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  1. I guess being born in 1961 is what caused me to miss the Collins Kids, but the talent for the time is unbelievable… The kid is on fire, and his sis is a helluva rockabilly singer! a kid that age out pacing Chuck Berry! Musta had what we know today as ADHD.
  2. My ex told me it made her feel like a bitch in heat.
  3. Looks like brass screws from Home Depot.
  4. Yeah, I think mine was actually 2003 or 2004. My first Hamer was a 1996 Archtop Custom.
  5. I got all y'all beat... Mine said I joined up on New Years eve 1969!
  6. That is simply mind blowing! Awesome work!
  7. Its easy to block a Floyd, but I would recommend only using a couple drops of superglue to the 'block' so it can be reversed easily if need be. AFAIK all were floating, but I'm sure someone a heck of a lot more knowledgable than me will step up.
  8. I know, right? For $25k I was really wanting to see some shoes, or at least some socked feet. 😂
  9. That’s pretty cool. Even some Hamer content!
  10. If you watched the video (I did a lot of ffw'ing) he weighs it. The body is super thin. Still, 12+ lbs is a lot of weight to hang on the shoulder for any length of time.
  11. Interesting vid, but I’m glad someone else did it, because I wouldn’t.
  12. Wow! That sure isn't dad's Harmony! Looks sweet
  13. Yeah, he definitely had a good run... Especially for the slob that he was! 😂 Seriously tho, the Black Sabbath years were his pinnacle IMO, but he had a lot of good stuff on his own over the years too. The song Patient #9 is baddass.
  14. Humph. Maybe the better question is 'Who is JGale'? 😂
  15. I saw your title and thought it was a traveling monster truck rally. 😂
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