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  1. Scott Ian's father-in-law. I love the stuff he did on Nugent's Free-for-All. He was a bit intense but I always liked him.
  2. I don't think I've seen one in that bright a red before. Very nice! I hope you're able to find it.
  3. Thankfully they got a chunk o' change from Metallica covering their songs. Kind of like when Lemmy earned more from writing the lyrics to a few Ozzy songs than Motorhead ever made.
  4. I only have the Ecstasy of Fumbling 2CD compilation. When I heard about Burke's passing, I started listening through the entire catalog starting on the first album. I'm really liking it.
  5. Interesting. He's clearly reading what he's saying. I read his book but I don't remember him talking about the recording of each album like that. Did he? I went to the YouTube channel and they have episodes on every album through Psycho Circus.
  6. This is literally the only guitar I don't have and have never had that I still want. I passed on a couple in the $3000 range a couple of years ago because at that time, THAT was overpriced. Now it seems reasonable.
  7. That was great. I like the way whenever Adrian creates a loop perfectly he seems so pleased with himself.
  8. My wife found an old GoPro-type video camera she had and was clearing off the saved videos when she found this from 2014! I didn't even know it existed. Sorry about my stupid intro trying to describe the guitar. lol
  9. I finally got to watch it. I was surprised at all the time-wasting and farting around, although I guess you can't argue with the results if that was their process. I really wanted to see them just interacting in a normal "boys in the band" kind of way...making inside jokes and busting on each other like I interact with my bandmates, and there was plenty of that so that was very nice to see. Overall I did end up thinking it was too long. If something about the Beatles is on TV and I find myself picking up my phone or a magazine while it's on, that's not good! I think it could have been a good hour (maybe 2) shorter and I would have enjoyed it just as much. I'm sure I'll buy it when it comes out on DVD eventually.
  10. AC/DC stuff... I do NOT collect Funko Pops and frankly, I think they're pretty stupid but I had mentioned I wouldn't mind having the Back In Black set. It sold out immediately so my wife ran out and found the Angus Young individual one. They've done about 5 different Angus ones but the only one I really liked was the black uniform/red guitar one and my wife got lucky and happened to choose that one. Later she found the full BIB set so I ended up with both. The Classic Rock magazine she got because their fulfillment record on my subscription the last 2 years has been about 30%. I've had to follow up on almost every issue because they don't send them and even then they rarely come through. Of course the one pictured with the AC/DC cover was one they missed. They've been promising it was re-sent for 3 months but I have never gotten it. I play Malcolm in an AC/DC tribute band and I usually go with the white T-shirt Highway to Hell look. I had no idea the band would stay together as long as it has so I decided to put some other "looks" together. I did a second look with a blue Henley/black jeans combo like he had for the Razors Edge tour but I wanted some something even more different. I saw some very early pics of him with a "No Wuckin' Furries" shirt on but his was white. I found some online and the only one I liked was the black one with the aged-style letters. Luckily my wife picked that one too. Whew! I'll use that with my red Gretsch MY model for a pre-1977 vibe. I'm also having a run of Canarsie H.S. Soccer shirts made to sell and I'll keep a couple of those for the Powerage look.
  11. Man, I have loved everything I've ever seen or heard by them. I wish they'd play somewhere near me.
  12. Love it, especially the back. Looks like it's just getting broken in good.
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