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  1. I never thought of that - you're probably right. Another irritation is that the type of shipment I had could NOT be done from home so I had to go into a post office. Given that requirement, I shouldn't have been quoted the $12 and change rate at all.
  2. This reminds me of the Ovation Deacon and Preacher solid bodies from BITD. They can call this one the Altar Boy because clearly it's been molested.
  3. A korina V is a grail for me.
  4. That town has reached its asshole saturation point with just him.
  5. I do that on my sale posts but I didn't know it had a name. When someone contacts me with a lowball offer, I tell them that the price will be reduced each week an item doesn't sell until it does. Several times they've gone ahead and bought it instead of waiting. I guess either they think someone else will beat them to it as the price is reduced or they know it's worth what I was asking.
  6. Can I get a list of the potential places we, I mean THEY, might be shipped?
  7. It's the Wagon Queen Family Truckster of guitars! "You think you hate it now - wait 'til you drive it!" - Eugene Levy as the car salesman in National Lampoon's Vacation
  8. I've had a hard time getting a handle on shipping fees and I've been doing a lot of selling the last couple of years. I've sold things on Reverb and eBay, both of whom offer discounted shipping but the "discount" is wildly inconsistent; one shipment it will be 3% and the next it will be 30% with no explanation why. I also use Pirate Ship sometimes. I've entered precise weights, measurements, and ZIP codes into eBay's Shipping Estimator, Pirate Ship, and the USPS site to get quotes, and then when I go to ship it's much higher. Just yesterday I had something that was supposed to cost $12 and change per the USPS website end up at $27 at a Post Office. How, I have no idea. Bottom line: I overestimate shipping on everything now. I'm sure to the potential buyers the idea of a high shipping charge has cost me some sales, but at least I'm not eating shipping charges every time I sell something in addition to the other fees.
  9. All of the pictures at the top of the page were angles that made it look VERY Tele-like. The full pic at the bottom of the page shows what it really looks like: a Tele that's been on an ice cream binge for a month. No thanks.
  10. I still love the line "Irish Setter, settin' all the time...".
  11. It's back: https://reverb.com/item/70263495-1995-rare-hamer-korina-standard-natural-explorer-guitar-ohsc-31-of-96?bk=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJqdGkiOiI5N2Y1ODRmYS00YjFmLTRjZTYtYTA0Mi1lZWMxMTliOTMzZjciLCJpYXQiOjE2ODcxMTIzODAsInVzZXJfaWQiOiI1Njg2MDA1Iiwic2Vzc2lvbl9pZCI6IjNkZmM3NWNiLTRkYzEtNDFjNy1hNmY4LTIzODA0M2I5YTYwNiIsImNvb2tpZV9pZCI6IjlkMDI0MTAwLTJhMmEtNGQxNC1iYmU3LTQ3ZmM0M2U0ZGQ1NSIsInByb2R1Y3RfaWQiOiI3MDI2MzQ5NSIsInNvdXJjZSI6Ik5PTkUifQ.MYP5pwX8AC7G2rY_Q5leSPrigXcqCl-Hm3HIhfNWtnw
  12. This one came up in my Reverb feed. I'd love to have it if the owner wasn't on crack with the price. https://reverb.com/item/67873369-2007-hamer-usa-standard-custom-flame-top-red-transparent-w-coa-case?bk=
  13. For the record I'm not familiar with what he normally wears, but Pastorius didn't wear any sports team apparel at this show; just jeans and a black wife-beater. Pat looked like does in a thousand pictures I've seen of him: jeans and a vaguely Hawaiian-looking shirt with what I call a "vanity fan" blowing his hair back the entire show. I can tell you this lineup absolutely KILLS musically, but I too would have loved to see one of the lineups with Pat Thrall or Jerry Riggs.
  14. Oh, I just want to add that one of the things he said that really made me like him as a person again... He was telling a story about working in London in the early days and how he then started to have some success in the US. He held up three fingers and said "I had three (takes one finger down)...OK, TWO really great years. I think they were '78 and '79...there were a lot of substances back then." and then launches into Snortin' Whiskey. I thought that was hilarious and showed he's not bitter about his success (or lack thereof).
  15. History first: A friend of mine turned me on to Go For What You Know around 1979 and we listened to it constantly. Later I went back and got all but his very first album and everything after GFWYK through Hot Shot. I always LIKED Pat, but felt like something was a little off. He was never my favorite guitar player, I didn't care for his voice very much, and the production on his albums was a little weak IMHO. His songwriting could be hit or miss and his lyrics could be a bit "Frehley-esque" as another member here put it. Nonetheless, he just seemed COOL and that meant a lot back then. As many of you will remember, album covers and song titles went a long way to influencing purchases in the pre-internet days. I saw him for the first time as part a 2-day festival lineup in Richmond, VA in 1998. Saturday was Pat Travers/Jackyl/BÖC and Sunday was Rick Derringer/Georgia Satellites/Brother Cane/Cheap Trick. I was really excited that he was still out there doing it even back then, because it seemed like his best days were behind him. I was not prepared for how bad he sucked. His voice sucked, his playing sucked, and he was PISSED about his massive pedal board not working to his liking. He started kicking it all around and yelling at the crew, and his whole part of the show is now just a bad memory for me. I kept thinking "just stop using all that shit!" It muddied up his sound so bad you could hardly tell what he was playing anyway. I think he left the stage early and I remember thinking "well, I never need to see THAT asshole again." 25 years later... PT is scheduled to play at a 220-seat "listening room" 15 minutes from my house. It's been open a few years and has had plenty of artists I'm interested in but I had never gone to a show there. The drummer in my Cheap Trick tribute is a big PT fan so we decided to go to this one. We were seated literally 10 feet from the stage and the sound was amazing. His bass player was David Pastorius (yes, of THAT Pastorius family - apparently a nephew.) and he was just the most humble guy for a person with monster talent you could ever meet. He was standing around out front when we got there and walking around in the crowd for an hour before they played. I don't think anyone in the room knew who he was other than me and my friend. I don't recall the drummer's name but he looked he could be your accountant; he was a great player though. And that was it - trio format. Pat could not have kicked more ass if he'd had an extra leg! His voice was better than on any album I've ever heard, he played great, and his guitar tone was perfect. He was playing a Helix into a Blackstar head and a Marshall cab. Nice selection of songs from throughout his career along with a couple from his new album (which I'm streaming as I type this) and a couple of covers that I think he has released on his albums including Green-Eyed Lady by Sugarloaf. Of course his regular set ended with Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights) and then he came back out for two more songs. He seemed very happy and did nice little song introductions occasionally, and also cracked a few jokes. It was a very engaging and inspiring performance from him and the other two guys in his band. I would highly recommend you go see him if he comes to your area. I will definitely go again if I get the chance. I'm not a "hold the phone up the entire show" kinda guy so here's the only shot I got:
  16. I play Malcolm in an AC/DC tribute band and my tone is just a smidge off. Now I know why. Let me know if you can ever part with them. Or you could kindly donate them to me for the sake of authenticity.😎
  17. The statue wasn't there the last time I went. That just gives me an excuse to go back!
  18. Leave it to me to ask the question and then forget about it for a few weeks! Corrected that situation and contributed today.
  19. Thanks! That's pretty old though. I hope Ted or someone else will chime in to say whether that is still the best way to do it, or to advise of any other options that might be available now.
  20. I've contributed in the past to the support/maintenance/upgrade or upkeep costs of the HFC but I don't remember how. I think I just PayPal'd Ted? Anyway, it seems like a long time since anyone made a post saying "don't forget this site isn't free to run" so I guess that's what I'm doing now. If someone could refresh my memory on how to contribute to the operating costs, I would appreciate it.
  21. Did you see the price had dropped to $2300? I'd be surprised if he wouldn't take $2200 now, or that you wouldn't just pay the extra $100. A stalemate over $100 on a $2000+ guitar seems a little ridiculous.
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