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  1. One of the first albums I remember having was Hair of the Dog. My buddy had it on 8-track and we wore that thing out! Manny seemed to be able to write strummy songs, catchy riffs, and mean riffs equally well. He started producing and once said one song he was really proud of was Love Hurts which I have to agree is pretty damn cool. But I really liked Rose in the Heather and could get lost in Please Don't Judas Me. I'm sure most of you know he almost produced GnR's Appetite album. He was definitely an early guitar hero of mine. RIP.
  2. I didn't know these had the circuit board and tubes in them. That's great! I may have finally found an amp I would feel comfortable modding.
  3. I'm seeing tons of new players who are technically mind-blowing with their dexterity, speed, sense of melody (or dissonance), and control of their sound but I never see anyone that I think is a new "icon" in the way that Jeff Beck or Eddie Van Halen are/were to me or Hendrix was to so many. I can't imagine anyone changing the landscape the way those guys did..
  4. The new single makes me look forward to the album, but that song would not displace anything in my current Top 25 King's X songs (if I had actually made a list).
  5. I agree! I would think you could get $300 for the case by itself easily.
  6. No, they requested that I cancel the order. I assume so they wouldn't look bad. I didn't but after a couple of weeks Amazon did it and saying they had no expectation that the order would be shipped.
  7. I keep items in my Amazon Wish List and check them periodically because the prices fluctuate and when I catch a deal, I buy them. Recently a CD I wanted was being offered for $6.99 with free shipping from an Amazon seller so I bought it. I know, I know, what dinosaur still buys CDs these days? This one. A few days go by and I had not gotten any shipping notification so I contacted the seller. I was told that shipping should have been $25. I told them that was obviously a scam and I did NOT authorize them to get that and I was going to report them. They said if I did they would not send the CD. I said "you're already not sending it!!!" To their credit, I did get a response from Amazon saying they didn't tolerate such shenanigans and if the seller got other complaints they would be removed. Who does scams like this work on???
  8. I've been selling some non-music gear items on eBay for the last year or so and recently have had two people bid and win auctions and then not pay. There is NO option to leave negative feedback in this situation. Your only choices are to leave positive feedback or use a "report buyer" button. If you use the report buyer option, nothing happens. Nothing is noted on their account. I looked through these people's feedback and there are several POSITIVE feedbacks that say "buyer didn't pay", "ignores all communication", and things like that. Who is going to read each and every POSITIVE rated feedback only to find out it's really a negative comment? eBay is a necessary evil, but damn, it's getting more evil all the time.
  9. I would think just the weird looks, although I thought it was pretty cool. If you played in an 80's band or a Cars tribute or something, it would be REALLY cool to have one. Years ago I saw a guy in a blues band of all things playing one and it sounded great. I never got a chance to play one myself but I am curious about them.
  10. Those red ones with black binding are some of my favorite Standards ever.
  11. The song was meh for me, and as soon as it started I thought "OK, it's going to have a long Comfortably Numb-style solo" which it did. Gilmour has such consistently great tone and style it's come to be expected. That said, I did like the solo.
  12. Gorman's book was interesting. I recommend it.
  13. Well, I had to go with my best memory on a couple of them so it's not 100% accurate. It's way more complete than I expected I'd be able to get it though, because after I retired I purged a file cabinet and found all kinds of receipts and records I didn't know I had.
  14. I did a spreadsheet of all my music gear. It lists when and where I got it, how much I paid for it, an estimate of its worth (updated every few months), and notes several that I want to leave to friends or family. I even put tips on where to sell the ones NOT specifically going to a certain person; e.g. sell the Hamers here.
  15. I felt attacked by this statement at first, but it turned into a compliment.
  16. If (when) you get an offer for $350, don't take it as someone trying to lowball you. It's an inside joke here at the HFC. There are people who have been here so long that might have been a legit offer for many guitars, but everybody knows those days are long gone; hence, the joke. There's also the South Park/Loch Ness Monster tie-in.
  17. I would like to learn to play harmonica and I'm seeking advice from anyone who plays. Should I buy 2 or 3 in different keys so I can play along with a variety of songs as I'm learning or just one to see if I have any aptitude and get others later? What would be a decent brand/model to get and how much can I expect to pay for it? I've found some online lessons. Anybody know of a good YouTube channel to take you from a "never played before" to "fairly competent" player in a logical, understandable way?
  18. I'm looking forward to checking that out.
  19. I've wanted one of those since the first time I saw it. I do have a LP XPL, the double cutaway they did back around '85/'86. I've seen Rick Nielsen play his live, and I can see this is obviously his from the first pic.
  20. I wouldn't LISTEN to that for more than a few seconds, but I enjoyed watching the full video. It's cool to see what the hell he's doing.
  21. I've been looking for one of those for a while. I haven't seen one anywhere close to $1k so good for you!
  22. That's nice. There are a few other nominees this year who should remove themselves from consideration, not to mention all the ones already there. If they would voluntarily remove themselves, maybe the R&R HoF could focus on real rock music from here on out.
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