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  1. +1! They're good, and this isn't just a shameless ploy to get the hits counter higher on Feyman's page, Serious, good stuff there Jeffro.
  2. That is good! Your singer has that song's vibe down cold. The band was good and tight. Thanks for sharing! (compression is evil)
  3. There's a heckuva lot to like about it! Great stuff, Greg.
  4. Great work, JohnnyB! You laid it out really well and easy to understand too. Not always an easy feat.
  5. Jonathan, I'm gonna keep my MG cable. But if I ever need a trial lawyer to wear down the other side, I'm calling you!
  6. +1. I was one of those who followed Poe's advice and got a Mogami Gold to replace the $10 generic cord I was using. From the first chords/notes I played, the difference was immediately noticeable across the frequencies. Amazing. Now I don't have the test gear to back this up with figures, but I'm pretty sure my ears don't lie.
  7. Love my MG, but I'm interested in the Solid Cable Arc Ultra. I've read about them but never tried one. Let us know what you think of them, especially when compared to the MG. Thanks!
  8. Trades? Of course, I no longer own this, but I'd be happy to trade ya photo for photo, plus cash!
  9. "We're sorry! The page you’re looking for can’t be found." Nuff said....
  10. Jeez I hope everyone is joking about the headstock shape being the reason for the hate. I like the looks/shape of it. As I doubt I'll ever afford a new USA Hamer, I am thankful for the chance to get a quality guitar at a price I can pay, used.
  11. Got a favorite in there? I like that 3rd one in, the red w/P-90s & f-hole. Killer!
  12. This might be overkill, but... In the broadcast industry, to shield equipment from RF (radio frequencies) sources such as an on-site transmitter, we sometimes used Aquadag, a thin liquid with graphite in it. I know it's available in large drums, but here's a source for smaller quantities: http://www.technologysupplies.co.uk/acatal...int_342144.html I've never thought to try it in a guitar control cavity, so I don't know how it would work. Copper foil works good: Good luck!
  13. A perfect medium. Thin, but not too thin. My favorite feeling neck (so far ) Congrats on the amp! Looks killer.
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