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  1. Whitford applies a shitload more than Chester Bennington! I liked those too, but it had nothing to do with them every belonging to Becker.
  2. Damn! If I had not just bought Chester Bennington, Brad Whitford, and KK Downing's guitars I'd be all over this!
  3. Not to me, anyway! Celebrity-owned/played means exactly zippo to me.
  4. I watched that. It was good, but it didn't really reveal anything a big fan wouldn't already know. I could use about a 6 hour doc on Lizzy.
  5. So are all 3 parts on there already? I don't have Disney+ but I plan to get the free trial when I can see the whole thing.
  6. Dammit! There's a Danville, VA and I thought it might be there. Is that owned by someone here? He names the color right, has the Hamer book, the mini-Nielsen Enola Gay, checkerboard strap, name checks Frank and Jol...how would it be possible he's not a member here? Just surprised it wasn't listed here first.
  7. The MEMBER COSTS pdf doesn't show me anything. Anyone else? I've already contacted Rugby via message.
  8. That is (was) super BADASS!!! I'm glad someone got to it before I did. I might have been too tempted to pass it up up I've been looking for a korina Vector for a while. I would have been happy yet unhappy at the same time.
  9. Yeah, I've been asked to do the Angus role in a few startup attempts at an AC/DC tribute but I've always said "No, I would want to be Mal." He's my favorite guitarist. I've played with and heard dozens of people trying to play AC/DC with too much distortion and weedly-wee on the guitar and I just walk away shaking my head. I think Malcolm is THE reason they sounded like they did and I try to get his tone as close as I can. That is a weak point in many an AC/DC cover. Rick is probably my second favorite guitarist for completely different reasons. His song structures, melodicism, personality, and sense of humor drew me to him. He can do ridiculously simple stuff like Southern Girls and then throw something at you like the break in Dream Police or the intro to High Priest of Rhythmic Noise and the whole time he never takes himself too seriously. The complete opposite of Mal who ruled with an iron fist! I'm very lucky that I get to portray two of my favorites, and I'm very happy that we are now going to play gigs together. We had always wanted to but I had some foot problems and then broke my foot and wrist in an accident so everyone was worried I wouldn't be able to do both bands in one night. The gig last weekend was a test. It was NOT easy, but I think I did OK. My foot held up but my playing was not great. I was a bundle of nerves. But I take it in stride too. My favorite Nielsen quote is from when an interviewer asked him if he needed any certain equipment to get his sound and he said "No, I can make pretty much anything sound lousy." That's me!
  10. My Cheap Trick tribute opened for my AC/DC tribute for the first time this past weekend. We'll be doing some more gigs together in the future. Here's a ticket stub and pick, and me as Rick in the first band and Malcolm in the second.
  11. The skills that it takes to do this are utterly beyond my comprehension.
  12. OOF! I freakin' LOVE that. I would call that the Pink Panther.
  13. I know nothing about Scotch but have a story: my first trip to Europe was to England and Scotland and I was determined to have haggis. I went to a place and ordered it and when they brought it out they asked if I had ever had it before, which of course I had not. The server said "well, then you're probably going to want a little Scottish gravy on that." and went away. She came back with a brimming shot of Scotch and poured it on the haggis! No, it wasn't great.
  14. Somewhere in this thread way, way back there should be some posts and pics from when I did have a turn. I'd be more than happy to take another though, and it would give us an excuse to meet up and jam!
  15. I took the Beatles Special to my CT tribute band practice and it went over great! I had not told them I was getting it. Sounded good, plays great. It will be used in a show for the first time on Thanksgiving Eve. Hopefully I'll get some good pics and/or video from that one. We're working on our promo pack and I want that included.
  16. And here's the stack from this past weekend:
  17. Here's the stack of CDs I took on a road trip about 3 weeks ago:
  18. Keith Richards - Crosseyed Heart Enuff Z'nuff - Welcome to Blue Island Ghost - all three
  19. Oh yeah, you can tell it's clean. Very nice.
  20. I never hear him come up when people talk about hot players, but he's right up there for me.
  21. I have also never had any luck with Naphtha. I can work with it until my hand is sore, and It seems to get nothing off for me. (insert joke here) +1 on lemon oil and especially the Virtuoso products. I also use lemon oil on rosewood and ebony fretboards with great results. I just use a paper towel and get a ton of gunk off. I push it as close to the frets as I can with my fingernail and it seems to work fine. I use Virtuoso Cleaner and Polish on guitar bodies and get amazing results. I have a LP that I used Pledge on until I knew better. Naphtha did nothing for it - I experienced the same cloudiness that Hamer Dave did. Virtuoso Cleaner and Polish made it look like glass.
  22. Good info. I suppose I was using "Firebird" in the generic sense, but it's great to know who made it. Is it 25.5" scale like a Gibby Firebird? If so, that would be extremely interesting! Gibson Firebirds are 24.75" Scale, not 25.5". Doug Kauer builds the Banshees at a similar 24.75" scale length. Finally, yes...Filtertrons sound great in pretty much anything! Well thanks for that! I've only played one my whole life and that was maybe thirty years ago. I didn't like that particular guitar (very wide flat neck), so I marked it down as a guitar I like the looks of, but that's where the curiosity ended. Not sure where I got the idea of the longer scale length, but I've carried that error for a really long time. Good to learn things I've been too lazy to look up for myself! You probably thought that because Firebird-style guitars just "look" long.
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