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  1. Good to know, but that might still be a way to get a few bucks off. If it gets returned this time, maybe I'll *almost* buy it again!
  2. That is actually pretty cool for that guy. Does anybody remember the song "Willie the Wimp" by SRV, with the chorus "Southside Chicago will think of him often, Willie the wimp and his Cadillac coffin"? That dude AND his Cadillac coffin were real!
  3. I'm glad somebody got it. I was going to point out the wonky tuner and try to get a few more bucks off. I *almost* bought it again!
  4. I'm a huge Rick Nielsen fan but this is a hard pass. Has he been hanging around Gene Simmons too long? Replaces his drummer, has interest in a casino, branded a vodka, and now this. Standing by for the checkerboard caskets...
  5. I ordered this set: https://realgonemusic.com/products/cheap-trick-live-at-the-whisky-1977-limited-4-cd-set Are these the same shows just being marketed with different names in different countries?
  6. I know. We're traveling down tomorrow arriving late afternoon and hoping it moves out Friday AM as predicted.
  7. I'll be in St. Augustine for a few days. Any cool independent music stores I should check out? Good breakfast place recommendations? Also, need one slightly nicer place to have dinner one night for our anniversary. Doesn't have to be fancy-shmancy - just good food and atmosphere. Let me know if you have any suggestions!
  8. Just listened to it yet again. It's OK, but I don't connect with on the same level as the other bands I mentioned. Like DaveL, I just thought it was funny that the "They Just Seem a Little Weird" book is all about Cheap Trick, Kiss, Aerosmith and...Starz. One of these things is just not like the others and it reminded me of the many times over the years that people raved about Angel, Riot, and Shooting Star (along with Starz) and I'd listen to them and just shrug my shoulders.
  9. I saw Nazareth about 20 years ago and they came out and OPENED with Razamanaz! Dan's vocals blew me away. Hair of the Dog was the first album of theirs I ever heard (on 8-track!) and I could still listen to that every day and be happy. RIP to one of the greats.
  10. I've got that one to read later. I went straight from the Brian Johnson one to Bon Scott: Have a Drink on Me written by his first wife. I just don't get Starz. A lot of people who love the same bands of that era as me (Cheap Trick, AC/DC, Nugent, Molly Hatchet, etc.) REALLY love bands like Starz, Riot, Shooting Star, and Angel. I've listened to those other bands many times trying to understand and they just don't connect for me. The production was nowhere close and none of them were nearly as good as players or as consistent as songwriters. Different strokes, I guess.
  11. I just finished Brian Johnson's the Lives of Brian. He's a great story teller and pretty funny. The book stops when he joins AC/DC and records and starts touring for Back in Black, but it was a great read none the less. Fascinating insight into growing up in post-war Newcastle, trying to make it in the music biz with his previous bands, and the crazy dumb luck you have to have and risky decisions you have to make in order to be successful in the music business. I really wish he would do another book covering the post Back in Black years, but I doubt he will.
  12. I despised that band at first, but later came to appreciate a few songs. Mick is the only one in the band who I ever liked as a person though, probably because he just did his job and kept his mouth shut. I found guitar parts in several Crue songs that I thought were cool so kudos to ol' Mick for that. I will definitely be checking out his solo album when it finally comes out, which I hope is soon. The guy was a warrior to put up with those three and his condition. He's earned his retirement.
  13. What is the weight of the wrap? How is the wrap's acoustic tone? Is the wrap waterproof? Does the wrap anger easily? So many questions...
  14. A couple of local players I really respect swear by Stringjoys. I'm going to try some after I run through my current stash of Dean Markleys.
  15. That's my favorite Police song, so of course as YouTube became super-huge I had to look up that show and watch it. Very cool!
  16. Wow! Written by Mitch Perry and Ralph Morman of the Joe Perry Project. That's definitely good enough to make me want to hear the rest of the album. I've got an old Talas LP - I think it's called 'Live Speed on Ice'.
  17. I thought the Kramer Nightswan was cool when it first came out.
  18. I actually saw those already. I've contacted both GC's about them and never get a response.
  19. If I went to the grocery store and bread was $15 a loaf, yeah, I'd bring that up! It's literally remarkable, hence the remark. And BTW, I'm 27. I didn't realize that was an "old man". OK, I'm not 27 but you didn't know that.
  20. Is there any reason someone would think a korina Vector is worth $9,000??? WTF were the "limited" Wilcutt differences? Did they stuff the control cavity with $5000 in cash? https://reverb.com/item/61267546-hamer-usa-korina-vector-brazilian-rosewood-1958-flying-v-style-coa-2007-natural I guess that makes this one a bargain... https://reverb.com/item/46401334-hamer-1997-vector-electric-guitar-used-natural-korina-1997 Sorry if I sound bitter. I've been trying to grab one of these for years and the asking prices have gotten crazier and crazier, yet I don't see any selling for those ridiculous prices. I need a "market correction". lol
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