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  1. I've gone through all this, and then...just a quick roll up of the volume knob on the guitar solves the issue. My favourite thing!!
  2. I prefer to live in a world where I’m not faced with that type of choice. I’ll watch him play to save a guitar’s life. Sacrifices need to made sometimes.
  3. Bah, it’s far from the worst. Brent is far worse than this. No competition. This guy seems somewhat comfortable in front of the camera, at least. His playing isn’t great, but he’s clearly not a pro. Appealing to a certain set of the MI buying amateurs. The guitar tones are horrendous though. Especially with everything on. There’s no pass on that. Sounds and looks like a DI from the Quilter. So…running a treble booster that way won’t really get what you want, will it? Brent sucks through good gear or bad. Makes no difference. Now I feel bad for being mean…
  4. I think it was the band Pavement (or their label Matador) that had in their legal copy on albums “All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed.”
  5. Typos herppenz. Not the ind of the wrild. No strings though?!? That’s a total dealbreaker for me.
  6. Cool! Fair enough too. I’ve only had one with the master, The Therapy. I actually really thought the master worked well. Sounded great at most levels. Best of luck on the sale and the quest
  7. Shawn, are you collecting them all?!? That’s super awesome and I’m super jealous. I need a MV Remedy, soon!
  8. The beer is gross. I’d rock the guitar after painting it Pabst Blue Ribbon. Or maybe even Zima.
  9. We get hit by brokerage on the way to Canada too. Best shipping option to avoid that, and many times the duties as well, is shipping through Post either way.
  10. GIBSON EXPLORER CUSTOM SHOP 1984 SCORPIONS on Kijiji https://www.kijiji.ca/v-guitar/city-of-toronto/gibson-explorer-custom-shop-1984-scorpions/1306227111?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  11. Interestingly, there are no Japanese “lawsuit” guitars at all. Not even the ones we commonly refer to as. Only “cease & desist”. Looks kinda crappy compared to a Tally or Dolphin though. I’m sure it’s a gem.
  12. Almost worth it in parts alone. Bet this is a fun ride.
  13. Nice. Unfortunately not Birdseye, but a very nice quilt.
  14. Thank you! It doesn’t seem to cause any other issues at the moment. I’ll keep an eye and ear on things in case they change or worsen. much appreciated
  15. Oh, no ringing. Just the thump coming through the speaker.
  16. It also happens with anything other than the phone, yes. I had minimal gain. But the master was up loud and clean.
  17. Weird issue, or maybe not but how I came across it kinda was. I have a Revv D20 (20 watts 6v6s with Two Notes Torpedo built into it) on my computer desk, running into my DAW and also out to a cabinet behind me. Just now, I was playing, put my phone down on my desk and heard a much louder thump than expected. Turns out is coming out of my cabinet behind me. Guitar is muted through a tuner and volume rolled back all the way. So it's not that. I do it again just to confirm. It seems to be the phone making the amp do that. Any tap on the desk or amp itself, for that matter. Guessing that suggests a microphonic tube? Maybe something else potentially? What do you experts say? Thanks in advance.
  18. Cool! Love the look of that one. I had and Orangutan Jr. from Bubs that was an awesome amp. Just wasn’t enough headroom for what I needed to play in the band I was with. I’d love to try one of their higher powered heads someday. I need more sparkly cleans!!
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