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  1. Got my email the other day..mine is "In Transit".
  2. cmatthes

    Eric Otten

    Wow - he'll really be missed around here...and everywhere. A great guy to chat with, and we certainly had many of those offline over the years. Definitely a character, and one of the most memorable people to spend time in this little corner of the virtual world. E.O., Caddie...rest in peace, bruddah.
  3. Caligula Blushed is a GREAT band. They're local to me, and a few of them live in an old guitarists neighborhood. They also do an REM tribute act, but without Christopher Quinn (the much better than Morrissey Morrissey). Was going to see them last weekend and got outvoted... Also a fan of The Queen - cool old school theater.
  4. Yep - hack attack. They're working to get it back up and running...
  5. Even better maybe, I tried to get in on Jeffro's deal, but it had already sold out. Lucky for me, the replacement deal meant I got THIS for $90 off! This is exactly the same as my 3 G&G cases, but actually lighter and with slightly different hardware and a plush light gray lining. I was surprised at how good it was for the price, and would have easily paid full fare if I had been looking. Maybe check to see if they have one of these still around for the STOTD price! https://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/road-runner-boulevard-series-wood-electric-guitar-case?rNtt=road runner tweed case&index=4
  6. Atlanta Vintage? I bought a badassed Mapleglo 360/OS there that I wish I’d kept...
  7. And also keep in mind that the last generation to give two craps about guitars may already have been born and that when the boomers need to pare down their amassed luxury items/collections, the market will be flooded by all those guitars...and more.
  8. Sure it is! If you're looking for a Sustainblock bridge!
  9. Yours was one of the posts that was removed. There was another. It isn't always about you, Michael.
  10. EchoPark guitars are fucking ugly, amateurish and overpriced. Gabe is a rip-off artist of the worst kind. I wouldn’t own anything he’s built if you paid me. I don’t see this ending well for Gibson...
  11. Let's stick to the topic and keep the homophobic stuff off our page, 'kay? Posts removed.
  12. My wife and I caught a Zander family show in a small venue on the MD Eastern Shore a decade ago, and the kids (his son and daughter) are every bit as talented as Dad Robin. They're incredibly gifted singers and musicians.
  13. Which is different from this one! The fact that there are two this cool should never have happened...
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