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  1. Congrats, Greg! You're gonna love it...
  2. Should we start a fourth? NO. THIS ISN'T THE GEAR PAGE!!!
  3. No - I honestly know nothing about the current LP saga!
  4. I watched that three times in a row! Great stuff, Bill.
  5. I wasn’t a fan when they first came out. Elduave brought one to practice and then a gig, and I was blown away. One of Hamer’s brilliant designs!
  6. I won't judge. I've built an entire guitar around a part or two.
  7. I use MK necks and bodies on most all of my builds. It's a shame that they're not doing bodies any longer, but maybe that'll change. Their hollowbody Teles (no F-holes) are my current favorite jam. I bought several of them "just in case"...
  8. Very cool to know I'm not the only DIY'er during this pandemic time! Wet-sanding a neck on my lunch break isn't something I'd ordinarily do, but it's coming along nicely on one of the several projects I've got going. This has been my summer of Telecasters, apparently!
  9. That may be the most FUN(ky) pedal I scored from one of his sales!
  10. I still dig the Purple Plexi/Boost, the AMP11 and Vibe the most. I've got a few others kicking around just for fun...
  11. It’s pretty meaty, which is how I like ‘em! Not quite a Nocaster, but like a nice, big ‘59 LP/Flying V Style. Super comfortable- Mike nailed it!
  12. Arnie: Definitely a different neck carve - the Talladega was more of a pronounced "V", but the Pro was more of a rounded profile.
  13. In that case, they need to knock 30% off.
  14. Top notch seller here, folks! He gets the GOOD stuff! 🤘
  15. I almost hit “send” when I saw this post go up. I got a strange feeling and went into the gear room...I’ve already got one in a box!
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