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  1. Thanks for helping me justify my stupidity.
  2. GLWTS. That's a lot to let go at one time. I wish I could make that move. I have way more stuff than I can use regularly and gravitate to certain guitars/amps pretty consistently. What usually happens to me is I finally decide to let a few things go and I pull them out to give them a play and make sure everything is in good working order and then decide to keep them.
  3. If anyone wants to go in with me to buy these, let me know. Just send me $9400 and you get the Standard, I'll take the Vector. I'll take care of the shipping.
  4. I don't know if it's my "best", but my 1981 LP Standard was my first "real" guitar and still my favorite. I have about 20 and if I had to do a selloff for any reason, that would be the last to go.
  5. My old band did this one and a couple of other Screaming Trees songs. I always dug his voice. I hope it wasn't drug-related.
  6. I just bought a mini-Crybaby and mini-Fuzzface (the blue one) from a friend on a whim. Both of them sound fine to me, but the only thing I've played with the Fuzzface is Spirit in the Sky and Satisfaction. lol I must say though, that thing NAILS Spirit in the Sky so I find myself hooking it up from time to time just to play that!
  7. Are my prices too high? Anybody want to make an offer before these pedals are off to Reverb?
  8. I got it, but I still think it's a confusing way to say it. When you said "5th away from the key you are holding" I thought that meant the key THE GUITAR or THE BAND is holding. If you had said "a 5th away *from the harp* you are holding, I would have understood. Easier ways to say it might be "the key of the song should be the 5th of the key of the harp" or "the key of the harp should be the 4th of the key of the song". Yeah, my confusion has always come from the harp-centric point of reference as you mentioned because lousy as I may be, I'm still a guitar player first. All is well - it's an easy concept but when I've spoken to harp players they express it from their point of view and it f#cks me up. Now I've got it - don't ask harp players! Your explanation was great. Now if I can just learn to play the damn things!
  9. Yeah, I have one too but it struggles in winter. The other day when I posted it was at 33% and it's dipped down to 28% since. Today it's at 31%.
  10. That explains it really well, but I wonder why Willie G. (and many others I've asked, and you just now in your post) say you use the harp a 5th away when trying to do cross harp. When you say it that way, you're actually changing the key to D and A would be the 5th of that. Why don't people say use the harp that is the 4th of the key you're actually playing in? I've heard "but D is the 5th below A" which is not right either. D is not the 5th of A no matter where it's played. It's confusing especially to anyone who doesn't have a better than average knowledge of music theory.
  11. ??? If you played it in A, D would be the 4th and E is the 5th. But...relevant post for me. I found two (edited to add: just found a third! WTH???) harmonicas cleaning up my music room and I'd like to learn to play them too. I found a YouTube channel with various lessons but they skip all around skill-level wise. I'd like to find something that starts at "this is a harmonica" and builds.
  12. I've always been able to just peel it off, but I'm thankful for the heat gun/hair dryer suggestion. I'm sure that will make it it easier.
  13. Sorry to hear that. Condolences to you and his other friends and family. It's extra hard to lose a bandmate. I lost the singer from one of my old bands a couple of years ago, and the other guitarist a few months ago. My area has had a bad run of local musicians passing in the last year or so; another one just last week.
  14. Those are just like the Planet Waves one I've got, except I canNOT figure out how to get the top off of mine. There are no catches or hooks that I can see. I feel like if I keep pulling on it to get the top off, I'm just going to break it. One thing I noticed for one of those is it says to used distilled water which I had not been doing. Maybe I'll switch to that.
  15. I got one when Sweetwater had a crazy one day sale on them a few years ago for $399 and I had some PayPal money to blow so it only cost me about $300 out of pocket. I love mine. I've used it to practice with, taken it to jams, and even played it live cranked through the clean channel portraying Malcolm Young in my AC/DC tribute band. I've read since I got mine that the 40CR is supposed to be better but I don't know how. If anyone has tried both and can describe the differences, I'd love to hear about it.
  16. All in boxes with whatever paperwork came with them. Polytune Noir tuner - $60 shipped, PP F&F
  17. I've had a Martin D-28 and Guild 12-string acoustic for about 20 years, bought the same day in a "I need to have a couple of acoustics" frenzy. I have one of the Planet Waves case humidifiers that you inject with water and then hang down in the sound hole between the strings, but I've only put it in the D-28 case maybe 10 times in the whole time I've owned it. I've never put ANY humidifier in the Guild case. That guitar has literally lived in that case almost the entire time I've owned it. I've taken it out every 2-3 years, restrung it, played it for a few days and back in it goes. I've got a whole house humidifier system but in the winter it struggles. Today it's reading 33%. My question is: is it too late to start keeping a humidifier in both case. It doesn't appear that either guitar has suffered any from not having a humidifier in their cases consistently. Unfortunately it also seems I've lost the syringe thing to refill the Planet Waves one I've got. Any humidifier that you would recommend that is relatively long-lasting given my tendency to forget all about refilling them?
  18. Man, I was digging that! Early RHCP vibe for sure. Cool that you mentioned Fishbone too. I loved their first 4 albums and then kind of moved away from them as well.
  19. I don't know of any other band I loved so much when they were starting out that I now hate as much as I do RHCP. The first couple of albums were OK but then they hit a crazy hot streak from Uplift Mofo Party Plan to Blood Sugar Sex Magik. I even like some of One Hot Minute, but after that - nothing. Enough with the clean Strat melancholy singles they have been putting out the last 20+ years! I've listened to every new album in full and never found anything that grabbed me like Fight Like a Brave, Behind the Sun, Good Time Boys, Nobody Weird Like Me, Suck My Kiss, Blood Sugar Sex Magic, or Sir Psycho Sexy. Anybody else feel that way?
  20. If I could shred, I'd love to have a Scarab. If I had a Scarab, I'd love for it to have Zulu paint. If it had Zulu paint, I'd love for it to be red and black. Good thing I can't shred!
  21. I'll never understand why CD's fell out of favor. They did have a tiny increase in sales last year over the year before, but I want to see them make a full-blown comeback.
  22. Dibs! Me at 22... That's my high school basketball jersey, a Charvel I got at Veneman's in MD at their one-Sunday-a-year sale, and unfortunately my old elementary school I'm standing in front of, boarded up and graffitied.
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