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  1. I've had one for a couple years - it's great in a guest bathroom, and hasn't burned out yet!
  2. Post a link - that's what everybody else does!
  3. No problem posting your music here to share with the members - we only ask that if you're posting to sell that you put in the "For Sale" board. If you're posting to share, you can post here. We love seeing and hearing the diverse talents of the membership here - always have!
  4. People post their stuff here all the time!
  5. Serial and me in our first high school rock band - this was from the local fair our Junior year: My Cherry Sunburst LP Custom went out of tune after the second or third song (heat, old strings or combination of both?), and Steve's TSB LPC was closer than the (borrowed) Black LP Custom behind me in that shot and I had to change mid-song. We thought it was funny (later, of course) that all 3 Les Pauls I played went out of tune, but Serial's Strat was fine all day. I'm not sure if Jakeboy was there or not - I think he graduated the year before this one? This was from a few months later - I also played bass in a Skinny Tie, new wave/power pop type of trio with an amazing guitarist (E. Costello, Dire Straits, The Jam, Cars, Clash, U2, The Cure, etc.):
  6. You SERIOUSLY need to do the smoking pickup mod!!
  7. I use 0.10s on all of my electric 12 strings, no problem ever - both in 440 and down a 1/2 step. Not in 20 years of those necks enduring my playing, anyway!
  8. I had one of those, but traded it to Power Pop god, Cliff Hillis last fall. I gave him the option between that or the JTM, and he liked the idea of the Jubilee better. Both are great sounding Marshall boxes. I hate these posts though - I get suckered almost every time. Not even sure why I bought an AMP11 this morning...
  9. It was a custom order, and is a pretty cool one at that, so definitely not a sub-$1,000, standard fare guitar. I think it’d be closer to $1,500, maybe $1,750...
  10. I dig the MannMade trem, but am more a fan of the SuperVee Bladerunner over the last few years.
  11. I have played a lot of 660/12s and always thought that would be what brought me back to owning a Rickenbacker 12, but it wasn't significantly better than my 360s, and nowhere near as comfortable to play as the Hamers. I'm a stickler for that "Rick" sound, and think it's one of the coolest sounds/tones ever recorded, but until I find one that works for me, I'm more than happy with my Hamer 12s (all strung like Rickenbackers).
  12. Ted's just messing with ya.
  13. Congrats on the milestone! Hope to meet you in person one of these days. My wife and I were supposed to be headed to Germany/Austria in October, but are postponing that until 2020...
  14. That's not even a hard one - guitar OR bass! Whether you play it in B or G...
  15. They got the body shape correct on that Explorer for a change! Looks great!
  16. That's a custom order. Not sure how to count that, as it wasn't a standard offering, but any Hamer guitar model could be ordered as a 12 string for an upcharge.
  17. I'm not sure where "the Dude" got his numbers, but I think that number is probably made up. I will agree 100% that the Eclipse 12 will cure any Rickenbacker woes - playable everywhere on the neck, and there were several custom ordered with "Rick Stringing" from the factory, although that's a simple nut switch if you want that. I've owned two (both '95s - a black and a flip/flop Green/Blue), but now have a Newport 12, which is like a much better 360/12 string - mine was ordered with the Rick stringing too, and the PhatCats can really nail that perfect 12 string sound. If you replace the metal tuner buttons on your Eclipse with either plastic/pearloid or ebony buttons, it is amazing at how much better the guitar balances - Great guitars!
  18. What Dutchman said. The host moved us to a new server, and of course promised no disruptions, but apparently it restored to a point prior to a number of posts within the last 24-36 hours.
  19. That hurt to watch. I wasn't sure if it was Pete or my friend's crazy Auntie Joan Cusano from back in Bridgeport. Say what you will, but Pete looks WAYSTED.
  20. Not sure why you're hung up on the measurements. It's the right case for a Newport/Monaco. Hamer simply didn't have that many case options.
  21. Complete refin/re-logo. Can't tell if the serial number is still there, but my guess is...NO. Boomers and reverse headstock are cool, but not $3,300...nor even $2,500, cool.
  22. Mine lacks the boomers, but is otherwise pretty damned close.
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