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  1. He never disappoints! That's a KILLER guitar now...
  2. Just remember that if we head into another recession, it may be a long time before you sell for what you have into things. I remember the dozens of complaints from forum sellers (not here) back in 2008-2011 trying to move R9s and various PRS models they had recently purchased, and they were fire-sale pricing them after a year or more of no bites at what had been “below market” pricing just months before.
  3. I'll trade ya an Inca Silver MJT Strat body (3lbs 12oz) if you'd rather do a Strat...
  4. Kickin myself for not snagging a gold one instead!
  5. I think my first purchase from Dave's was in 1989, when mail order from a guitar shop was still very hit or miss. Many times (and lots of cool Hamers) over the years, and they've always treated me right.
  6. Still one of the coolest stories in the HFC's "checkered" history!
  7. Black was a stock finish - that was from 2003-05 most likely. The earlier imports didn’t have the boomerangs. Those are typically decent guitars - the pickups and Floyd are sometimes the key things to replace, but should be a fun little rocker for not a ton of money.
  8. Well, regardless... You inspired me to snag something at a price I couldn’t pass up.
  9. Wait...Crack The Sky in 1980 at the peak of their powers?
  10. I almost left work and drove to Boston myself when Mike told me about that. Coolest Hamer score of the year!
  11. Californians were made until 1997. The last few years, they dropped the Stadium logo for the smaller version, like on yours. There are less of them because by then, shred guitars we’re seeing a decline in popularity. There is absolutely no difference in materials nor quality from the earlier ones. Same guys were making them in the same shop.
  12. It was a beautiful blue metalflake Custom order that Jim got hold of...
  13. That's actually my old one...long gone (at least 9-10 years). If it was available for what I sold it for, I'd have it back already!
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