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  1. Did that guitar finally put down roots and settle down or does it still travel? Here's the only video I ever posted on YouTube:
  2. I was walking in LA (I know, I know, Missing Persons will tell you nobody walks in LA, uh!) and walked right into that loon Puck from MTV's Real World. This was a year or two after he was on it and pre-cell phone days but I had a little disposable camera on me and asked for a pic. He told me it would be $5 so I declined. Fuck Puck.
  3. I know a guy who was Paul Stanley in that band for a while. Now he's Little Ozzy.
  4. Your seafoam Daytona is what I was looking for when I got MY Daytona. I wanted a rosewood board and got maple. Yours looks pristine too. GLWTS!
  5. I think autotuners of all kinds sound worse the farther off pitch the original sound was so some of it could come down to get a better performance to begin with. Having said that, I LIKE imperfections so I wouldn't do 37 takes of anything if take 3 had the right feel.
  6. When I heard the news I posted that April Wine's a band you don't really think about often, but when you do you instantly remember how amazing they were. Great songs, great vocals, and three "rock and roll guitaaaaarrrsss!" They are another one of the great bands that never quite attained the level of success they deserved IMHO. RIP to Myles.
  7. It seems like there have always been Beatles tribute bands, but I used to travel a bit for work and I noticed when all kinds of other tribute bands started popping up in bigger cities. I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Like every other new thing, it took 20 years for Richmond, VA to pick up on it but it finally did. I ended up forming two myself. I'm Rick in a Cheap Trick tribute band (we don't practice and rarely play out anymore) and Malcolm in an AC/DC tribute band that has gotten some really good gigs and always goes down huge. Malcolm and Rick are my favorite two guitarists so I am happy as can be playing the two of them. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to with the hearing issue I'm fighting (next specialist appointment tomorrow), but I have a nice short 1-hour show with the AC/DC tribute band this weekend. We're opening for a Dio tribute band whose singer, Ronny Munroe, was apparently in Metal Church for a few years.
  8. That was my favorite song in this thread. Sounds like Atlanta Rhythm Section playing "Dirty" instead of "Spooky" lol. I am always looking for a new band to get into so listened to a couple of albums on Spotify and they just don't hit me with the immediate connection I felt the first time I heard bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Scorpions, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Molly Hatchet, Aerosmith, or any of a hundred others I could name up to bands like Guns n' Roses or the Darkness themselves. I'll give a rest and go back to them later and see if I feel different.
  9. Fred Willard could steal any scene he was in. I loved that guy's quirky sense of humor.
  10. Rock in a Hard Place was trashed by everyone for years but I thought it was great from the first time I heard it. Jailbait and Lightning Strikes are a killer one-two punch opening, and I really liked the cover of Cry Me a River. The riffing in Bolivian Ragamuffin and Bitch's Brew was very much the Aeromith "thing". Over the years I've noticed more people are saying they like it. I have some live bootlegs of the tour with Jimmy and Rick and they played all the old stuff just fine. I don't know how Crespo never ended up in some other big successful band after that. Another great album to check out is Whitford/St. Holmes - Reunion from 2015. There are songs on there that sound more like Aerosmith than Aerosmith has in 40 years.
  11. I'm reading it right now. I'm about 120 pages in and I've already learned a lot that I didn't know about Geddy and the band and I'm not even out of the John Rutsey period yet.
  12. I got to see them years ago and hang out on the bus for a while. Darrell Sweet, their original drummer who was with them that night, died just a couple of weeks later. That's him leaning down with his arm around me and Dan peeking in on the right side.
  13. I got a "blemished" Filter'tron from them years ago and couldn't even find any "blemish", so definitely check them out. I think they even have pics of the exact pickup you're buying on their site so you can see if it actually does have a visible flaw.
  14. Gotcha. Turned out I did NEED them. When they did my test the guy said "I have one question: What took you so long to come in?" Side note: the guy I saw happened to play guitar and grew up in Chicago so we had some good music/guitar conversations. We were talking about what we played and of course it turns out he knew exactly who Hamer was and has an old Standard himself. Pretty cool. He had moved to Tampa at some point and played me some stuff that he had recorded on his Standard but it was all that growly deathy stuff. I couldn't make out a single lyric or riff. He was probably there when that style was becoming the thing to do in Florida. That was pretty funny because he definitely didn't look the part; he was kind of a skinny, wiry-looking guy with slicked back hair. He looked more like the missing link between Don Knotts and Steve Buscemi.
  15. Just a comment about hearing aids and the aging process...a VERY important reason to get hearing aids is that they help you keep the hearing you have left; they do not hasten the hearing loss. After wearing them for a few weeks, you will notice you can hear better when don't have them in than you could before you got them. Hearing loss can also lead to mental fatigue and dementia. I would suggest to anyone who even SUSPECTS they have some hearing loss to see an audiologist or ENT and get tested. It is better to know the extent of loss you have and if you need to do something about it, do it sooner rather than later. I don't understand the vanity thing because it seems to me that more people wear glasses than don't these days and there's no stigma to that. I don't see hearing aids as any different. It is rare for anyone to even notice I have them.
  16. Completely different take on it for me. I want to keep going but may not be able to. I have one band that is getting more popular, playing bigger gigs, and making more money than any band I've ever been in and one that plays just a few times a year. These are two of the funnest bands I've ever been in from a personal standpoint. Like many of us, I have had hearing problems for a while. Mine were due to genetics as much if not more than my music listening and playing; lots of hearing problems on my dad's side of the family. I got hearing aids 2 years ago and they REALLY helped. I wish I had done it sooner. Because the genetic writing was on the wall, I've also worn earplugs for about 20 years at gigs and concerts (but usually not practice). A few months ago I woke up and the hearing in my right ear almost completely gone. When my hearing aids turn on, there is a doorbell-like chime that lets you know they're working. That morning that "doorbell" sound in my right ear was not the round, full sound with a decay like a real doorbell but more like someone clanking two pieces of steel together. I held the right hearing aid up to my left ear and it sounded fine, and then the left hearing aid up to my right ear and it too was the clank sound. I went to my GP and he said my right eardrum looked a little perforated and it should heal up in a 2-4 weeks. Nope. Off to a specialist. He said if it was perforated before, it looked perfectly fine then, but my hearing test indicated "profound deafness" in my right ear. His only suggestion was to inject cortisone behind my eardrum in case there was any infection back there. That is exactly what it sounds like: he stuck a needle THROUGH my eardrum and shot in the cortisone behind it. Over the next 2-3 weeks my hearing came back to at least 90% of what it was. I can't even tell you how relieved I was. That lasted about a month and a few weeks ago, over the course of 3 days, my right ear went almost completely deaf again. Then my hearing came back for a week or two, and now it's gone again. Some days it's better than others and there is intermittent ringing, whooshing, roaring, and whining sounds in my right ear. When I CAN hear out of it, even with the hearing aid the overall sound is tinny and voices sounds robotic, kind of like everything is coming through a transistor radio. The process of summation with my "good" ear makes my overall hearing sound OK, but not great. It's really scary and discouraging to not know from day to day what the quality of my hearing will be or even if I can hear at all. I WANT to keep playing, but keeping whatever's left of my hearing working the best it can for the remaining 20 or 30 years of my life is much more important. Then again I think if I'm going to lose it anyway I should enjoy playing for as long as I can, so I'm really agonizing over whether I should keep going. I liken to a scenario like a smoker finding out they have terminal cancer, and then choosing to smoke the rest of the time they have left because they enjoy it. (I've heard that happens but I don't know if it's true. I do know a guy who's had tons of lung and heart problems, just lost his mom to lung cancer, and had to go on disability himself who decided to keep smoking.) I'd love to hear if anyone else has had an experience like mine and what you decided to do. The thought of selling off all the gear I've painstakingly collected over 30+ years sickens me.
  17. I didn't see the TV, but two furs and the jellybean are listed. There were almost 1,000 items listed with a LOT of basses and guitars. Some of them are bound to go cheap. https://www.julienslive.com/lot-details/index/catalog/490/lot/214434/ZZ-TOP-DUSTY-HILL-GIBSON-EXPLORER-FUR-BASS?uact=3&aid=490&lid=214442&current_page=16 https://www.julienslive.com/lot-details/index/catalog/490/lot/214428/ZZ-TOP-DUSTY-HILL-BO-DIDDLEY-STYLE-FUR-BASS?uact=2&aid=490&lid=214442&current_page=160 https://www.julienslive.com/lot-details/index/catalog/490/lot/214501/ZZ-TOP-DUSTY-HILL-BOLIN-JELLY-BEAN-EXPLORER-BASS?uact=3&aid=490&lid=214442&current_page=56
  18. I've met a few of the folks here and it has been an absolute delight every time. Glad you got to meet, and I'll have to keep him in mind as my band may be playing a gig in Asheville in 2024.
  19. I sometimes think the stupidest and most absurd things are funny. Why do you think I hang out here?
  20. I just about laughed 'til I cried the first time I saw that one, but when they repeated it they ruined it. Then they did that stupid animated Halloween special of it. I thought it was hilarious...for a minute.
  21. If you've ever been there, you'd know that would be a good thing to do. I didn't realize this one was famous.
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