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  1. I've had both in various guitars, and really like them both. My Firebird pickups have only been in mahogany, solidbody guitars - actual Firebirds (a I, V, and VII), and several Eclipse/Eclipse XIIs. They've got a great sonic base with good cut/midrange, and a super cool jangle factor. Pretty smooth and sound really nice and punchy to my ears, especially when into a driven amp. Awesome pickups, but then again, I was always a fan of the Norlin-era mini-hums too, so what do I know?! I've put various FilterTrons in a bunch of different styles of guitars, and I really like the beefier
  2. Specs from MK: Unfinished rock maple 1 piece vintage Strat Neck: Standard 25.5 scale 21 frets Frets - standard vintage size 1- 5/8 nut width 2-3/16 heel Dual acting truss rod 9-1/2 radius Soft V-shape Kluson tuner holes
  3. Probably not what you’re looking for, but I’ve got a super nice Musikraft Strat neck with a super comfy “Soft-V” carve, but it’s a 21 fretter..
  4. It’s been owned by several people on this board who might be able to speak more to any specific details. I’m just aware that the rare white/gold hardware was stripped off and replaced with the more common black hardware at some point.
  5. It's a veneer over a plain maple cap. If you pull one of the pickups, look inside the cavity - you'll see the thicker white maple cap and then the veneer on top, which is about as thick as a sheet of construction paper.
  6. I bought my PRS Custom new in 1989. That trem is SO perfect. That guitar never goes out of tune. I honestly have only played it maybe 1-2 times in the last 15 years though, sadly.
  7. Those ARE Musikraft factory seconds and/or rejects. I’ve purchased stuff from that seller before, and he’s good to deal with, but keep in mind that the majority of what he sells is “project grade”, and requires some lutherie skills to get them up and running. These aren’t turnkey hobbyist projects.
  8. I am not a fan of Warmoth bodies because the shape is just weird to me - it's different enough from the classic Fender body shape that it bugs the hell out of me, but I'm OCD about stuff like that. I SWEAR by Musikraft bodies, if you can track 'em down. If they aren't currently making them, try Steve Parker at Parklane Guitars - he was Musikraft's main neck/fret guy for well over a decade before recently hanging out his own shingle. I've gotten a neck from him that is spectacular, but he's done Tele bodies too.
  9. Depends on whether it's a Studio or Studio Custom. Studios tend to go in the $1,200 range here in the States, Studio Customs add $5-$600. The condition, color and the top figure make a difference too.
  10. Not 100% sure, but I think that's a Stike finish job.
  11. I haven't played a ton of those (maybe 6-7 total), but I don't recall any being super heavy.
  12. I thought I had one for you, but turns out it was the Lovepedal Deluxe. Dang.
  13. Long shot, I know, but I need to replace an OBL P-Bass pickup for an older Hamer bass. Does anybody have one with black covers in decent working condition kicking around anywhere? Let me know! Thanks much, Chris
  14. The checkerboard logo was only on Specials in the early ‘80s.
  15. I always dug the G-3. If one turned up in Ebony finish for a reasonable price and didn’t weigh 15lbs, I’d pull the trigger.
  16. The 3-piece neck and true Sustainblock were featured in ‘79. They later switched from the heavier Grovers to Schallers.
  17. He didn’t get ALL of them. I got one on the last run a year ago, and they hadn’t been a sale item for quite some time.
  18. Have you not seen the autograph he's been signing (and has trademarked) since the 1970s?
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