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  1. Hmm, did you buy that here? I think that used to be mine. Oh no, mine wasn't routed. How are the frets?
  2. They are great guitars. I picked a used one up for a song at the local GC a few years ago. I believe the pickups were Duncan 59s. Compared to a Les Paul, the tone was brighter and slightly thinner, but still very nice. I sold it only because I had too many double bucker guitars.
  3. Those were made in the USA-maybe Rhode Island. They had a P90 version too. On second thought, maybe they have the year wrong. I remember the USA ones being blown out by GC around 1999-2000.
  4. I'm no expert but that looks legit. Maybe the guy just wanted small, black knobs and took some off an old Boss pedal.
  5. Well if you never lose or misplace them, and they are indestructible, why would you need more than 1?
  6. Some labels now are high quality, some are lower. I bought 2 albums from the "Bloodshot" label that were warped right out of the box. Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs and Sundazed are two labels that I've bought that sound great, but I don't think it's because of any superior materials or the thicker vinyl they use-180 or 200g. Plenty of my older albums sound amazing. I know there are different causes of surface noise, but I own plenty of older records (some were mine originally, some I've bought in second hand stores) that play very clean with little or no surface noise. BTW, that JVC turntable is sweet.
  7. Ok, so arguably the biggest Hamer fan ever, who co-wrote a book on Hamers. and chose that particular guitar for the cover because it best represents the brand of which he is #1 fan, creator/keeper of the archives, daily poster to the HFC for what, 15+ years? is going to sell the best example of the Hamer brand currently in possession of mortal man. Makes sense. There must be other heirlooms in the family.
  8. Warren Haynes-Man in Motion Tower of Power-40th Anniversary CD Herbie Hancock-Imagine Project Greg Allman-Low Country Blues Jeff Beck-Rock N'Roll Party
  9. It just seems that Jol has concrete ideas for what his guitars should sound like. I know he seems to change his mind from time to time or whatever, but he also doesnt seem bothered about losing customers to other builders over a set of pickups. I don't think its all hot air either. For example, I think the SD Phat Cats sound the best in the Newports. I've heard them in 335s, Epiphone Dots, my own Warmoth tele, Les Pauls, and they range from lifeless to mediocre. They fit the Newport perfectly. I would also suspect that the DDs wouldn't sound as good as they do in the Talledega, in a Les Paul. I will also go out on a limb here and say that a $500 Gibson LP special with Lollar P90s would sound very similar to a Hamer Special with the same Lollar P90s, so why not go for something different?
  10. I loved that Guitar with the stock pickups. Mine had a Seth in the neck and a great JB in the bridge. Everyone who played that thing commented on the tone. Then again, you cant go wrong with Rios!
  11. ZZ started in 1969, so they had quite a bit of stage experience by then. Billy Gibbons was one of Hendrix's favorite guitarists. Tres Hombres is my favorite album of theirs by far bith songwise and guitar tone wise.
  12. Love it. Far superior to my ears than the Emma Discumbobulator, which is the cat's-ass envelope filter among all the Mogami-cable-using corksniffers out there. I completely agree. The Emma has a wider range, but doesn't sound as chewy and organic as the AF-9. I think the trend with envelope filter users is over-the-top funkiness and control over the parameters at the expense of tone. I've owned an AF-9 for about 8 years now, and my previous frame of reference for envelope filters were the boss units like the dynamic filter, t-wah, etc. The AF-9 blew them all away. Since then, I've tried the Emma, Pigtonix, old MXR filter and several others. All came and went. Even if I get my grubby hands on a vintage Mutron III, the holy grail for me, I would still keep the AF-9. BTW, I saw a video of Stevie Wonder with the old Boss Dynamic filter on his keyboard. He sounded good with it-maybe I'll send him an AF-9.
  13. Thats a great looking Monaco-clip sounds great. How do you like the Maxon AF-9?
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