an upcharge.
  3. They swapped in “Radio Lover” for “Hot Love”...that was a mistake in my perfect setlist, but I didn’t make it!
  4. Mine's a 2019, not that it matters much what year pedals are, right?!
  5. Looks like it's back in the HFC fold...
  6. They've really dropped the price, but still have a way to go. The headstock logo is boogered - looks pretty bad close up. The serial number was also redone in a weird font, but at least it's correct.
  7. Those guys are correct - I've got the Boatneck V on a project currently with Stike, and it may be my favorite profile they make. It's VERY meaty...a Talladega, it ain't!
  8. Kind of what I was going for here!
  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!!
  10. My guess is you'd have better luck getting a reply from John contacting him directly, rather than posting on this thread.
  11. I have this part that was factory-installed on a (trashed) ‘83 Phantom. The pickguard was the 2 ply, but the backplate was a 3 ply. The body for this particular Phantom was recently “donated to Science”...
  12. Thanks, Len - I think there's somebody in the Annapolis area looking it over tomorrow.
  13. I'm pretty damned close...gotta figure out some time to get over there with a crazy week/weekend...
  14. Retracting a bid is easy, takes a few seconds, and as long as it's more than 24 hours prior to the end of the auction, you can do it without any eBay "consequences".
  15. For a dot/rosewood refinned ‘86 it’s okay, assuming it has the OHSC.
  16. Tobe - I don't recall seeing a 12 string Cali that WASN'T a set neck.
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