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  1. Hmm. Something happened when I opened the case that's for sure! HA!
  2. Highest price was just a few months ago. $23 for Wishbone Ash Live Dates. Worth every penny! Dumbest purchase was, well, too many to count,
  3. You dawg! Premature congratulations to ya,
  4. Welcome back, Bruce! We need to hear some stories of the trip! Pics are always good, too!
  5. I was very close to making a bid for that one when it came up for sale. It just oozes vintage vibe. Neck too skinny to get along with? Edit: Just noticed that you have it now Scuba. Congrats! Tone report? All the tone in the world! Neck pup is perfect alone, almost jazzy but with a growl. The bridge pup screams and snarls! Really awesome with them both on. As Bubs said, That Hamer has IT.
  6. My 93 Special (non-FM) doesn't say Special on the headstock either. I can provide the serial number if anyone's interested.
  7. No pics of the first one, a mid-90s Echotone import in Aztec Gold. Very nice for the money. My first USA Hamer was the 96 T-51 that I have foolishly let go of. Oh well, I am still happy!
  8. The last post in the following thread is by Tobereeno, and he shows pics of his snakeskin Virtuoso!: http://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/index.p...33468&st=75
  9. I'd really like to get the Watson but he'd have to throw in free shipping or the deal's off!
  10. Good luck on your search, Nathan! Unfortunately I can't help you, but with the basic law of supply and demand, if you find one expect to dig deep.
  11. wow! The Creamsicle (or 50/50 bar, depending on what part of the country you're from) of Monaco's!!! Gorgeous, bro.
  12. Jeez! Every time you see a pic here of something you can't imagine any better (the green metallic Monaco of cmatthes), you look again and an even better pic shows up... I love this place!
  13. Yep! I'd recognize that signature anywhere. Definitely Timmy Shoe's. If only Feynman had Joel Danskin's autograph on there too. Then we'd be talking BIG bucks!
  14. Congrats, David! A lot of that 4 digit disease floating around lately. Glad you got a good one!
  15. Thanks for the Electraglide info, Chris! Guess I won't be holding my breath waiting to find one on the local CL, If that rumored Hamer history/picture book ever gets published, I will need more than one copy if the pics in this thread are any representation of what'll be in it! sk
  16. Serial, About the Electraglide. Was it a one-off from Hamer? A custom option? A regular production model? Gawd it's sweet! Any chance of another one or two turning up someplace? Thanks for any info on this. I've seen/heard of it on the HFC before, and always wanted to know more of its history. sk
  17. Now THAT is a bass! Congrats on a damn nice score!
  18. Best way yet that I've heard it put! Thanks! sk
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