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  1. You can set up the green Line 6 DL4 delay pedals to do that. I used mine on Fooled Around and Fell In Love. I imagine there are other pedals other than a straight up volume pedal that could achieve the same results.
  2. Let me try to be young and hip: dafuq??? Hey, Gibson, GTFOOH.
  3. I'm the exact opposite...well, on some of the bands you mentioned. All the early Maiden, Priest from Hell Bent for Leather up, and Queensryche all still sound fine to me. Never liked Crue and still don't. I actually do like some of Mick Mars' playing and I will give his solo album a shot if it ever comes out. Vince Neil is the bane of my ears' existence which might have something to do with it. That voice is nails on a chalkboard for me. And you are correct - I think Geezer could and still can play his ass off but that "all over the place" style on bass is not for me in hard rock or metal music (usually). He probably could have been a great jazzer. To think the rest of them thought he wrote the best lyrics and THAT'S what they ended up with? Yikes! I don't really care for Bill Ward's style either. Again, too all over the place for me. BTW, I f'ing LOVE Born Again so everybody can hate on me all they want for that! I'm glad at least one person kind of understood my criticisms even if we still disagree. I love having intelligent musical discussions. I realized long ago that people often revere whatever bands they first listened to when they discovered music and were developing their own taste. Ozzy-era Sabs, Hendrix, and Kiss are all bands I could not care less about but I'm sure plenty of the stuff I like is razz-worthy to many.
  4. I saw Motorhead at the Flood Zone in Richmond, VA in 1994 and that cleared any blockage my ears had ever had since birth.
  5. I disagree on Black Sabbath in two ways. One, I WOULD call them the first real "metal" band and two, I don't think their material with Ozzy holds up at all; it's horribly dated IMO. Whenever I hear an Ozzy era Sabbath song on Ozzy's Boneyard on Sirius, I can't get to the radio to change the station fast enough. I know I'm in the minority with that opinion, but I never thought the music was very good and the lyrics were often terrible and had clunky phrasing. I still say the best thing they ever did was part ways. Ozzy was much better out of Sabbath, and Sabbath was much better with everybody but Ozzy. I realize for a lot of you, YMM[definitely]V.
  6. Holiday - Scorpions, Nazareth, and now King's X adds an "s" for Holidays on their new album
  7. The image of this band was so great! I discovered them late in their career from the Up Around the Bend video. I rushed right out and got Two Steps from the Move, which I still love to this day. Years later I streamed all of the earlier stuff but I found the rest I found to be pretty generic and not at the same level as Two Steps. Glad they're going to do it again though!
  8. I thought it was funny that Dave Mustaine of all people played with no distortion whatsoever.
  9. The Strokes for Last Night also. And the Hoodoo Gurus!
  10. I haven't, but I'm going to try to get a few items listed ASAP. No fees until 10/31 if you take payment in Sweetwater credit.
  11. I'm seeing Ringo in a few weeks and the next night Mike Campbell and the Dirty Knobs. I wouldn't mind seeing Beck when he comes to DC. I saw him about 20 years ago in a small place in Norfolk, VA and he is THE best guitarist I've ever witnessed (and I've seen EVH about 15 times, Yngwie, Gary Moore, Steve Vai, etc.).
  12. Not counting the guy out of frame, clockwise from top left: Phil Mogg, stoner extra from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, one of the Posies, Bjork's brother Bjarry.
  13. I'll just jump in to ask that if anyone has the Holiday 2020 issue (Cilff Williams interview) they would like to sell, I've been looking for that one.
  14. Thanks, my friend! Hopefully I'll be back down your way in 2023.
  15. This is a no go. I'm deathly afraid of heights! Love it - my mom used to go into this routine every time someone mentioned Niagara Falls. I can't get this pic to post under RobB's comment.
  16. I'll be in Toronto and Niagara Falls (Canadian side) at the end of September. Any "must visit" guitar shops up there? Any other tips on cool things to do, restaurants, or anything else would be appreciated!
  17. Uuuuuhhh, I was told there wouldn't be any math...
  18. I'll say one thing - THAT is the way to make a pedal comparison video. I hate the ones that are "I'm playing a guitar you could never afford through an amp that costs as much as your car, and I have the Discombobulator X9 compressor, the Frankenpedal 100Q delay, and the Bonecrush Fartknocker distortion in my chain, but other than that it's a totally dry signal."
  19. lol. We could easily have a whole thread dedicated to Sammy's crappy lyrics. Another cringer: Some kind of alien Waits for an opening Then simply pulls a string Love comes walking in
  20. I think the HFC doubles as a support group for this problem. I could easily tell you which of my guitars would be the keeper if I could only keep one, but I couldn't begin to tell you which one I'd sell first. I just took a baby step yesterday and posted an amp for sale and I have a pile of PA equipment to go through and whittle down to one small home practice system. That stuff is meaningless to me.
  21. I said the same thing, but there's already a tribute band out there called Cowboys from Hell (and the inevitable female version Cowgirls from Hell).
  22. I appreciate your analysis of the situation. I've never really listened to Pantera (I can vaguely remember how one of their riffs goes), but I couldn't help but be aware of them and I would read interviews in guitar magazines with Dime because he was considered such a hot player and big influence on music of that era. I didn't know the part about Anselmo saying Dime deserved a beating right before he got shot. If I were Phil I'd be more than a little apprehensive about going out at all, much less under the Pantera name. People are nucking futz.
  23. Very similar to my story, except I haven't gotten to see all these bands as many times as you have.
  24. Out of the Big 4, Megadeth has always been my favorite despite Mustaine's vocals. That might even contribute to why I like them best. His snarly, nasal delivery just seems to fit the music just like Joey Belladonna is the only Anthrax singer for me. I only saw them once, but that was on the Peace Sells tour in a tiny club with Gar Samuelson and Chris Poland so I'm glad I went to that. I liked Metallica just fine up through the Black Album, although I'm one of the rare few who thinks And Justice for All is their worst up to that point. Everybody loves Master of Puppets of course, but Ride the Lightning is my favorite by far. I liked Anthrax up until John Bush joined. Even though he was a great singer, something changed musically too that I couldn't connect with as much. I never got into Slayer although I have the "right" three albums of theirs. I couldn't make out the riffs as much on their stuff and didn't care for the atonal/noise solos.
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