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  1. Do you think he could get me some of these "Manly" strings I've been reading about lately?
  2. Post the serial number and we can tell you the year. Or you can go here and figure it out yourself: http://www.hamerguitars.com/?fa=faq#serial
  3. Cool! I always dug his "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick". Great beat machine, he was. Edited for YouTube link:
  4. Kickass no matter what! Great stuff.
  5. HBDs! Looks like a double: Maybe a bit more cake:
  6. Face it, Mitch. The postman doesn't like you either!
  7. Good thing I don't own any Fender guitars right now. I'd be tempted to sell them just for the hell of it! And that would suck for me if I really liked it. Hopefully we'll get more info on what/why happened and what plans are in store for the future. Gee, thanks Fender!
  8. Good question. The company didn't die when Paul (Hamer) left.....
  9. Ruh-Roh! +1 on selling Hamer back to Jol & Co.
  10. Only if it includes a music bed. Funeral March, anyone? No matter what happens to Hamer (and I wish the company a very long life), us aficionados will always be here to celebrate/commiserate/offer cake!
  11. Speaking of advertising. Hamer used to have a 1/4 page or 1/2 page ad in Premier Guitar. I haven't seen one in there for months. I guess their ad budget has been cut way back.
  12. Apropos of nothing, I just never get to use this cool .gif:
  13. Ronnie Wood. He played bass on Jeff Beck's first two solo albums. Damn good stuff!
  14. +1 No matter how good your product is, customer service is what brings them back. And repeat business is the lifeblood of the small businessman.
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