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  1. Nice guitar. Marvin Lamb and Ren Wall work at Heritage. I’m pretty sure they were originally with Gibson as well.
  2. Minimal difference for my use. I have a sunburst as well. In fact, if I had to get rid of one, it would be a tough decision. The sunburst does have more high end, which I don't seem to ever use.
  3. The Jubilee doesn't get as much love as it deserves. I like it better than the Purple Plexi. I'm also still a huge fan of the Roadhouse Eternity.
  4. I bought one of these at Guitar Center when they first came out. The salesperson was too lazy to look for the box. I told him it’s a brand new pedal and of course I want the box. He came back with the box about 15 minutes later. It was numbered 808. Guitar geek moment for me.
  5. https://www.davesguitar.com/collections/all-products-latest/products/sunburst-early-80s
  6. I had a guitar shipped that way to me once. It was completely wrapped in the USPS First Class tape. Completely. Like a mummy.
  7. Long ago, I had a Kool Blue with Seth Lovers-I remember discussion about it on the board and IIRC, they did "sometimes" come stock with them. I had a red one with 59/JB
  8. Nerd check:Is this a green circuit, tall font, bubble font or the black version?
  9. I have a Warmoth Telecaster with their "boat neck"-maple and ebony fingerboard, with stainless steel frets. Put it together over 20 years ago. The frets look like new. No pitting, no discoloration of any kind. I used to post recordings with it on the Les Paul forum, and everyone assumed it was a Les Paul. It's not a bright guitar, even with the maple neck, the thick ebony fingerboard and the stainless steel frets. It does have a semi-hollow mahogany body and PAF style humbuckers.
  10. Hmmm-I don't ever remember an HFC model of any kind?? That is a very nice guitar. There is also a LEFTY VIRTUOSO! in that seller's Reverb Store.
  11. Well if you never lose or misplace them, and they are indestructible, why would you need more than 1?
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