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  1. I still dig the Purple Plexi/Boost, the AMP11 and Vibe the most. I've got a few others kicking around just for fun...
  2. It’s pretty meaty, which is how I like ‘em! Not quite a Nocaster, but like a nice, big ‘59 LP/Flying V Style. Super comfortable- Mike nailed it!
  3. Arnie: Definitely a different neck carve - the Talladega was more of a pronounced "V", but the Pro was more of a rounded profile.
  4. In that case, they need to knock 30% off.
  5. I almost hit “send” when I saw this post go up. I got a strange feeling and went into the gear room...I’ve already got one in a box!
  6. Roy also owned at least one Hamer Standard. Put THAT in your mind for a second!
  7. cmatthes


    Careful man! That one'll pull you under!
  8. cmatthes


    Pretty much! FullSizeRender.mov
  9. cmatthes


    There is nothing not to love about that one! CONGRATS!
  10. I still swear by my TM10, but my son has “borrowed” it as his apartment amp. The Yamaha is very intriguing...
  11. Just send your Kahler and tuners here: http://www.hamercustompowdercoat.com/
  12. I had “Ten Women” on CD...still do. I remember my college girlfriend at the time was a campus radio DJ, and she played that one for me when it came into the station. Never really heard anything more from them, although they were around. It was tough to find their stuff.
  13. Mike is expanding his horizons and getting into the mirror business these days...
  14. I can never thank you properly enough for all the stellar work you’ve done archiving the Hamer brand. I would still love to take you out for a nice dinner the next time I make it over your way!!
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