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  1. Ok, this is hilarious, and awesome, and something else. I can't stop watching and listening
  2. PM sent. I'm definitely interested, pending a shipping cost estimate. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, that is weird. I'm not sure what is driving that. Their Facebook site seems pretty active and positive (https://www.facebook.com/HungryForMusic).
  4. I've given some gear to this group in the past, seems pretty legit: http://hungryformusic.com/donate-an-instrument/ Thumbs up on the PIF, another example of good peeps here at the HFC Mark B
  5. Have you tried any of the Apple means to track your devices? http://www.apple.com/icloud/find-my-iphone.html Not sure if the Galaxy has that too. I'd guess that the jerks who got your kid's phone looked at his GPS history, maybe found some pics of your gear and other valuables at home, and put two and two together. You could also try your cell phone provider or ISP, they might be able to discover something. Good luck! MarkB
  6. For me it is just too many things to think about, and my playing suffers (goes from sucky to really sucky.) I do somewhat better when someone else (even my 9 year old kid) is pushing the buttons and I can just play. Re the original post, I think that sounds pretty good for a first time, going direct. Maybe my ears are too used to the modern, uber-squashed sound, but I wonder if a little more compression would help make the whole mix sound more up front, if that makes any sense. That would help bring up the overall level, too, which wouldn't hurt. Regardless, a nice job!
  7. I was there once pre-kid, so it must have been about a decade ago--time flies. My credit card visited a few years later on the custom order purple sustain block Sunburst Good times! Mark B
  8. Kind of a mash-up of the last two syllables of my last name with "guit" on the front. I think one of the bass players I used to play with originally came up with it. Mark
  9. He made a guitar movie with Jimmy Page and the Edge, while we're all sitting here chatting on the interwebs...he wins. MarkB
  10. Got mine in the mail today (that was fast!) Thanks again for doing this very cool thing Mark
  11. email sent over the weekend, thanks!
  12. Nice way to join the club! Welcome to the addiction Mark B
  13. Certificate says Special FM with binding, but we all know what it really is MarkB
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